10 Tips to Make Your Designer Sunglasses Last

10 Tips to Make Your Designer Sunglasses Last | happy-man-sunglasses | News And Opinions

(Sponsored) You’ve decided you’re worth it and bought those fabulous designer sunglasses. You’ve found the perfect style that fits your look and personality. Now you’ll want to protect them from scratches and keep them clean, so they last a long, long time.

Read our tips and find the best way to care for your designer sunglass lenses.

1. Protection in a Case

It can’t be stressed enough that a sturdy carrying case is your best friend when it comes to making those designer sunglasses last! If your sunglasses didn’t come with a case, invest in one. Invest in two, so you have a spare one in your bag. A case protects glasses from getting bent, broken, or scratched. It will also keep them clean from dirt and dust when you’re not wearing them. There are some great looking glasses cases available to complement your sunglasses.

2. Your Purse Isn’t Protection

Don’t be fooled into thinking that your bag is protection enough from damage to your sunglasses. Think about all the loose things you have in there – keys, lipstick, your phone. All waiting to scratch your expensive glasses when you start digging around at the bottom to find them. Always use a case for protection even when you’re just putting them in your bag.

3. When You’re Not Wearing Them

When you’re not wearing them, the safest place for your glasses is in their case. Not on the top of your head! It may be convenient to just push them up your head when you don’t need them for a few minutes, and you may think you look cool. But wearing your glasses on top of your head can distort the frames by pulling them out of shape.

4. Putting On, and Taking Off Sunglasses

There’s a right and wrong way to put on and take off your sunglasses. Using one hand to slip your glasses on or off can damage and bend the frames, making them wobbly and loose. Use both your hands to keep the frame straight as you fit them over your ears.

5. Gentle Cleaning

Always take the time to clean your sunglasses the right way. Avoid scratches and put away the tissues, napkins, and the end of your shirt. If you can, first rinse your glasses under running water to wash away grit and grime. Use a bit of gentle dish soap if your glasses are really dirty. Then spray a microfiber cloth with a lens cleaning solution and use to carefully clean your glasses. Don’t forget to clean the frames and nose pads as well. If you can’t always carry the cleaning solution with you, at the very least have some mini microfiber cloths in your bag. The main thing to remember is that designer lenses are delicate and scratch easily. Never dry wipe glasses, otherwise you’re just inviting scratches

6. Handling With Care

Even if you’ve added a scratch resistance coating to the lenses, be delicate when handling your glasses. Never put them face down or you’re sure to damage them. Have a case with you to store them, even if it’s just for a few minutes. How many times have you put your glasses down on the table only to have them end up on the floor!

7. Sunglass Chains

Sunglass chains are back in style! When you’re in and out of the sun it can be a nuisance taking your glasses on and off, putting them in their case only to take them out again a few minutes later. Sunglass chains hook onto your sunglasses so you can conveniently remove them without putting them away. Chains now come in some great styles and colors that can add to your summer look.

8. Keep Them Out of the Heat

It can be tempting to leave your glasses on the dashboard of your car. After all, what better way to avoid losing them, right? Wrong. You may not lose them, but you’re exposing your designer sunglasses to a lot of heat on a sunny day. Heat that can damage the structure of the frames and give you an improper fit. If you have to leave them in the car, use that carrying case!

9. Tighten Those Screws

Check your glasses regularly to make sure the screws are tight. This will help the frames to fit securely. You can purchase an eyecare kit that includes a small screwdriver to do the tightening yourself.

10. Get Them Adjusted

Keep your glasses tight and fitting right! Every 4 to 6 months consider having an optician adjust and tighten your glasses. The normal wear and tear of using them every day can cause the frames to misalign and loosen. And loose glasses can easily slip off your nose!

Follow the tips here and you’ll be wearing your designer sunglasses for years and years to come.

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