Aleppo’s Liberation Saved Thousands of Lives

Aleppo’s Liberation Saved Thousands of Lives | Aleppo-liberation | World News

Aleppo’s liberation may be looked back on as the war’s turning point, what America and its rogue allies tried hard to prevent.

Media scoundrels called it bad news, showing support for imperial lawlessness, mindless of the enormous human cost in Aleppo and throughout Syria – raped and destroyed by America like so many other countries, the most pure evil regime in world history.

On Saturday, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman General Igor Konashenkov said liberating Aleppo saved nearly 10,000 civilian lives, freed from captivity, held under brutal conditions by US-supported terrorists.

Triumph also opened a “window of opportunity” toward initiating efforts for nationwide cessation of hostilities and conflict resolution, Konashenkov explained.

It won’t be accomplished easily. Efforts may be compromised by shenanigans in “cozy Western capitals,” including talk about deploying a “useless and…dead end” monitoring group unable to do anything to maintain peace in Aleppo.

“The sooner it is realized in Paris, London, and Washington, which are so far not even capable of sending humanitarian aid to Syria, the sooner there will be peace,” Konashenkov stressed.

On Sunday, a deplorable French draft resolution will be voted on by Security Council members. It calls for deploying useless, counterproductive UN monitors to control the “evacuation of peaceful citizens and opposition militants from the sieged quarters of Aleppo.”

It comes after all residents and US-supported terrorists were withdrawn, except for a few scattered pockets of diehard renegade resistance – to be mopped up in short order.

Hopefully Russia and China will veto the resolution. Russian UN envoy Vitaly Churkin debunked it, saying it’ll take weeks to send monitors. It’s “unrealistic” to think it can be done in a few days.

France’s resolution has no “practical use. Do we need to waste two months to resume a United Nations monitoring mission? It may have some point if we are able to ensure cessation of hostilities in the country more comprehensively,” Churkin explained.

Russia urges UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) involvement to provide aid for needy Syrians, not worthless monitors unable to accomplish anything at this stage.

Aleppo is under full government control, free from the scourge of US-supported terrorists. Washington and its rogue allies seem bent on undermining what’s been accomplished.

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