The Amazing Science of Ginger Revealed

The Amazing Science of Ginger Revealed | ginger1 | Natural Medicine Special Interests

Beautiful Ginger. We all know it as a spice. Some of us even use it as a “home remedy.” But why is it still not considered part of the conventional medical standard of care? 

Lack of evidence, they say…

But this is exactly why I created to centralize and disseminate as widely as possible the Science of Natural Healing.

And there’s plenty of it…

Presently, if you navigate to our Therapeutic Substances index, Ginger is one of 1689 vitamins, minerals, herbs, and otherwise edible gifts from Nature with scientifically validated health value.

In fact, our ginger research portal now features evidence supporting its potential application in over 175 different health conditions.

You can take a look at this dynamic research portal here, and download the entire research PDF as a free download.

The Amazing Science of Ginger Revealed | ginger-2 | Natural Medicine Special Interests

So, what do you do with this research documents like this?

First, of course, is to use them to save time researching. has about 3,000 studies on ginger to look through. We’ve brought together into this document some of the most powerful ones for you, so you don’t have to spend countless hours digging, vetting, and collating them!

Second is to share them! One of the best ways to help us move the medical paradigm forward (which is to say, incorporate and validate ancient healing traditions), is to reference and share the published scientific research supporting natural healing! You’ll find the redesigned has a bunch of new ways to share your research far and wide.

The Ginger document above is just one example. 

Can you believe power and professional members have the option to access and/or create over 180,000 different research PDFs via our membership website application?

One of these research documents alone, Turmeric, took me an entire six months of my life to create! I learned a ton in the process, and I hope my work will provide a major short cut for others out there interested in the topic!

And the beauty is that we don’t just cover therapeutic substances.

We have extensive databases that cover the following as well:

The Amazing Science of Ginger Revealed | ginger | Natural Medicine Special Interests

Imagine you have a colleague or health professional who considers your concern over statin drug toxicity to be unfounded, or fear-mongering? Simply send them to our Statin drug portal (and associated PDF), and let the evidence speak for itself: the drug category has been shown to have over 300 potential side effects!

Or, say you are concerned about the untended, adverse effects of vaccination that are underreported, if not outright denied? Our Vaccination research portal (and associated PDF), puts years of research on the topic in one spot.

Or, perhaps you are an acupuncturist, homeopath, or chiropractor, and the majority of the conventional medical professionals in your area think there is no science to support you. Our Therapeutic Actions index has you covered, along with over 200 different databases supporting “alternative” healing modalities.

This is only the tip of the iceberg of what you can do with our website and database applications. Learn more about our powerful membership features here.

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