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A country which once prided itself on having a government “Of the People, By the People, and For the People”, the United States of America, has never had such a reversal of this principle in its entire history than it does now. With congress passing law after law, without even reading them, written by lobbyists and lawyers for the billion dollar corporations which helped elect them, the common American is left behind in the dust of their representative’s affection.

We have to remember that The Creator said . . .

“Whatever you do to the least of persons . . . you do to Me.”

Matthew 25:31-46

These billion dollar corporations endlessly complain and lobby that the minimum wage to be paid to their laborers must not be raised. In fact, such lobbying has succeeded against the vast majority of American’s wishes to the extent that the minimum wage has been $7.25 per hour for the last seven years. Who in their right mind would voluntarily work at the same organization for seven years without receiving a single raise? . . . No one.

“The wages you failed to pay the workers are crying out against you and have reached the ears of The Creator.”

James 5:4

Despite millionaires and billionaires wanting to keep their hands on as much money of theirs as possible and having the lobbying power to see that this happens, always with the threat that raising wages will somehow cause unemployment, the facts blatantly prove the exact opposite. The Republican Reagan administration’s “Supply Side Economics”, also known as “Trickle Down Economics”, basically advocated the theory that by giving tax breaks to the wealthiest of Americans (those who, not so coincidentally, financed his election), they would then, in turn, with this extra money, go out and hire more butlers from the working class, thereby benefiting the working class of society.

The same is true of the present day government, who with the same theoretical philosophy, gave a trillion dollars to the already affluent bankers (who also, not so coincidentally, financed government officials’ elections), suggesting that supporting their billion dollar enterprises would eventually “trickle down” to, and later benefit, the common citizen. The point that none of these likeminded politicians from both political parties ever mentions to the public, is that if economic prosperity can flow from the wealthiest to the poorest through a society, then it can also flow from the poorest to the wealthiest. (An electrical current can just as easily flow left to right, as right to left, down the length of a copper wire.)

Rather than giving a trillion dollars to billion dollar banks led by millionaire executives (who promptly gave themselves lavish raises with the money), the United States government could have given ten thousand dollars to every American citizen eighteen years of age and older instead. If they had done so, the common person would have then gone out and purchased appliances, automobiles, and vacation packages from the corporations owned by the billionaires, thereby proving that “Trickle Up” economics works as well. In fact, “Trickle Up” economics works even better, as the average citizen to whom the stimulus is supposed to “eventually” benefit is benefited immediately. If it takes a little longer for the benefit to reach the top millionaires in annual sales bonuses, that is okay, as they are already rich! Why must the common, poorer citizen be the one to wait for the economic blessing instead?

The identical principle is at work by raising the minimum wage, despite the fear-mongering to the contrary by those who simply want to hold on to more of their wealth. When you give the average citizen more money, they spend it! Clear economic proof of this, is the Australian economy. (See “References” below.) Australia has the highest minimum wage, and the lowest unemployment. Why? Because when you give the average worker more money, they spend it! They spend it on eating out, buying cars, and upgrading all of their appliances! By doing so, there is a greater demand for restaurant employees, automobiles, and appliances. When there is a greater demand for these goods and services, more people need to be hired to fulfill the demand!

Australia was the only country that did not suffer a recession from the 2008-2009 economic downturn.

What a surprise that what we are told by the billion dollar corporations, about how paying workers the least amount of money legally possible will somehow help the economy, when the exact opposite is True!

Gravity works for everyone, whether you’re an atheist, a Christian, or a Buddhist. In the same way, when the wealthiest people at the top treat their laborers fairly by paying them a living wage, they will in turn be blessed by their own employees who will then patronize the very business which they own. If they fail to do this, they will be shooting themselves in the foot, and it will come back around to bite them in the end.

One of the smartest people I have ever met, knew this principle to be true, even though he was a atheist. He owned a highly successful software company who always paid their employees top wages. Not only did this attract the very best in their field to his company, he saved money on low employee turnover, not having to retrain the same position over and over again. Using this mythology, he grew a $40,000 investment to $60 million in just eight years.

Doing things the right way, because you have calculated that it will actually be more profitable in the end, or whether you do it because you believe in a Divine Judgment to come, the result is the same. (Do it for the latter reason, and you will be rewarded twice.

I will discuss this, and much more, in this week’s episode of “Conspiracy Corner News”.

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James 5:4

Matthew 25:40

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