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16 Things About 2013 That Are Really Going To Stink

The beginning of the year has traditionally been a time of optimism when we all look forward to the exciting things that are going to happen over the next 12 months.  Unfortunately, there are a whole bunch of things about 2013 that we already know are going to stink.  Taxes are going to go up,

Setting the Record Straight

Introduction I believe it was Albert Einstein who said that insanity is doing the same thing again over and over, but expecting different results.  This also would tie into the old saying that those who fail to learn about history are doomed to repeat it.  It is on the premise of these two sayings that

5 Plus Reasons We Need Zinc – A Great Micro-Nutrient

Today my friends, I would like to discuss a very important mineral that our body needs and that is Zinc. Zinc has many health benefits and is essential mineral that we all need. Why do we need Zinc and what is the best ways to get the proper amount in our body? I will answer

American Gun Owners to be Fingerprinted and Registered: Feinstein Announces Nightmare Plan

California Democrat Dianne Feinstein will introduce legislation in January calling for the fingerprinting and registering of all gun owners in the United States. On her Senate web page, Feinstein states her proposed legislation will add fingerprinting and photo identification to the National Firearms Act. A firearms seller must currently submit Form 4473 to the government

Avigdor Lieberman Faces New Charges

He’s Netanyahu’s main coalition partner. He represents the lunatic fringe of Israeli governance. He’s a serial felon. He’s ideologically anti-democratic and hardcore racist. Weeks ahead of general elections, he resigned. In January, he plans running for reelection anyway. At least so far. Information discussed below may preclude him. He stands criminally indicted. He deserves prison,