Are Police One Of The Mental Casualties Of The New World Order?

Are too many police officers currently suffering from engineered mental instability? The wave of police brutality in America and the world suggests th...

Ceding ICANN And Internet Control To Globalists

  It does not take a great amount of brain power to comprehend that for the U.S. to surrender the final oversight of ICANN that the internet as it has...


Is Russia About To Invade Ukraine?

War is coming, but unfortunately most Americans are completely oblivious to what is about to happen. In recent weeks, tens of thousands of Russian sol...

Lunatics Govern Over The Latin America Insane Asylum

(The Real Agenda News) While Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro is threatening opposition groups with a massive purge, should they dare go ahead with their pr...

Economy & Business


The Clintons’ Dirty Pay To Play Racket

The name of the game is influence selling and self-enrichment, very big bucks involved. The Clinton Foundation...