5 Health Benefits Of Watermelon

5 Health Benefits Of Watermelon | watermelon-jpg-422x300 | General Health

1. Stay Cool and Comfortable while Looking Great!

Watermelon is an amazing fruit that can work in so many wonderful ways for your skin and its radiance. I know for a fact that there’s not too many of us that realize it, but watermelon can act as a natural moisturizer as well as a toner. This basically means that watermelon can naturally help aid in cooling the skin, as well as keep it glowing and fresh.

2. Easy Pickin’; for Losing Weight That is!

Many of us are clueless as to how packed full of vitamins and minerals the watermelon truly is. It has so many vitamins and minerals squeezed into its tiny little self that it’s actually labeled as one of the healthiest fruits you can find. One of the greatest parts about the watermelon has to be the fact that it can be served as an amazing tasting dessert or even a guiltless midnight snack!

3. Tired? Feeling Sluggish? Fight Fatigue and Boost your Metabolism!

Now let’s sit back for a minute and think about those hot sticky summer days when you can’t help but sweat profusely even when you’re just sitting in a chair lounging out. Have you ever bit into a slice of watermelon on days like those? If you have had the chance to experience this, than you know that watermelons can be extremely refreshing and invigorating on days like those. Many individuals don’t realize it but watermelons are so refreshing because they have such an extremely high water content. Watermelons are made up of about 92% water and only about 8% sugar.

Watermelons are extremely rich in electrolytes (sodium and potassium), which also helps to make this fruit such an amazingly refreshing and nourishing snack for your body at any time of day. This amazing fruit not only helps to replace the electrolytes that are lost through typical sweating, but they also help to hydrate the cells in your body and maintain the water balance inside of your cells. Another plus of this amazing fruit would have to be that it helps to boost your metabolism drastically. By increasing the functionality of the cells inside of the body, it manages to energize your body which in turn helps to boost your metabolism helping you to break things down quicker.

Watermelons are also packed with 4 nutrients that are most commonly known as the 4 great fatigue fighters. These nutrients are known as potassium, vitamin C, lycopene, and iron and help to drastically fight off any feeling of fatigue you may experience throughout the day.

4. Stressed? Grab Some Melon!

This I can guarantee not many of us realized, but research has led us to believe that watermelon acts as a “sensational” stress reducer from a natural source. What more can you ask for? A stress reducer that is natural and doesn’t cause harm to our bodies! Watermelons are packed full of vitamin B6 – which is what is used by the body to produce brain chemicals; which in turn may help to alleviate stress, anxiety, and even panic attacks. Watermelons also help to naturally relax the blood vessels without those side effects that prescribed drugs or even over-the-counter drugs can cause.

5. Need a Libido Boost? Search No Further!

Recent studies have found that the popular summer fruit may also act as a natural Viagra inside of the body. Watermelons are packed full of amino acids, more importantly an amino acid call citrulline. Citrulline helps to naturally relax and dilate the blood vessels, very much like that of the pill known as Viagra as well as other drugs that are used to commonly treat ED (erectile dysfunction).

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