34 Funny And Stupid Warning Labels To Laugh At And Avoid (Infographic)

 34 Funny And Stupid Warning Labels To Laugh At And Avoid (Infographic) | warning-labels-460x259 | US News

While a product, box or barrel has little meaning without a label for identification, labels are glanced over and taken for granted. In the process of labeling products, it appears there are people who are a little too creative, about to quit their job, possibly tipsy or just plain full of themselves.  We take product identification and warning labels very seriously but still pause to chuckle at what seems absurd, crazy, over the top… and maybe a little stupid.

The warning labels below may make you snicker and look more closely at your labels:

(click to view larger infographic)

34 Funny And Stupid Warning Labels To Laugh At And Avoid (Infographic) | 34-Funny-Stupid-Warning-Labels-to-Laugh-at-and-Avoid | US News
34 Funny & Stupid Warning Labels to Laugh at and Avoid [infographic]

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