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18 Startling Quotes About The Incredible Destruction Caused By Hurricane Sandy

It is hard to put into words the absolute devastation that we are seeing along many areas of the east coast right now. Boats have been washed ashore, homes have been razed, some coastal roads have been essentially destroyed, and large numbers of people are still trapped in their homes by flood waters. It is

Supreme Court Spurns Justice

Several previous articles discussed the Holy Land Foundation (HLF) charity case. Five extraordinary human beings were wrongfully convicted and sentenced to long prison terms. They’re doing hard time in America’s gulag. They learned the hard way about being Muslims in America at the wrong time. On Monday, the Supreme Court denied their final appeal for

The Silent War

Introduction There has been an epic battle raging on throughout the ages and the casualties are insurmountable.  Mankind has faltered before this mighty foe many times throughout history and the wounds run deep and the losses have not been forgotten.    Due to breakthroughs in science mankind has lifted hopes of pushing back against this foe.  Further research

3 Ways to Reduce Pesticide Exposure

Today my friends, I would like to give you a few ideas on how to reduce your exposure to pesticides and how to protect yourself and your family! Pesticides and the health dangers are all around and more evidences is emerging everyday on the toxic effects to our body and health. Just in the US

Mercury – Does It Cause Autism?”

Today my friends, I would like to discuss Autism, what it is, and if there is a link between Mercury and Autism. Mercury is one of many extremely dangerous toxins in our environment. What is Autism: Autism is a disorder of neural development characterized by impaired social interaction and communication, and by restricted and repetitive

Former Goldman Sachs Employee Blows The Whistle On Unethical Business Practices

CBS News/60 Minutes Greg Smith, left, whose book, “Why I Left Goldman Sachs,” goes on sale Monday, is scheduled to appear Sunday on “60 Minutes.” When Greg Smith resigned in March as an executive director and vice president of Goldman Sachs with an Op-Ed page article in The New York Times, he leveled some sweeping

Big Pharma Wants to Run Medical Experiments On Your Babies

Before the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approves a new drug, pharmaceutical companies have to demonstrate through drug trials on humans that their drugs are, supposedly, safe. Unfortunately, many of these tested-on-human-guinea-pigs medications turn out to have serious side effects that aren’t discovered until countless people have taken these meds for many years after

Geoengineering Crimes Front and Center: Hurricane Sandy

Almost everyone likes games. If not as an adult then likely as a kid you enjoyed playing games, and why not? Games are intended to be fun and entertaining. Games usually come with some kind of rules and instructions to simplify your understanding on how to play well and get a high score or beat

11 Horrifying Photos Of The Devastation Caused By Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy is doing even more damage than originally anticipated.  As I write this, parts of Manhattan are under several feet of water.  Nobody expected that.  It is also being reported that water is pouring into the New York subway system.  Some of the subway tunnels reportedly have four feet of water in them at

WikiLeaks Releases Prisoner Treatment Manual From Guantanamo Bay

Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks website on Thursday started publishing more than 100 US Department of Defense documents including the first prisoner treatment manual for Guantanamo Bay. The latest release by the anti-secrecy site comes as Assange, who faces charges of rape and sexual assault in Sweden, remains holed up in the Ecuadoran embassy in London with

What is the NSA’s Utah Data Center? Spying or Safety?

BLUFFDALE — One of the biggest and most mysterious construction projects in Utah history is roughly halfway completed near the Point of the Mountain. It’s a vast computer center for one of the nation’s most secretive agencies, the National Security Agency. Critics joke that NSA really stands for “Never Say Anything.” The secrecy surrounding the

CIA Agents in Benghazi Twice Asked for Permission to Help Ambassador Chris Stevens as Bullets Were Flying and Twice Were Told to ‘Stand Down’

Revelations shed new light on the effectiveness of the CIA at Benghazi and the level of support they were given When the CIA annex come under attack the field agents were denied a request for military help despite a counter terrorism team being two hours away in Italy There was full communication between operatives on

The Marie Antoinette Healthy Food Initiative: Take Their Gardens: Let Them Eat Bureaucracy

An article describing how the poor in Alexandria, Virginia, are being stopped from growing food, may have exposed a national scheme to ban the poor in public housing from growing food anymore. The housing projects in Alexandria primarily house poor black families. Many have been growing local, fresh food for their families, right outside their

Declassified: Predator Drone Turns Itself On At Military Base

Recently, The Washington Post has been running an investigative report on the U.S. military’s shadow wars throughout the Horn of Africa. This report includes an article series on drones, and the most recent installment of this series reveals various declassified incident reports in which drones have went haywire, crashing, misfiring, and in one case a

US Government Interrogates Pakistani Politician Imran Khan in Canada Because of His Anti US Drone Sentiments

The United States Government’s paranoia over political statements made by politicians from sovereign nations has been exposed. Imran Khan, a former cricketer and now politician in Pakistan, was forcibly removed from a flight to New York in Toronto, Canada because of his outspoken views against United States’ drone strikes in Pakistan and Afghanistan. The Unites

Study Finds GMO Compounds in 100% of Pregnant Women and Fetuses

In many ways we are searching for real science, not funded by the GMO companies themselves, to tell us the truth about genetically modified organisms and their dangers. Because these companies control access to their chemicals and any related research, what we have is little. But from the little we know, there is much to