4 New Technologies That Can Aid Aging In Place Seniors

4 New Technologies That Can Aid Aging In Place Seniors | Senior-with-a-Smartwatch | News And Opinions

Here’s an interesting fact: by 2020 the baby boomer generation that makes up for 20% of US population will be older than 65. This increasing wave of aging Americans dubbed the “silver tsunami” means that there will be fewer people to care for them. Sure, you can always rely on home care referral services like A Better Way in Home Care, but what happens when the number of seniors who choose to age in place over retirement homes surpasses the number of available caregivers. Fortunately, that’s where technology might step in.

We’ve seen technology develop at an incredible rate. Computers can now easily beat you in chess or Jeopardy, cars drive around on their own and virtual assistants are by our side 24/7. But other than being impressive, these inventions can also provide seniors with comfort, independence, and safety in the ways only great science fiction authors could imagine. Here are some of the best technologies that can improve the quality of life for aging in place seniors.

Wearable Tech

Smartwatches, eyewear prototype and other wearable technology have come from being a fancy trinket to a really useful everyday tool. That’s especially true for seniors. There are specialized smartwatches on the market built especially for seniors, equipped with devices such as fall detectors and medication reminders. They can alert us when our senior loved one wanders off or remains inactive for too long. They might be even able to predict an illness, as described here: https://abetterwayinhomecare.com/smartwatches-homecare-beverly-hills.html

Autonomous Vehicles

Having a car at their disposal is extremely beneficial for seniors. A car helps them visit remote relatives, go shopping or to a doctor’s appointment and just go where they normally couldn’t get on foot. But many seniors are unable to drive due to declining cognitive functions. This can pose a threat to themselves and others participating in the traffic.

Autonomous vehicles are no longer a part of science fiction movies, they are being used as you’re reading this. The system is highly effective in navigating and avoiding traffic accidents. The technology is becoming more available and widespread, and can no doubt benefit seniors greatly for all the obvious reasons.

Virtual Assistants

Nothing can replace a human touch, but in many ways, virtual assistants are coming dangerously close. They are patient, don’t mind if you ask them the same question several times or have any expectations. Virtual assistants like Apple’s Siri, Amazon Echo or Google Home can help seniors in a lot of ways: from playing music, TV and managing smart home appliances to helping them read and write emails, read the news and provide other useful information.

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