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Syria’s Internet Outage and the Future of Information Warfare

It’s not that Syria’s government didn’t prepare for war. They perhaps, simply prepared for the wrong kind of war. This week when sweeping outages in Syria’s communication networks were reported, the Western media immediately accused the Syrian government of being behind the move. However, it should be noted that NATO-backed terrorists operating inside of Syria

Plan for Redundancy. Plan for Redundancy.

Once you have lived the survivalist life – boots on the ground, so to speak —  you come to a bedrock realization that certain things were never made to be used long-term.  Unfortunately, many of the tools and devices we’ve become accustomed to using fall into this category.  Things like generators, electric well pumps, things

Venezuelans Vote Again

In America, money power controls elections. People have no say. Each party replicates the other. Venezuela is different. Voters take full advantage. They choose real democrats over fake ones. It shows in how Venezuelans are governed. On October 7, they reelected Chavez overwhelmingly. On December 16, they’ll vote again in regional elections. At stake are

Preparing For and Surviving a Fire in Your Home

This is the time of year when families are putting up holiday trees and decorations as well as candles and other goodies that will provide their homes with a warm and inviting ambiance.  Something I have not seen mentioned in the prepping world is fire prevention – especially as it relates to prepping your home

FBI and State Police Conduct Massive Manhunt and Raid Against Prepper Who Was Angry Over Obama Reelection :

Due to its close proximity to Washington DC, in recent years Maryland has become one of the worst police states in the country. Last month, we reported on a botched FBI raid in Maryland, where unarmed teenagers were shot at simply for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Then, just the other

Blogger “Baltimore Spectator’s” Home Vandalized By Police As He Remains Incarcerated Without Bail For Owning a Gun

Earlier this week we reported on a blogger and activist in Baltimore named Frank James MacArthur, who was kidnapped by police after a standoff that was broadcasted to independent thinkers worldwide via the internet. In the negotiation that was recorded between MacArthur and police the main promise that was made on behalf of the police

Why Psychiatry and Big Government are in a Pornographic Embrace

Modern psychiatry is based on the premise that there is something wrong with almost everybody. But when it comes to dependence, psychiatry takes a distinct back seat to big government. Psychiatry and big-government actually share a bed. They both need dependents; otherwise, they’d fade away. In this pornographic intimacy, psychiatry functions as a medical and

James Holmes: Three Ways To Get Set Up For Murder

A prison inmate claims Holmes confessed he was a mind-controlled assassin. Paul Watson, writing at Infowars, covers the story: There are three roads that can lead to hugely inconvenient truth about Holmes. One: he was set up and subjected to mind control, after which he committed the murders at the Aurora theater. He was

Is Ginseng Actually Bad for You?

  Perhaps more than any other herb, this one sure seems like it’s got something for everyone. Just take a look at the claims: more energy, improved memory, lower blood sugar and cholesterol – even better sex and protection against the common cold. I’m talking about ginseng. And with two varieties of this herb –

U.S. Confiscates Oyster Farm Because It “Falls In A New Marine Wilderness Area”

 U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar told a popular oyster farm at Drakes Bay on Thursday to pack up and leave, effectively ending more than a century of shellfish harvesting on the picturesque inlet where Europeans first set foot in California. Salazar’s decision ends a long-running dispute between the Drakes Bay Oyster Co. and the National

Hillary Clinton Needs Taxpayer Money for Propaganda (VIDEO)

Ben Swann takes a look at statements by Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton about the need for more money to put out the American governments message.

High-Fructose Corn Syrup & the Pervasiveness of Type 2 Diabetes

High-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is a highly-processed chemical sweetener used in many processed foods, including breads, cookies, candy, condiments, and soft drinks. HFCS extends the shelf life of products, and it is often cheaper than sugar, which are the main reasons why manufacturers like it. There has been much research over the last year into

Down Our Throats – How Corporate Influence and Public Policy Conspire to Keep Us Unhealthy

Food Processors Want to Keep Us Snacking – Can Public Policy Help? No one can question the fact that the condition of public health in the United States has reached a critical point, and that much of this health catastrophe can be blamed on poor eating habits. Nearly 1 million Americans each year experience a

Did the Amendment to Protect Americans from Indefinite Detention Really Pass? (VIDEO)

On November, 29th the U.S. Senate voted on Amendment No. 3018 to the National Defense Authorization Act sponsored by Sens. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) and Mike Lee (R-Utah), and co-sponsored by Sen. I’m sure Obama is not thrilled with this. Rand Paul, which protects the rights prescribed to Americans in the Sixth Amendment of the Constitution

UN Control Of The Internet Would Mean UN Control Of Free Speech

If the UN is given control of the Internet, that would be a massive step toward making the UN a true global government. The Internet is the number one venue for free speech and freedom of expression on the planet today, and if the UN is given authority over the Internet it would only be

NNC News Interviews Stephen Lendman

Stephen Lendman is a contributor for The Sleuth Journal. NNC’s Iman Soleimani conducted the interview. He did another last October. US foreign policy, its phony war on terror, its human rights record, imperial wars, belligerent diplomacy, and anti-Iranian agenda were discussed. NNC (Namavaran Network Corporation) initially operated as a cultural and publishing institute. It trained

Monster Sinkholes An Indication That Major Earth Changes Are Coming Along The New Madrid Fault?

The most powerful earthquakes in the history of the United States happened along the New Madrid Fault in 1811 and 1812. Those earthquakes were reportedly felt more than 1,000 miles away. Scientists assure us that one day we will once again see very powerful earthquakes along the New Madrid fault. It is only a question