6634 Votes From A Win In Oregon!

6634 Votes From A Win In Oregon! | yeson92-600x613 | GMOs Organic Market Classifieds US News

Don’t believe everything you read in the papers. We have not yet lost Measure 92, Oregon’s initiative to label GMOs.

According to the YES on 92 campaign, we are only 6634 votes (as of 5 p.m. Wednesday, November 12) from a win. If we get to within a margin of 49.80 percent (we’re currently at 49.78!), we’ll trigger an automatic recount, paid for by the state.

But here’s the thing. The only way we can win in Oregon is to contact every voter whose vote hasn’t been counted, because it was “challenged” due to a technical problem. There are enough of these “challenge” ballots—about 13,000—yet uncounted, to swing the election in our favor.

We need hundreds of organizers on the ground beginning today, to reach out to voters to resolve problems with their ballots, and make sure their votes are counted.

And the only way we can make that happen is to hire professional organizers, and pay travel expenses for volunteers.

We are so close. There is no guarantee we will win, but a win is definitely still within reach. If we can get all of the votes counted by the deadline, 5 p.m. November 18.

We know you’ve already dug deep into your pockets to help this movement. But today, we are asking again. Through our 501(c) 4 lobbying arm, we have promised to rush another $25,000 to the YES on 92 campaign to make sure we don’t lose this critical GMO labeling battle.

If you can help, click here for details on how to vote online now, or by phone or mail. Thank you!


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