alternative mediaThe Sleuth Journal is an independent alternative media organization comprised of individuals and groups working to expose true news and corruption worldwide.

We shed the light on truth in government, politics, world and local news, civil rights, natural health & organics and other important topics that the mainstream media fails or refuses to expose.

This information is being presented to you in an effort for advancement in the understanding of our economic and political corruption, our Nation and World’s true news, social justice, human rights and the New World Order.

It is our intent to connect, educate,  motivate and inspire those who are interested in alerting the public to the pertinent issues that are affecting our lives and future, each and every day.

We are a community of truth-seekers and peacemakers who share a commitment to nonviolent action and resistance-  to push back against those who wish to suppress and control our lives, and take away our freedoms and civil rights.

We bring you real news from around the world, without the synthetics. Together in sharing the truth, we can challenge the abuses of the establishment.

Our intent to spread the truth is to awaken our society and save it from the grasps of those who wish for more control. You may see content on the website that may seem “controversial” to you, but the truth should not be censored. Although we may not always agree or see eye-to-eye on certain topics; let us always remember not to play the “elite’s” game to divide and conquer- we are not each other’s enemy.


seek truthWendy Blanks an independent researcher, journalist and activist. She is the Founder of TruWire Productions, LLC., and the Owner/Chief Editor for The Sleuth Journal. Wendy also owns Organic Market Classifieds; a national platform to buy/sell organics. She has done investigative research in multiple fields and has a passion for sharing true news on various topics such as government corruption, natural health, civil/human rights, globalism and other important issues that plague our society. Thankfully, we live in the age of information and mediasharing knowledge has become easier than ever. She has a deep desire to expose the truth in propagated and biased information that is spewed from corporate/mainstream media. True journalism has been dead for some time and it is her goal to revive it. The Sleuth Journal streamlines groups of like-minded individuals and organizations to create a massive knowledge base for a ‘conscious awakening’ of what is really going on in today’s oligarchy pyramid that we call ‘society’. So many people are zombies by media, television and other means of mass brainwashing and we need to reverse the effects and give people back their minds, and in return, their power and will to change and challenge the system. Help support the cause by shopping at The Sleuth Journal online store. Like The Sleuth Journal on Facebook. Follow The Sleuth Journal on Twitter. Join The Sleuth Journal group on Linkedin. Like Drone Patrol on Facebook. Join the Drone Patrol group on Linkedin and be sure to visit the site to view and report drone sightings.






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