Accused Colorado Theater Shooter Unrecognizable In Court

Accused Colorado Theater Shooter Unrecognizable In Court | james-holmes-courtroom-sketch-451x300 | Sleuth Journal
A courtroom sketch showing accused murderer James Holmes (L) sitting with Arapahoe County Public Defender Tamara Brady (C) at the Arapahoe District Courthouse in Centennial, Colorado, USA, 20 January 2015. (EPA/JEFF KANDYBA)

An almost unrecognizable James Holmes appeared in court on Tuesday in the death penalty case in which he is accused of a murderous rampage at a Colorado movie theater.

Holmes — who since his July 2012 arrest has sported wild orange hair and later, mutton-chop sideburns — is now clean-cut, and he appeared in civilian clothes during an introductory hearing before jury selection, which began Tuesday afternoon.

Several courtroom observers did a double take before they realized it was Holmes sitting at the defense table. His dark hair was neatly trimmed and was wearing pleated khaki pants, a striped button-down blue shirt, a charcoal sports jacket and tortoiseshell glasses. It was the first time Holmes has appeared in court in something other than a jail jumpsuit. He wore no cuffs on his wrists, but a hidden cable kept him tethered to the floor.

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