Aluminum in Vaccines Linked to Alzheimer’s Disease (VIDEO)


Aluminum in Vaccines Linked to Alzheimer’s Disease (VIDEO) | vaccines | Multimedia Science & Technology Toxins Vaccines

When examining the cornucopia of toxic chemicals that saturate the environment in which all human life exists, aluminum has become the weapon of choice for the current population reduction program being facilitated by vaccinations and immunizations. Aluminum, listed by the (EPA) Environmental Pollution Agency as a developmental neurotoxin, is used as an adjuvant in vaccinations to enhance the effects of the already toxic concoction. Aluminum has the ability to cross over the blood-brain barrier getting stuck inside the brain and building up over time eventually leading to Alzheimer’s disease and Central Nervous System disorders.

In addition to vaccines, the eugenics-driven pharmacratical dictatorship has gone to multiple lengths to ensure maximum exposure to aluminum by infusing it into the food and water we consume on a daily basis. The (FDA) Fear and Disease Agency has approved of 6 different forms of aluminum salts which can be used in foods sold in the United States.

The National Library of Medicine has published dozens of articles studying the effects aluminum has on the brain connecting it to both Alzheimer’s disease and Gulf War Syndrome. The aluminum adjuvant in vaccination was tested on mice only to induce motor neuron degeneration, which eventually turned into motor neuron death leaving the mice permanently brain damaged.

With all the evidence compounding on an exponential level, the toxicity of aluminum and its effects on the brain have become overwhelming if not undeniable. Senior citizens are most affected by Alzheimer’s disease with over 5 million Americans being diagnosed in 2013.

The long-term goal of population reduction meets the short-term goal of population control as they converge on our golden years fueled by greed. The medication machine marches on. The psychotic prescription pushers and inoculation junkies have been feeding off the foundation of humanity slowly turning our elders into a sick and debilitated commodity.

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Visit Kenny Valenzuela’s site Experimental Vaccines for more information about the dangers of vaccines.
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