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After four-and-a-half horrific years under brutal US-supported terrorist occupation, Aleppo residents are finally free from the scourge of captivity as human shields, a nightmare now ended.

Hopefully triumph is prelude to liberating Syria entirely ahead. Defeating terrorists in Aleppo, once Syria’s largest city, its commercial hub, may be looked back on one day as the war’s turning point.

Heroic Syrian soldiers and allies, notably Russia, deserve full credit for defeating the scourge of US imperialism, proving it’s not invincible.

Syria’s Army General Command announced the following:

“The restoration of security and stability to Aleppo is a victory which forms a strategic juncture and important turning point in the fight against terrorism, from one point, and a blow to the terrorist project and its supporters from another.”

“This great achievement will be a strong incentive to resume the national duties and eliminate terrorism as well as restore security and stability to every span of the Homeland.”

Separately, Assad called Aleppo’s liberation “a relapse for all the countries that are hostile towards the Syrian people and that have used terrorism as a means to realize their interests.”

During a meeting with key parliamentary officials, Putin said Western sanctions against Russia “prevent us from joining forces in combating a common evil – terrorism.”

“(T)he situation is not entirely in our hands. We hope that recent tragic events, including the attack in Germany, will prompt our partners to work more closely on this issue, which is important to all of us.”

A Russian Foreign Ministry statement said “(i)nstead of focusing on coordinating efforts to fend off the challenges of our age, chiefly extremism and terrorism, the White House continues looking for ways to ‘punish’ us by inflicting pain.”

“Washington should have learned a long time ago that these efforts are unpromising, and doomed to failure, and the new restrictions will not be left without reply.”

Russia/US relations under Obama sunk to a deplorable state, his imperial agenda entirely responsible. According to Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, “(w)ith the United States, nearly all levels of dialogue are in a frozen state. We do not communicate with each other or do it minimally.”

Meanwhile, Aleppo residents have reason to give thanks this holiday season. Together with Syrian soldiers they’re celebrating.

The enormous restoration task began. According to the Russian reconciliation center, some schools, hospitals, mosques, power stations, water pumping stations, bakeries and other facilities are again in working order.

A long struggle remains before Syria is entirely free from America’s imperial scourge. Will Trump’s geopolitical agenda help or harm things?


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