2013 GMO-Free Long-Term Food Storage Review


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The Sleuth Journal's 2013 GMO-Free Storable Food Review Premium Choice Award


2013 Editor's Choice Award Winner


The Sleuth Journal's 2013 GMO-Free Storable Food Review Taster's Choice Award


The Sleuth Journal's 2013 GMO-Free Storable Food Review Runners Up Award



Due to weather or some other catastrophic event, the most important necessities include water and food. Without those items, survival is futile. That being said, when you store up on food, you want to make sure that you’re taking certain precautions to ensure you and your family not only survive, but maintain a certain level of comfort and health.

The Sleuth Journal highly recommends sticking to good food that’s not only healthy, but contains no GMO ingredients. In fact, since we condone organic and GMO-Free product consumption, we’ve gone out of our way to bring you the most unbiased full-scale blind test and review we could perform on all of the leading GMO-Free storable food packages available.

We recruited a research group who have never purchased storable food; they’ve never even tasted it. This group was given the task to score each GMO-Free product vendor on criteria which include; Price, Taste, Longevity, Packaging, Ease of Use and Customer Service. These criteria were gauged based on different lifestyles, backgrounds and personal preferences, as we know that everyone has a different opinion of “good”. Based on their notes and opinions, we compiled our overall scores.

Four awards were given out to the companies:

Premium Choice Award is presented to the manufacturer with the highest overall score and best qualities according to our group.

Editor’s Choice Award is presented to the manufacturer with whom our Editor-In-Chief selected as best by opinion, based on score and overall congruence with the philosophy of our organization.

Taster’s Choice Award is presented to the manufacturer that received the best overall score on taste, but had lower score points in other areas.

Finally, the Runners Up Award is presented to the remaining manufacturers that were able to be reviewed side-by-side with the winners, but were unable to receive as many points due to the inability to fully review them on all features or because they just did not have a high enough score by our review group.

We applaud all of our participants for their efforts and are pleased to present to all of our readers a list of genuinely GMO-Free storable food manufacturers.

Here are the leading GMO-Free manufacturers that we were able to contact for participation:







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*The logos above are listed in the order in which we received their samples.


If you are a GMO-Free manufacturer and you were not listed on this year’s annual review, please send your information to [email protected] and we will contact you about your future entry. Thanks!