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High Cholesterol? Take Probiotics

More than 40 million Americans struggle with high cholesterol, which for many people is a direct result of either chronic inflammation caused by poor diet, or an autoimmune condition that is preventing the proper assimilation and use of cholesterol in cells and tissue throughout the body. A new study out of Spain; however, has found

55 Reasons Why California Is The Worst State In America

Why in the world would anyone want to live in the state of California at this point? The entire state is rapidly becoming a bright, shining example of everything that is wrong with America. It is so sad to watch our most populated state implode right in front of our eyes. Like millions of Americans,

Anti-GMO Consumers Won’t Forgive Cheerios – Cheerios Finally Responds

Cheerios patronizes consumers with a section for “robust conversation” It’s been over a week since Cheerios had to remove a Pinterest App that actually exposed them for containing Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO), being pro-GMO and for *General Mills’ funding over $1 million to “No on Proposition 37.” Consumers are still slamming Cheerios’ Facebook page in

National Intelligence Council Report: Only Globalization Will Save the Future (VIDEO)

In a new report entitled “Global Trends 2030: Alternative Worlds”, the National Intelligence Council (NIC) says that due to global economic changes, shifting in investments and the sudden rise of other nations to buck the US as the world’s superpower, the balance of “megatrends” in sovereign countries is transforming the world. Intelligence agencies in the

Decentralize Big-Retail: How to Uproot Walmart and Bring Jobs Back Home

In many towns across America, Walmart, or a similar mega-retailer, is the only option you have when you need (almost) anything. Big-retail is a monopoly in its truest form and it has become so, not through “free market” economics, technological innovation, supply and demand, or healthy competition, but rather through a combination of pro-monopoly rules

Stop the ‘Monsanto Protection Act’ and Other Dangerous Riders! (PETITION)

There’s still time to let legislators know that we won’t tolerate Congress’s latest proposed giveaways, including immunity from federal law, to Monsanto and the rest of the biotech bullies. Here’s what’s at stake. Attached to the Agricultural Appropriations Bill is the “Farmers Assurance Provision” (Section 733) which is nothing more than a sneak attack on

Military To Continue Bombing Nuclear Waste Dumps In Hawaii

Comments on Dec. 12, 2012 NRC meeting with the Army in Maryland from 10AM-1PM Hawaii time. The public could listen in and make comments/ask questions at the end of the meeting. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) will be issuing a license for the mongoose to guard the hen house in Hawaii.  The Army will be

NDAA Indefinite Detention Opponents File Supreme Court Emergency Motion

Opponents of the post-9/11 use of indefinite military detention have filed an emergency motion with the U.S. Supreme Court, seeking to block a law they say allows innocent American citizens to be locked away without trial. The motion, submitted on Wednesday, asks the Supreme Court to reinstate an injunction against a key portion of the

(PETITION) Tell The NPA To Stop Certifying Products That Contain GMOs As “Natural”

Is the NPA Working for You? Or Big Pharma and Big Biotech? The Natural Products Association (NPA), the leading trade association for so-called “natural” products, says it works for consumers. But does it? So far, no, says Dr. Mercola. But there’s still time to do the right thing. The NPA opposed Prop 37, the California

More Than Thirty Top U.S. Officials Guilty of War Crimes

More than 30 top U.S. officials, including presidents G.W. Bush and Obama, are guilty of war crimes or crimes against peace and humanity “legally akin to those perpetrated by the former Nazi regime in Germany,” the distinguished American international law authority Francis Boyle charges. U.S. officials involved in an “ongoing criminal conspiracy” in the Middle

No Apology Needed

Note: See link below to get your free copy of ‘Surviving Survivalism’ As we have been offering the remaining space in our community, we have been contacted by many people who wish they could join us, but just can’t leave their current family obligations.  Sometimes there is a spouse who is physically ill, sometimes their

Uncertainty about Chavez’s Health

On December 8, Chavez announced he’ll return to Cuba. More surgery is needed. It’ll be his fourth for cancer. Tests after his October reelection found no reoccurrence. In late November, he returned to Havana for hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT). It enhances natural healing. It involves breathing 100% oxygen under increased atmospheric pressure. It’s used to

Pay Differential – Private Sector and Federal Government

A dreadful warning arises, when public sector employment pay and benefits outstrips the remuneration earned by the private employment workers. Even the most hardened government proponent, must succumb to the reality that private business generates real wealth that finances government through taxes. The expenditures of government on all levels are linked to the profitability of

Lawsuits for Information on Drones

Drones are increasingly becoming America’s weapon of choice. They’re used to kill and spy. Domestic warrantless surveillance is illegal. It’s done extrajudicially on a regular basis. By around 2020, eyes in the sky spying will cover America. Fourth Amendment freedoms are null and void. It states: “The right of the people to be secure in

Syria: Tightening the Noose

Since conflict erupted last year, Washington, other NATO states, and regional allies recruited, armed, funded, trained and directed Syrian insurgents. Public admissions emerge slowly. Language conceals what’s been ongoing all the time. On November 29, CNN said Washington is “weighing whether or not to provide arms to the Syrian opposition.” US Syrian ambassador, Robert Ford,

Sorry Protesters: Your Jobs Are Being Sent To China And They Aren’t Coming Back

Did you see the huge crowds of protesters that flooded the Michigan Capitol on Tuesday? They were there to protest two bills there were being considered by the state legislature that would limit the power of unions in the state. Michigan lawmakers approved the bills and this absolutely infuriated the protesters. There is a lot

Warning: 3 Fast Food Ingredient Secrets (VIDEO)

    While many of us live a largely sedentary lifestyle, the United States remains a highly mobile society, addicted to the road and high-speed, demanding daily schedules—hence, our addiction to fast food. The convenience of this food, however, comes at a high price belying its reputation as the food of the masses. The ingredients