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Aspartame: Fibromyalgia & Preterm Birth (VIDEO)

When we learned how bad butter was, the food industry responded by giving us margarine, which turned out to be even worse. When dietary guidelines told us to lower our fat intake in hopes that we’d pick up an apple, the food industry gave us fudge drizzled Snackwell cookies. Similar reasoning led to the billion-dollar

The FDA Forbids Labelling Non-GM Salmon

There’s a reason that the FDA chose salmon as its first ruling on genetic labelling. It was an indication of their intent to approve GM salmon—and to prevent us knowing when we buy GM foods. This is Gaia Health’s report from 2010, now about to become critical as GM salmon’s about to be approved. When

Buy & Spy: Pentagon to Sell $1.2 Billion in Surveillance Drones to S. Korea (VIDEO)

  The Pentagon has informed Congress of its plans to sell four Global Hawk high-altitude spy drones to South Korea. Under the deal Seoul’s surveillance capabilities would be greatly improved, even though the US DoD itself wanted to retire the aircraft. The US Department of Defense wants to sell four of the Block 30 version

Take Your Children Out of Government Schools

Many Americans are speaking about removing their children from government-run schools and finding alternatives to an increasingly failing system. In lieu of the recent rash of school shootings, many parents feel that moving their children to another educational venue will help to protect them from crazed, lone gunman who are on psychotropic medications and are