Did America Really Pass The Test? – Hillary Clinton Is Going To Win The Popular Vote By A Wide Margin

Did America Really Pass The Test? – Hillary Clinton Is Going To Win The Popular Vote By A Wide Margin | Hillary-Clinton-at-Planned-Parenthood-Photo-by-Lorie-Shaull | US News

The 2016 election was a test, and it would be easy to assume that since Donald Trump won the election that America passed the test. Unfortunately, it may not be that simple. A closer look at the numbers reveals a very sobering reality. Yes, Donald Trump won far more electoral votes than Hillary Clinton did, and that means that he is on track to become our next president. But Hillary Clinton is going to win the popular vote, and it is likely to be by a very wide margin once all the votes are counted.

As I write this article, Hillary Clinton has a lead of 218,000 in the popular vote, but most of the votes that have not been counted are on the west coast.

In California, Hillary Clinton is leading Donald Trump by a 5,482,166 to 2,966,654 margin, and only 68 percent of the vote has been counted so far. So assuming that the ratio stays about the same the rest of the way, Clinton is going to add at least a million more votes to her lead just from the state of California.

Up in Washington state, Hillary Clinton is leading Donald Trump by more than 370,000 votes, and only 60 percent of the vote has been counted there so far. So she could easily pick up another 200,000 votes in that state.

When everything is all said and done, it seems very likely that Hillary Clinton will have received well over a million more votes than Donald Trump did in this election.

So the truth is that the American people chose Hillary Clinton, but because of some electoral college magic Donald Trump is the winner of the election.

And I am certainly very, very happy that Hillary Clinton is not going to be our next president. Four years under her “leadership” would have likely been the final nail in the coffin for our nation. My hope is that she will now disappear from national politics for good.

But just because she is not going to be our next president does not mean that we passed the test.

In this election, the American people were faced with a very stark choice. Hillary Clinton is the most wicked politician that our country has ever seen, and over the past three decades the American people have gotten to know exactly who she is and what she stands for.

And despite knowing exactly what they would be getting, more Americans voted for her than voted for Donald Trump.

If every vote counted equally, she would be our next president.

I certainly don’t mean to rain on the Trump parade. Christians, conservatives and patriots are right to celebrate this victory by Donald Trump. But the truth is that I don’t believe that we did actually pass the test that we were faced with.

As a nation, we willingly chose Hillary Clinton by a pretty substantial margin.

And don’t think that the radical left is going to forget that Trump lost the popular vote. Already, violence and protests have erupted all over the nation.

Shortly after Trump declared victory, riots broke out in Berkeley, San Jose and Oakland

“Not my president! Not my president!” chanted anti-Trump rioters in Berkley, California as they light flares and storm the streets.

Riots erupted in Berkley, San Jose and Oakland shortly after the announcement of Donald Trump as president-elect. Rioters are breaking into stores, vandalizing cars and shooting flares.

One woman in Oakland was hit by a car on Highway 24 just after midnight and has suffered serious injuries after. When she pulled over to the right shoulder, she was surrounded by anti-Trump rioters, who vandalized her car and broke the back window, according to CHP officers.

There were reports of protesters burning American flags in some areas of the country, and there were even brawls outside of the White House.

And once the sun set on Wednesday night, the protests started again. According to USA Today, “thousands of demonstrators” have hit the streets in New York City…

In New York, thousands of demonstrators blocked off streets around Trump Tower near the busy intersection of 57th Street and Fifth Avenue, chanting “hey hey, ho ho, Donald Trump has got to go” and “p—y grabs back,” a reference to tape of a Trump conversation from years back in which he One woman protester was topless while another climbed on top of a tree to see the activity. Taxis, city buses and passenger vehicles stood at a standstill.

In Boston, radical leftists were organizing a giant protest against Trump

Far-left organizers are planning a mass protest in Boston against President-elect Donald Trump, citing the need to “immediately start fighting against him.”

Approximately 2,300 people have indicated they will gather outside the Massachusetts State House in Boston tonight for a “Boston Against Trump Rally.” According to the Facebook event page, another 5,000 people say they may be interested in attending.

“Donald Trump is the next President of the United States. We need to immediately start fighting against him. We need to build a movement to fight racism, sexism, and Islamophobia,” the event description says.

Sadly, this could be the beginning of a new era of protests, rioting and civil unrest.

Instead of coming together behind the new president, the radical left seems ready to go to war.

So even though Trump won the election, the truth is that our troubles may only just be starting. More than half the country didn’t want Trump, our nation was already more divided than it has been in decades before he won, and it won’t take much for many of our big cities to descend into utter chaos.

Without a doubt, we should be very excited that Donald Trump won the election, but an election victory is not going to magically make our problems go away.

When faced with the most monumental election in any of our lifetimes, Hillary Clinton received the most votes from the American people, and the consequences for that decision may be far more severe than most people are now anticipating.

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did she win?

She didn't win because of what she represented, corruption scandal and all of the perverse things you could imagine. She didn't connect with the people, minorities, and was just a plain fake. People did not see her as a leader. Her sheepoles can't believe it is possible, but it did happen, and it is her fault, not Comey's or Obama's for not stopping Comey, it was her indignant ways that prevented her from her coveted White House and coronation. You need to check your distorted numbers as I remember the numbers being different on election night.

Trump won MOST STATES in primaries, MOST STATES for President!

We DON'T elect presidents based on popular votes, we elect on STATE BY STATE results JUST AS PRIMARY WINNERS ARE SELECTED. It makes NO difference of the margin in a state--for primary or national office winners since the STATES select their OWN winners and not a count of the whole country. Donald Trump won the MOST delegates in primaries by winning the MOST STATES. Again, in the presidential election he again WON THE MOST STATES--31 wins vs. only 19 wins for Hillary. WHY would we give Hillary the nomination when Trump clearly won MOST STATES, MOST ELECTORAL COLLEGE VOTES? Majority of voters in any specific state is 'icing on the cake' for THAT state but does NOT affect results from other states. Amazing after all these years, damn DemocRATS can't count Electoral votes!

Popular vote is not the American system. Campaign for President was run based on Electoral vote system.

The article does not take into account several aspects of a total count and only that of a Democrat leaning populist vote.The USA does not have a populist vote for President and has the Electoral Vote system. As such, the Trump campaign worked to win in the system in place and took the Electoral Vote system by a landslide margin to win.If it was only a total popular vote system, Trump would have ran his campaign in CA, NY, and other high population areas and not worked his rallys across the country for th Electoral Vote system.So you cannot say how the vote would have turned out if the campaign was run for a different system, like a popular vote. Trump had a movement never before seen in the USA and his rallys were filled with thousands of supporters. I believe if he would have ran his campaign for popular vote, he would have won it in a landslid as well.

So...this is how far we have descended into chaos?

New movement: "Trump-Voter Lives Matter". I do not see the mainstream media widely reporting on the incident(s) of people who voted for Trump being pulled from their vehicles, BEATEN on camera, and having things STOLEN from their vehicles. Does anyone think that Trump supporters would be doing this to people who voted for Clinton, if she had won? I think not, we are too busy WORKING for a living. I am very saddened by these people who think the government owes them a life.


This is exactly why the framers of our nation created a Rebublic, not a Democrocy. If you don't know the differance or the reason why I'm not going to tell you. You'll have to reseach it yourself because they don't teach it in our schools anymore. It's called the sin of ommision.

Amercia did pass the test of a republic

Hi Michael,
If we were a true democratic nation I would agree with the pretense of the article. However, the framers of our constitution understood the wisdom of an electorate, because it is not just about California, Oregon, New York and highly dense populated areas. It is about the whole nation. The Founding Fathers did not want a few states to wield the power of the federal government. Because, it could lead to mob rule. The Electoral College grants a balance of power across all of the states to allow each to be represented in their respect interests. The sad news is the evidence from the protesters own actions, that most either have not read the constitution or have no respect for it. That we have festered this disregard for our most precious civil document is the result, in large part, of Academia poisoning the well. And, we have by design or ignorance created a "Cupcake Generation" the profile of a spoiled child. Thank God for the Constitution of the United States. Even if the emotional hemophiliacs are throwing a temper tantrum, As a good parent, America has passed the test.

At Least 5,000,000 Fraud Votes is not a DEMOCRAT Victory!

With 2,000,000 dead people on the voting rolls, 15,000,000 or more illegal aliens being encouraged to vote by Obama, and no voter ID being required in most of the country fraud voting is flourishing in the USA! At minimum 5,000,000 democrat votes are not legally valid votes.



Did America Really Past the Test

So if Trump won the "popular" vote and Hillary won the Electoral College and the Trump voters hopefully (influenced by $$$$) demonstrated and (destroyed) property that would be okay ? Also how many of the voters (for Hillary) were actually citizens of the USA ?

Not so!!

What you say is not so. You are not taking into consideration that some states do not even count the mail notes from overseas unless there is a close result. This includes persons living overseas and our military, which is an extreme amount of votes. These usually break Republican You are also not taking into consideration all of the illegal votes. (Watch Project Veritas videos.). If all of this is taken into consideration, there. Would be a very different outcome.

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    • Bart Sibrel

      I think once you take into account the PERCENTAGE DIFFERENCE of the TOTAL VOTE, the difference will only be 1 – 2 %. In this regard, that is NOT that shocking of a difference.

      • Richard

        Agree ! Like % difference not counting all the Sanctuary City’s controlled by the Socialist Democratic Party. Or like the State Gov in Virginia (D) letting convicts vote or like Obama releasing convicts on your streets to do ……yeah more trouble for law enforcement

        Think on this; what is the % ratio, say felonies in counties won by Clinton compared to Trump???

    • wayne

      Despite Soros & Co. covertly tipping and cheating the Democratic scales in their favor and still loosing, I can only imagine and speculate what the TRUE numbers really are!
      The dishonest dying lamestream media would give you the impression that 90% of Americans are dumbfounded and AHW struck as to how Trump won!
      Apparently the Clinton cabal wasn’t so bad after all, and will be sorely missed, especially by those millions and millions of homeless, unemployed, sick, broke, incarcerated, marginalized, and living on food stamps.

      AMERIKA…………..whats not to love?

    • desert

      Wide margin my ass!!


      Only 19 of OUR 50 states voted for the CORRUPT CANDIDATE. That’s a wide margin as the other 31 states voted against CORRUPTION.

      • apzzyk

        Do you know shose trial began on Wednesday and what the charges are. It would be the very honest Trump for fraud regarding Trump U. His lawyers asked for another coninuance to past innaugration day and the biased judge said no, and if appealed so with the 9th Cir, and the SC. Then the Court allowed all of the public statements that Trump had ever made into evidence. This has to do with witness credibility, because he lead Hillary by about 4 to one in lies during the debates. Meanwhile, back at the US Attorney’s office there may be sitting a sealed indictment for Trump on Wire and Mail fraud, and perhaps to that will be added obstruction of justice and other things that will call for criminal prosecution under the Rackeering laws that got Gotti and others.
        Too bad the electoral college is by number of Congressional Districts, not the number of people. The people in Cheyenne WY are not taking to the streets, but the people in the East and West Coast cities are. The only way that WY could make a real difference is if cattle and sheep could vote. I am supposed to get my VA care in Cheyenne, but because of lack of funding it might as well be closed. To keep the waiting lines long, my former full time dentist is now working 2 days a week, and may quit because it is such a pain in the butt to get too and from his home in Ft. Collins, CO. The medical staff was supposed to get its first pay raise in 3 years this year, but I don’t know. I do know that there have been some who have just quit in discust. It is not really that good for my health to be without dentures for 2 years.. Then, because he stuck his head out, there are other wonderful things possible – concealing assets during a bankruptcy. I think that it would be quite entertaining to see the US marshalls to take him into custody just before he takes the oath of office. You just don’t like Hillary, so she is not there to kick around any more, so get over it.
        Then there is his really big problem – his name. When anyone takes elected office in DC, they put their assets into blind trusts to avoid any appearance of corruption. Already, according to the liberal media, while other luxury hotels in DC are at capacity, the Trump Hotel is largely empty, and if any lessor public official checks in to it or any of his other properties or even just have his name on it, that will open him to corruption charges.
        I am patient, and know that what goes around comes around.

        • Juan TwoTree

          Do you fuking know how to spell, idiot-fuk, or write a sentence that people can comprehend? What a fuking idiot you are!

    • proudV

      Most of the votes are from we deserve everything for free, And how many of those 200,000 votes are illegal. Im betting if we could find out how much cheating was done it would be alot closer, And i am sick and tired of Obama and Hillary, The woman is as evil as they come. At Benghazi 4 Americans asked for help and were murdered, And the Ambassador was raped. But low information voters dont care, They are victims that need to be rescued and its all whiteys fault. Get a job or get the hell out!!.

      • apzzyk

        What has been forgotten or ignored by the right, is that the left is for change too, but just not in the direction that you seem to want. We know that Einstein said that time goes in one direction, and we have gotten way behind, and may not recover, because of those who want to return to the old days of Glory – black powder cannons? How come the 4 are so important when there were over 5K KIA in the optional wars? According to all reports, the ambasador died of smoke inhilation, and it is against the Koran to practice necrophilia (having sex with the dead) I had a pretty good job in the USMC until I followed orders and was in the wrong place at the wrong time, so what did you do in the war, daddy?
        The policy of not putting US boots on the ground in that county and Syria, has saved many many more lives that were lost in Benghazi. Trump likes war so long as he and his are not involved, so if you think it that important, you, as a civilian can find some organization of your liking and go kill an Arab for Christ. Two caskets of those who did that came back home to CO within the past 6 months. Put your ass where your mouth is!

        • jong

          Yes you want to go further back. Into a marxist/socialist system that has proven not to work. And I have put my “ass” where my mouth is child. Thirty years Military and Civilian Intelligence. I rather doubt that you have.

          • apzzyk

            The nest of spies – another Booze-Allen-Hamilton employee with all of the national secrets for the past 20 years. Defense is that he is just a hoarder – a mental illness.
            The Socialism in Denmark is, and has been, working fine ever since WWII. you pay on average 50% of your income in taxes, and whatever you want that the government can supply is free.
            Both Capitalism and Communism are utopian ideas which, in their pure form could never work. We tried pure capitalism from 1776 until about 1890, and what we got were peons and monopolists, and just avoided, at least for about 100 years of another French Revolution. We came up with a mixed economy, where the private sector did what was profitable, paid taxes on the income not spent for the welfare of the country and its people, and because our leaders do not know history or its meaning, are trying to repeat the same mistake – the disparity in wealth and power only addressed by Bernie. Reagan made a promise of more good jobs to the same group of working class white guys 35 years ago, and hid the true unemployment figures by changing the definition, which is still in place today, so we don’t know who the long term unemplyed are so we cannot direct jobs there by tax breaks, and the wealthy who were supposed to spend their money on factories and jobs just put it in the bank to make more money. The only reason that the disparity in wealth now is greater than it was in 1927 is that 1927 happens to be the year we started counting. If you look at the increase in the national debt on a graph and graph the increase in wealth of the 1% you will find parallel lines – we are $19+ Trillion in debt in our collective effort to give people like the Donald unlimited power and wealth. With the election of Trump, and just the beginning of the peaceful protests the day that it was announced, we might have crossed the tipping point where real revolution may be the only outcome. Read about how nice that was in ‘A Tale of Two Cities’.
            I pulled my flag down today, the day after vets day and the USMC birthday, for the first time since 9/11, and when it next goes up, the star field will probably be at the bottom – distress.
            About 50 years ago one of my former classmates, Cameron Bishop, allegedly dumped a couple of power transmission towers into Clear Creek. Check his name out on the FBI’s most wanted list and he is #300, and every time I take a ride I think like a terrorist – at our most vulnerable places. With a phone call to the right number I could totally disrupt our Interstate highway and RR distribution systems. If I can spot this little flaw or opening in the system, others can too, so I am not telling. The men in black have been following me around for over 50 years, and I will not tell them either. When I was in the USMC, we were taught that if captured or isolated from our units to become terrorists and take the heat off of the guys at the front by just disrupting everything possible. They made a movie about that called ‘The Great Escape’ – that hopeless attempt to clear the barbed wire took a whole BN off the line for a few days.
            As a former military and civilian intelligence guy you should be able to just get out a map and put a pin in the spot.
            About 50 years ago, my city and a couple of others took themselves off the grid by building their own electric plant, where what would be corporate profits are now buying renewables – most wind, because we never seem to run out of that – our electric bills are 20% lower than those in other places – socialism at work. The city has been laying the optical cable for the past 5 years and it will be ready next year. Comcast, to keep me and others as customers, cut my bill and enhanced my services by cutting the bill 50%. Other communities are doing the same, so aren’t you really glad that you are paying so much more for what I am getting than I do – Capitalism at work – stealing from the poor to give to the rich. Reaganhood?

            • jong

              You are very long winded I will give you that. And that is about all. As for Denmark I know lots of people that live there since I smoke Danish Pipes(High Grades) and it really does not work there. I see the carvers every year at the Chicago Show. And optical cable has been around for many years. You should have had it long ago. As for capitalism being “Utopic” now where in Adam Smiths “The Wealth of Nations” does it say that. But, then greed is not part of capitalism it is in marxist/socialism. And I worked for Reagan. He was way to nice to you liberals. And he got his hand bit many times while in and after wards for his pains. And we are still waiting for what liberals promised over twenty years later.

            • Juan TwoTree

              Well, at least ‘Jong’ has a set of balls and you don’t fuk-wad! You still wearing your mommy’s dresses?

          • Juan TwoTree

            Right on Jong!!! That ‘apzzyk’ is a frightened, sissy-assed, limp wristed fuking embarrassment to the USMC! Can anyone imagine having ‘apzzyk’ as your back-up? Fuk, if I had him, I would have shot him in the head myself and told the unit he got hit by a Muslim sniper!

            • jong

              I have known many Marines in my life. And that is no Marine. Marines are very straight forward, polite and logical. Even the Col I saw getting reamed by a Army Gen maintained his sense of duty. People on these posts “pretend” a great many things in order to get people to “hear” or “listen” to them. But, knowing Marines that is no Marine.

            • Juan TwoTree

              Agree wholeheartedly Jong!

        • Juan TwoTree

          Christ, spoken like a failed fuking Girl Scout! You wimpy assed embarrassment to the USMC!

          Semper Fi

          • jong

            That is no Marine.

      • ward

        bo and Hilary created the B.S. that has internally destroyed the U.S. National Security & now they are doing their treason internally using the socialistic indoctrinated libtards & millennial dupes … !

    • apzzyk

      In January Hillary may be the happiest person in the US that she did not win the electoial college vote, which has been obsolete for years but the GOP is strongly opposed to any change because this is the second time that this system has apparently worked out to their advantage. For the first time ever, we will have an incomming president who actually has negative ratings from the beginning while Obama is at about 60% approval and climbing. I am a member of the so called radical left, 50 years or so I started a chapter of SDS, just to oppose the war, and I am sitting on my ass at home just watching the overt chaos begin. When all votes are counted Trump will have only gotten about 40% of the popular vote, with about half of that comming from those who voted for Trump because they did not like Hillary, and that will mean that he actually had less than 25% popular support.
      He has already hit the first wall of reality by accepting that Constitutionally, the ACA cannot be totally repealed, and maybe the House will also get that word. He got to office by preaching all of the things that he cannot do, but claims that he can. His blue collar white guy supporters are not going to get their good paying manufacturing jobs back. We have gone high tech, and because they could not afford the high tuition, they do not have the skills for this type of work, even it it did come back to the US. My city, which is in the front range area of CO is high tech and is growing in population, but the two big tech places just here – Seagate (Hard drives) and Genentec (Pharm) are both having to hire foreign born engineers and scientests because people here cannot afford to get the same educations that they got at home for almost free.
      What we are seeing in the streets and highways right now is just the tip of the iceberg. When people really get pissed it will go to what we need least – terrorism. Denver, for years, has been trying to upgrade or replace the bridges that go over I-25 and the other freeways, and with current funding, are at least 20 years behind. If just one of these remaining out of date bridges, for any reason, falls, we will be one of the lucky cities because there are alternative, but much more congestend and much slower alternative routes. However, if this would happen to any of the bridges, most of which are out of date and fragile, across the MS river were to fall, they each could take out a good deal of the commerce between the Eastern US and the West, but the House was, and still is, strongly opposed to increasing the federal gas tax needed to make these repairs. The FAA has made the 2 miles around the Trump homestead in NYC (where a majority of the population does not like him) a no fly zone. Drones do not have to obey these, so how long until the single 1 pound blocks of TNT will reach a critical mass? Will that Piper Cub really pull off before it hits? If it were shot down hom many people would be killed? There are now more rocks and more hard places than there were just a year ago.

      • jong

        And how many voted for the beast because of Trump. Your premise is a false one since you do not take in consideration both sides of it. And the rest of your blather is typical liberal bs. That has flown for eight years and will no more.

        • apzzyk

          There wee probably at least as many who voted Not Hillary as there were Not Trump, and Trump managed to get the votes in the right states, but again, loose the popular vote.
          Have you noticed what has been happening since it was announced that Trump won.I have been predicting that we are approaching the tipping point where the only thing left is a real revolution, and so with this we may just have gotten to that point. Read ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ and see if we are at the point where the French were at that time. Bernie was the only candidate to put out the warning, but he did not get elected – this point is where the disparity and wealth and power just a little more on the scale between We The People and We the Rich and powerful, and greedy. The blue collar white guys who went for Trump are really going to be disappointed because their jobs are not coming back unless we eliminate the minimum wage so that we can be competive with the places where things are now being made. Carrier AC went from Indianapolis where it was paying its workers an average of $40/hr to Montery MX where it is paying $5/hr, but the prices of its product have remained the same, and will do so because they have an oligopoly along with Lenox on home AC systems. Can you afford to maintain your life style on $5 an hour? My house payment is $1,200/mo – over 25% ov what I get on my VA disability pension and SS, and I am one of the better off financially people of my age – 77. Without the combination of both, I would be living under a bridge. You?

          • jong

            False premise. There is absolutely no proof of that. Trump after all was taking the lead before Comey not afterwards. As for business they are very happy Trump is back. And his policies will have jobs coming back. And with Tariffs the manufacturers will come back to the US after all we have a far better work force for the same money. With fuel coming down so will food. And with three University Degrees I have not worked for five bucks a hour since 78′ when I had my first job at Woolworths. I then went to Acme Markets making over eight. And never looked back. And my house was paid for years ago.

            • apzzyk

              It only took Trump 7 years, until Sept 2015 to finally admit that Obama was born in the US, and he obviously holds grudges – the beauty queen.
              In order to get manufacturors back we will have to be able to make things in the first place. Things such as steel in quantity, and the tools used to make things. He used steel from China in most of his buildings; the pipe that is being used in the SD pipeline came from China. Go to your hardware store and see if you can find any fasteners that are made in the US. The brads that I used today in my pneumatic brad gun (made in china) were made in S. Korea. Since we do not make that much that other countries want or cannot get elsewhere at a lower price, any import duties charged would just hit the consumers who have been declining as a percent of the population for 35 years, and over that period our consumer middle class has declined by 1/3 to about 50%. I am getting a .3 or so percent increase in my SS and VA disability, so that will make a whole $10 where the cost of living index for the elderly has actually increased by close to 5%.
              My same age (77 yo) neighbor was a painting contractor before he retired and did Casino jobs in Vegas, and he told me the other day that word was out to only do things COD with Trump – he could not be trusted to pay the contracted amounts. Every time he did one of his 6 bankruptcies he created at least 6 more for his suppliers.
              Just before I got hurt on the job and could not work on pain killers, I was making over $70K a year 25 years ago, and could have made more if I would have taken jobs in management. Nothing in my Ph.D. studies in Statistics had anything to do with management, so, since lives depended on the accuracy of my work, I just worked solo as a contractor. My last jobs were in the Pharm industry. There is still a large demand for people with my knowledge and education there, but when I look at the rosters of people in clinicial biostat, all I find are name from the sub-content. They get here by the employer certifying that there are no US citizens available, and this has to be renewed every year, so they are essentially slaves, and the Senior ones as I was are just making what I was making 25 years ago, but they are here legally. The FDA requires that when possible all clinical research be done in the US, and since they want to boost the costs of development, they do this artifically by hiring people who are barely technically competent who also cannot meet the Ph.D. standards in the US for submission of a research protocol to the FDA. That keeps the price of phams high. Like the bad boys, like Epipen, there were over 500 more products whose price rose by more than 20% last year in the US. CA voters passed a law that the state of CA cannot pay more for drugs than does the VA. I can get one of my 2 prescriptions from Canada for $11.00 a month while your price for the same thing is about $75.
              If Trump backs out of NAFTA, there will be about 5 M fewer jobs – they like coco puffs, etc, and they are importing corn meal from us which will be too expensive if they have to pay tarriffs. Is that going backward or what?
              China, our number one supplier, holds over a Trillion in our national debt, and could pull it out at any time and use that to boost their consumer sector by putting money in at the bottom. Supply side just assumes demand, but without enough demand nothing is profitable, but do not tell that to Trump or Congress.

            • jong

              Poor child for that is what your whining tells us. First of all there is great questions to exactly where ole jug ears was born. And actually HE did not use steel made in China the people that he had build the buildings decided to do so. And if you look almost all the steel that China gets is from here. We could very easily do what we once did. Another fallacy. The middle class has been going down hill primarily due to liberal influence. After all in your marxist/socialism everyone is equally poor. And still more blathering. As I said your one constant ability is that you are long winded. Should have been a liberal politician they are the same way. Saying nothing

      • rwp24382

        The electoral college was designed to keep a few large populated cities from controlling the country. The system was designed to give all states an equal voice in the election and not dominated by the larger states. Harry Truman’s election also depended upon the electoral college to secure his position as president, so it has been used by both parties.

        Maybe you don’t realize it, but Obama and Hillary have done things in the past few years to provoke the Russians into a war. Their stance on Syria, the Baltic area, and Europe, kept pushing Putin back into a corner. Did you know that shortly before the election that Putin had called back all of his diplomats from all countries back to Russia? Did you know that Putin had instructed all citizen to know where their nearest bomb shelters were located and to be familiar with them? Why would you give those kind of orders? Putin expected trouble, if Hillary was elected, because of the accusations from her having the Russians interfering in our elections. Trump was wanting to get along with the Russians and Hillary wanted to start a war.

        You should be glad that she lost. This country would finish going down the path to a Communist dictatorship with her at the helm. She was only concerned about enriching herself and not about the welfare of the country.

        • apzzyk

          First, the Electorial College was created as a practical matter just to get the results of an election for national office to the capital, in a timely manner with the fewest possible people possible coming as electors. For example, it was a long and dangerous journey from what was then the Western edge of NC to the State Capital in Raleigh, where the vote summaries were tabulated, counted by hand, with the final results being taken along the then dangerous journey to the then Capital of the US. We now have the ability to do without that, and really practice the one person one vote by simply aggregating the entire vote. Truman actually won both the popular and the electorial vote, but in 2000, and again this year the winner of the popular vote did not win the office.
          Then there is your argument about the big cities – at the time of the Constitution, Philly, had a population of less than 10K and so did NYC, where Centeral Park was still a pasture to provide fresh meat for the population – no refrigeration. We did not make the transition from being a majority rural nation to being a primarily urban nation until about 1927 – strangely, when ‘country’ music.
          What has happened since in order to given the rural parts of state disprortionate influence in leglative matters is Gerrymandering. The making of very safe political seats at both the national and state levels, even down to the county level. I live on the Eastern fringe of CO’s 4th Congressional District, and so for all practiacal purposes, we democrats have no real representation in the House. ‘Our” Rep is a member of the Freedom Coalition who probably justly fears for his life if he comes close to my city. My city is expected to grow by over 3,000 families in the next couple of years so our bond issue for new schools passed by a 4 to 1 margin. On the other hand there is the solid Reg Logan County where even the very modest proposed tax increase of about $78/yr per property failed badly, so its population will continue to decline.
          It is the Russians who have been trying to provoke us and our NATO partners into war. We do not have our fighter planes buzzing their naval ships in the Balcans, but the order has been made public to shoot if a ship captain feels a real threat, so the buzzing has stopped. It is not NATO that is amassing large numbers of troops and tanks on the borders with Russia, but it is Russia who wants to take back the Baltic states under the same premises that Hitler used to take over Austria, and did more recently in the Ukraine by retaking Crimea and moving its toops into the Eastern part of the remaining Ukraine. How about that Donald Campaign manager who got the $12 Million when the Russian leaning leader was elected, but then had to take residence in Russia by popular demand? What did Donald Know, and when did he learn that this manager had not registered as a foreign agent?
          I am 77, and lived through the old bomb shelter days, and even know where there are mansoins where there are some. I also worked at a Nuclear Weapons plant during the collapse of the USSR, and our evacuation plan was to get all under the urinals in the men’s rooms, which had not been hit for decades.
          The minority of the voters have just elelect a person who thinks that he will be a tyrant with unlimited powers in 10 weeks and has just fallen back a little with his recent statements on the ACA. The GOP control over the Congress and the Executive is more illusion than real. There is no way, based on prior behavior, that the House will settle for just partial repeal of the ACA. There is also no way that they will fund his total deportation scheme, but they will all for the tax cuts and the elimination of the minimum wage so that we can have the same standard of living as people have in Central America.
          What you actually know about Communism could be written on the point of a pin with room left over. Why is Denmark, the most government owned economy in the world doing so much better than we can hope. In Denmark, you get the sniffles, go to the Dr. at no additional cost and may feel poorly for a couple of days; in the US, even with VA coverage, I waited about 7 hours too long to go to the local ER, spent 6 days in the ICU and a month learning how to walk again.
          Donald revised his income up to about $700 Million for last year, and still paid no takes. The Clintons made about $10 million last year and paid about 1/3d of it in Federal income taxes and probably another Million in State income taxes, while Donald, as a good businessman, paid none. He also used the phantom box routine to evade sales taxes on $42K – the manager of the store got 15 days in jail. Under the Trump tax plan, the taxes on what would be his bracket will go down by at least 5%, yours and mine down by 8% to 12%.. Warren Buffet paid $1.8B, but he did not take the deduction for over $2B that he had donated to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation; under the clinton plan, yours would have gone down by 5%, but Warren’s would have gone up by 10%, so being in the same bracket, hers would have gone up the same 10% That is really enriching oneself – offering to pay more.
          Since Veteran’s Day is over, my flag that has been flying since 9/11 is down, and when it goes back up it may be with the stars down.

          • mustang6984

            LOL!!! Your understanding of the Electoral College is pretty much like the rest of your posts…MIA making your brain DOA.

        • ward

          Do not believe that libtrds like this apzzyk can comprehend reality or they sure as hell would not support bo & hilary .. !

      • ward

        Negative ratings all created by bo’s soros bought media & libtard dupes like you with stupid ass bussed millenials to riot for $$$’s !

        • apzzyk

          If you look at where the demonstrations are taking place, they are in cities, which all have good publicly owned mass transit, so no busing necessary. On the other hand, the Tea Party got its start courtesy of the Koch Bros, who sent recruiters out ot rural areas and promised the people a free round trip bus ride to DC, with all of the food and lodging that was needed, just to make it look like a real grass roots movement like the Bonus Army was in 1932. The Bonus army brought its cows and chickens with it and camped out on what is now the reflecting pool and demanded that Congress give them the bones that they had promised to them NOW, not in 1944 when over half of them would have been dead. In CO we still have a fairly good population distribution between rural and urban, but the rural areas are loosing population, and a good part of that is because of education. My school district, which is expected to grow by at least 1,000 students over the next few years had no problem in passing a bond issue to build the necessary facilities, and I voted for this, because the more people there are here the more that my house and property are worth. If you go to Logan county, which wanted to increase the average property tax by about $75 per year, its similar bond issue lost by about the same rate that ours won by. Would you want to send your kids to schools that were 30 or more years old, no a/c, and leakly roofs with 40 or more kids per class or one where the class side is no more than 30, the buildings have a/c and we have school busses, where in Logan county the kids have to provide their own transport. If my house was in Logan county I would be lucky to be able to sell it for $50k, but I got a spontaneous offer for $450K just a couple of months ago. My resale value of my house has just about doubled over the past 8 years. From Logan county you can get nowhere because even Grey hound has stopped serving the area because of lack of population. On the other hand, because of gerrymandering, Logan county has more actual political influence than does Boulder county. In Colorado Springs, where they are trying to do away with government – do not plow the roads after storms, the housing prices are still at the foreclosure crisis level. NORAD, because of the lack of city plows, is looking for another place to set up our defense system, but that will not be 75 miles north because we know that we do not have the water. Next year, my water rights are going to be worth at least $100K, so I might sell or keep them because the demand is not going to go down. We no longer have room for starter homes, but we are getting some really big taxpaying apartment complexes. By the way, the milenials are the future of the country, just as we hippies were 50 years ago.

      • Juan TwoTree

        Hell, anthing(dog, cat, horse, etc.) or anybody would be beter than Crooked Killery could ever be! Don’t you get it yet?? She’s a fuking LYING CROOK! She got her ass kicked, end of story!

      • mustang6984

        So…basically you have just admitted to being basically WORTHLESS for 50 years. And your math is horribly flawed on those vote percentages. Billary is merely 600k votes ahead at this moment…and that is far, Far FAR away from winning 60 percent of the vote.

        You have been smoking way too much weed for the last 50 years dolt.

        And Constitutionally…ACA aka Obamacare..is a pig looking to be led to slaughter. Perhaps you missed the ruling a few years back when the U.S. Supreme Court stated that the ACA aka Obamacare was nothing more than a TAX. Taxes can, are and will be repealed when found to be regressive. Say good-bye to it fool.

    • Yul bolsun

      Who is rioting? College students. The ones who thought they were going to get a free ride. Illegal aliens who thought they were going to get a free ride. Paid protesters who that’s their job.abortionist. The people who morals are lacking.

      • jong

        Well stated. I have observed in Grand Rapids MI that the “mob” is all that. Students. Being rounded up and “shepparded” by left wing “minders” standing at the edges of their “herd” of rather mindless sheep.

      • ward

        Yes & muslims along with illegal foreigners & stupid ass looters not worth a damn or even the powder to blow their ass to hell … !

    • Dave Nettles

      She didn’t win anything when you subtract the 4 to 7M illegals who illegally voted at the request of the most lawless president we ever had, Barack Obama.

      When a person encourages another person to commit an illegal act, and this 2nd party does in fact commit this illegal act, done at the request of the primary party. The 1st person becomes an accessory to the illegal act before the fact.

      • jong

        I would put the number closer to 10 million. And now reports about absentee military votes not being counted. Very much like the obama elections.

      • ward

        Dave; You are exactly right & the DOJ – AG lynch ignores libtard crimes and covers up muslims, illegal foreigners & terrorist attacks on U.S. Citizens to support bo’s whims to be a dictator over the U.S. in a NWO of other tyranny dictators from hell … !

    • Richard

      Just in> Tonight Michigan was finally called for
      Donald Trump moving his Electoral College (EC) count up to 306 total to
      Hillary Clinton’s 232. (Although Google will still not report it like
      other media institutions.) The current results show the following:

      This is the first time that a Republican won Michigan in the Presidential election since 1988. Trump did this by flipping 12 counties to the Republican side.

      Neither Trump nor Clinton received a majority of votes overall but both surpassed 60 million.

    • lerose55

      Back in the beginning of this election, Trump was complaining about electoral Votes. He was told more of less to shut up, that these are the rules. He took alot of guff from the Democrats. But now that Trump won & Hillary lost all of a sudden electoral votes are an issue again, but now on the Democratic side. You can’t have it both ways. Trump won, so put on your big boy/girl pants like you all told Trump to do in the beginning.
      Trump is our President for 4-8 more yrs.

      Many Voters did not Vote 4 Trump, but rather Voted Against Hillary Clinton. Some of the primary reasons R paid speeches 2 Goldman Sachs & Wall St, a long history of dubious business deals, the Benghazi hearings a dismissive attitude & investigations into her handling of sensitive material. Regarding the handling of sensitive material is 2 protect the lives of men/women in our armed forces as well as in our embassies at home & aboard. A dismissive attitude towards the handling of the material is a dismissive attitude toward the very lives of our love ones. I call her the ice-queen, she is & arrogant, entitled liar.
      Although she would have U believe otherwise. The race was not about gender. People Voted against Clinton b/c of real absence of character & consideration 4 others. Trump was elected as the lesser of 2 evils. But I think his background will help our Country w/ his diversified cabinet members, all strong members in business.

      I think Trump will surprise us in a good way as he leads our Country. So don’t B so negative & give him a chance.

    • rwp24382

      Remember, it is the Dems that fought against voter ID laws. The Dems wanted to make sure that states could not update their voter rolls. In North Carolina, the NAACP fought against having people being dead or moved from their address for several years, removed from the voter rolls. If your address is not up to date, you can’t vote at that location. Contrary to liberal thinking, the dead aren’t allowed to vote either.

      The Dems wanted to have the ability to vote more than once. That is the reason for early voting and other tricks they want to use for voter fraud. By not being removed from an updated voter roll, a person could vote in more than one locality or state. North Carolina found that in the last presidential election, that there were around 78,000 people that voted in more than one state. One state representative in New Hampshire or Vermont bragged how she voted SIX times in the last election. Dems take bus loads of people from Minnesota and other surrounding states to vote in Iowa. In Florida, there were counties that had over 100% voter participation. Obama encouraged illegals to vote in elections around the country. It seems that Dems have to rely on fraud in order to win elections.

      It will be interesting to see how many illegals voted in California’s election and across the country. Unless there are standards in place to keep down voter fraud, there will be examples that will continue to happen.

    • jong

      False premise. Actually more people voted against the beast. And in the end with millions of illegals voting she lost and badly. And I am not even bringing in the thousands of military votes that have been destroyed or ignored.

      • ward

        Yep vote fraud is how bo got there & military votes were burned … !

        • jong

          Yes a direct result is that Minnesota has a clown in as a Senator because under the ole jug eared system soldiers serving over seas are third class citizens.

          • ward

            No U.S. Soldier is a #3 in Patriotic Citizens eyes & are a #1A for sure !

    • Rob

      What does all of this really matter? It’s not how our system works, and it’s not changing. So, who cares?

      • ward

        Got to nail the criminal vote fraud so it won’t happen again …. !

    • whisper

      Demoncrat’s were caught red handed committing voter fraud. And, voting machines were switching votes. So, the popular vote is not reliable

    • Thomas

      I thought that the crooks, liars and illegals would have been a higher number than that. Do you think some of them stayed home or voted for Trump?

      • ward

        Probably afraid of being arrested for more crimes … !

      • Juan TwoTree

        Or they were asking for more hourly pay from Killery and Soros!

    • TadhgMcLir

      Of course the Democ-rats are winning the popular vote… Their motto is Vote Early and Often. In Chicago, and other places they were taking busloads of “non-registered voters” with stacks of IDs to as many voting places as they could. Even the dead voted … a nice trick. They probably still have people voting, I hear they pay well.

    • maxparrish

      The end result was three tenths of a percentage point in Hillary’s favor. The populous urban areas voted for her; NYC, Eastern New England. Chicago, SoCal, the NW coast, and large urban areas. That doesn’t reflect the rest of the nation and that is why the states carried Trump. The electoral college will work as it should. The nation should not be wagged by the tail of the dog that is it’s handful of metro statistical areas.

      • ward

        LA , CA the stench of illegal foreigners & criminals, bo created, so how much truth is there in the legal vote by U.S. Citizens … ? The rest of the libtard states are in the same deceitful criminal category !

        • maxparrish

          Which makes our win even more impressive in view of the odds against us. The ‘silent majority’ found its voice. Now, we just have to follow through and be consistent like good parents with unruly children who test the boundaries.

          • mustang6984

            I have been waiting for well over 40 years for the “Silent Majority” to find that voice. About damn time!

            • ward

              WE as the U.S. Patriotic Citizens have had enough bo & his cronies lies, deceit and especially bo giving the U.S. to ilegal foreigners and muslims who are a # 2 enemy behind bo’s E.O. proof of being #1… !

            • mustang6984

              I have just had enough of the liberal life period! I have lived my entire life (60+ years) with liberal Congresses with a couple of minor exceptions…along with a fairly liberal Supreme Court, and I am past ready for some conservative intelligent thinking and governing!

              January 20th cannot come fast enough!!!

    • ward

      The popular vote counted by who? bo & soros libtard crony dupes that are as trust worthy as a Grizzly Bear in a snow storm …. ? Remember Russian dictator Stalin said, “Does not matter who the people vote for it are the ones doing the counting that determines who wins” …! This is the democrat party headed by bo & soros in the U.S. right now and there commie, socialistic & muslim acts of abused power & lies proves they are not trust worthy ….. !

      • livefree1200cc

        Exactly, that final counties map looked pretty darn red to me. The entire country was solid red with a few little tiny blue patches. How could that possibly be half of the voters? I think thats when the diebold machines were programmed to do some new math in Clintons favor

    • Saving America

      My take on this popular vote business is, that thank God it was in place, because everyone knows Obama has been trucking, busing, flying and ushering in every illegal alien he can. What he and Soros etc. didn’t take into account is, that the Electoral College’s distribution of votes was determined before this unlawful crush of people from other countries came in. Many from Mexico now reside in California, and that’s why they and other west coast states want to secede from the Union. The Mexicans are trying to take California back. We are up for grabs thank you very much B.O. by China, Mexico and the Middle East.

      • mustang6984

        They can have Califckya…and Oregon and Washington as well.

      • abc__jps

        I think all Federal money should be taken away from California and let them secede from the US and support themselves. They have a large population of illegal thugs that they protect so let them support them without my tax dollar.

        • Saving America

          Well, as they say, this is the UNITED States. We could let them have their baby way, but I fear that would only be the beginning. They would gradually whittle away our country haggling over our diminishing body. I have conservative relatives in Washington and California. But who knows? It could just drop off into the ocean with the next quake anyway!

        • 3CatLady

          Money to sanctuary states will be curtailed when Trump gets in the WH.

    • lerose55

      I say the Media is always running interference 4 the Clinton’s. & its no difference this time.
      Trump will let the FBI con’t the investigation of the Child Sex Ring & the Clinton Foundation. Maybe then we will B done w/ the Clinton’s unless NY allows Chelsea 2 win the Senate. Which I hope she does not win, or we will have the next generation of corruption born. I think our Country has had our fill of Obama’s, Bush’s & Clinton’s. Neither one is good 4 our Country. They R all so Corrupt 2 the max.

      Hillary lost b/c she is the most Corrupt woman in the World & finally the American people had enough. She is a liar, traitor she will not have done anything 4 us. She only wanted the Presidency 4 the power & the money of selling our Country out, as we could C w/ her Pay-2-Play scheme she had going on 4 many yrs 4 her self enrichment, no other reason.

      Another reason Hillary lost was b/c she said, she would con’t Obama’s policies, people were not happy w/ Obama’s policies, he was running our Country 2 the ground. He would never admit he was wrong. He wronged us, his puppet master was winning. Hillary would have finished us off 4 good. With no help on the horizon. The people R hurting & neither one of these 2- cared.

      Yes Trump is a different kind of Candidate, but I actually think he will help American’s 2 get out of the mess we R in, starting w/ bring companies back 2 the U.S. it will increase our economy & promote more jobs. He will secure our borders not 2 over populate our Country. I think we need 2 give him a chance. He is surrounding himself w/ very smart people in business & military & every department in his cabinet. New & fresh ideas. The status quo has stopped working 4 us many yrs ago. Our Country is a big place & needs someone w/ a business background, business works 4 strides 2 make money, thats what we need w/ all of our debt.

      Many Voters did not Vote 4 Trump, but rather Voted Against Hillary Clinton. Some of the primary reasons R paid speeches 2 Goldman Sachs & Wall St, a long history of dubious business deals, the Benghazi hearings a dismissive attitude & investigations into her handling of sensitive material. Regarding the handling of sensitive material is 2 protect the lives of men/women in our armed forces as well as in our embassies at home & aboard. A dismissive attitude towards the handling of the material is a dismissive attitude toward the very lives of our love ones. I call her the ice-queen, she is & arrogant, entitled liar.
      Although she would have U believe otherwise. The race was not about gender. People Voted against Clinton b/c of real absence of character & consideration 4 others. Trump was elected as the lesser of 2 evils. But I think his background will help our Country w/ his diversified cabinet members, all strong members in business.

      I think Trump will surprise us in a good way as he leads our Country. So don’t B so negative & give him a chance.

    • Juan TwoTree

      Who gives a rats ass??? Trump won the election fair and square! Killery needs to go douche herself with nitric acid or garggle with it. She’s a big time ‘HAS BEEN LIAR POLITICIAN!!’ The Clinton’s, ALL OF THEM, are as good as dead!

    • Reflect

      If these rioters on the left hate this country. Leave! and take your radical communistic idea’s with you. I am an American ,and all I want is FREEDOM to work and support my family.

      • mustang6984

        And to be allowed to think act and speak as I please without some goody-two shoes screaming I am not politically correct enough!

    • mustang6984

      I seriously doubt Billary will win popular vote by 1 million votes. Not even sure she will beat the margin of error in the count. As of 8:20 p.m. on Saturday she is about 500k ahead…but has seen that lead rise and fall over the last 24 hours. Well within the margin of error.

      Billary is not the popular candidate. Dems…WOMEN Dems crossed over and voted for Trump. Reason? Because they don’t trust her. No one with more than one live brain cell could possibly say they trust her.

      America was saved this past election Tuesday. Had she been elected we would have been embroiled in WWIII within the first 18-24 months of her presidency. And that would have brought with it battles fought on our own turf…and no matter the outcome of said war, once it was over…it would have also brought about the end of the USA as a 50 state Union.

      Billary is done…but sadly…she is now prepping that idiot kid of hers who has NO qualifications for so much as dishwasher to run for Congress. So…Americans must remain vigilant.

      • livefree1200cc

        The Elites now realize, after pumping millions of illegals into the US, that it isnt helping their electoral college vote one bit. The illegals are voting Democrat in states that are already full of retarded democrats. California already had the blue vote, but now it has millions of illegals that arent getting represented by the electoral college. So big deal if Clinton gets a few more popular votes, they are votes that shouldnt COUNT anyway as they were not cast by US citizens. The only way the extra illegals can help them achieve their goal is if they can turn red states blue with the surplus of illegals. Fortunately its not working. The illegals migrate to the bluest states 🙂

        • mustang6984

          Not to mention that the Donkeys keep referring to those who do not possess a college/university degree as “uneducated”…and there are a lot of plumbers, high quality carpenters, auto/truck mechanics out there..among other professions, that are pretty much tired of being referred to as “uneducated”. I suspect that also cost them some serious numbers in votes. Insulting people…will drive them away fast. As I recall..Trump said…”send those uneducated voters to me”. Well they came.

    • livefree1200cc

      Nonsense, millions of Republican voters in California, Illinois, and NY don’t even bother going to vote because they know the liberals have them outgunned 2 to 1 in the big cities. We never get our way in upstate NY because liberal NYC voters outnumber us. Anyway, if it was a popular vote, which it is not, then we would all go and vote every election.

      • pastriesqueen

        Besides, how many of those NYC voters are legit?

    • Brenda

      Today, 11/13/2016: Now that ALL the votes have been counted what are the final popular vote figures? And do we want only large, mostly liberal states, being the only deciders in Presidential races? If that is the case, and I am sure those states feel that way, why bother with the sham of holding elections in the first place? Why for that matter even bother calling this a republic nation?

      • A_patriot

        Actually, we’re still awaiting the final count in New Hampshire. :O

        • Jonathan Brooks

          That count was finished, and Trump won. This count is a recount, and magic Hill votes are showing up to flip it. However, not enough to outmatch the AZ and Michigan victories, so Trump won by between a half million and one million, so…BOOOM.

    • abc__jps

      California is one of the largest and most liberal states so naturally those are votes for her, that is why we hold our elections the way we do otherwise one or two large states would elect our government and the many more smaller states would have no say .

      • pastriesqueen

        1) Of course, the leftists don’t know the intention of our founding fathers; this is why electoral college system was designed to select our Presidents.
        2) The reason why the progressives like Hillary, Obama want to freely take in immigrants into our country is to buy votes at the expense of American patriots.

        Go President-elect Trump!

      • Jonathan Brooks

        Actually, on a county by county vote, Trump took a lot of California Counties, and only in the high concentrations of illegals, did the counties trend Hillary. California had a bunch of pro trump people.

    • Al Wunsch

      News claims that the usual suspects (Soros,Sharpton, Michael Moore) are funding some of the protesters (paid rioters?). When jobs return, some of the more gullible ones will be working and maybe will learn something about what a constitutional republic is. Either case,Trump is the President Elect and like the electoral college or not, it is the way we elect our presidents. However, what is also needed, is a “What is a Constitutional Republican form of government” class for the MSM. I’m tired of these anti-American, anti-democracy, anti-capitalism, ignorant media types. People, in countries that do not have a free press, must be shaking their heads over the way our media covered this election.

      • A_patriot

        I found it amusing that this morning the gentleman who headed up Brexit (somebody Forage) and also was interesting in helping out America was on TV. I’m certain the remark was more of a joke, but in pointing out that many of these so-called ‘college student protesters’ were being paid by the three notorious persons you listed, making them professional rioters, the Brit said he thought a few of those faces looked familiar, since they had a few riots after the Brexit vote. Oh, and it should also be noted they have been dubbed Communists, too.

    • joleenworden

      This story makes several false assumptions. For example, now that Trump has won Michigan, where is the popular vote count? And since not all absentee ballots will ever be counted, you can be sure Trump would have alot more votes if they had been. Plus if we remove all the illegals and dead voters, and duplicate voters Hillary loses even more votes. Since nearly half of the voters in this country did not even bother to vote you cannot say that Hillary has the support of most of the country. And the difference between Hillary’s popular vote and Trump’s will not remotely come close to a million. Before Michigan it was about 400 thousand and that will go down. As a percentage of the roughly 125 million votes cast, the difference between the two candidates is not even one percent, it is 0.06 at best. I find it amazing that the press does not want to report that Trump ended up with 306 electoral votes and obviously gained some popular votes as well. They are trying to make it look like he barely won, but the first Republican win in Michigan since 1988 should be a big story.

      • pastriesqueen

        Liberals don’t know their math.

      • Jonathan Brooks

        Joleen, they did the count, and Trump ALSO win the popular vote by between a half a million and almost a million, depending on when the votes were counted. He won, by any measure, in spite of massive fraud. She is a double loser.

    • shavager

      PEOPLE, STATES vote for their OWN Senate and House members for Congress–they also vote THEIR OWN Presidential preference. The MARGIN of votes DOES NOT MATTER once a candidate wins the STATE! If Hillary Clinton’s margin is New York is more than Trump’s margin in Florida or any other state–it does not matter–the ELECTORAL VOTES are won STATE BY STATE, not national popular vote! Electoral votes are based on STATE population—just as the CENSUS determines the number of HOUSE members in Congress EACH state is allowed, the Electoral process is also based on a similar method. The Founding Fathers DID NOT want the most populous states winning the presidency every cycle! Americans MUST UNDERSTAND—when JFK won in 1960, when LBJ won in ’64, when Jimmy Carter won in ’76, Bill Clinton won in ’92 and ’96, when Obama won in 2008 and 2012–THERE WERE NO Republican/Conservative RIOTS OR VIOLENCE against others. The DemocRAT party is OWNED by the RADICAL, VIOLENT LEFT-WING under George Soros–he wants a “NAZI” America just like he aided the Nazis against his own Jewish people in WW 2! The are trying to create a socialist REVOLUTION of the “bourgeoisie” as the Bolsheviks did in 1917 which ushered in the communist dictatorship of Lenin and Stalin.

    • Gillian Grannum

      Donald Trump more than likely also won the popular vote. How?

      1-Remove the dead who voted for Clinton
      2-Remove the illegal aliens who voted for Clinton
      3-Remove the multiple votes accrued by busing folks to different precincts to vote for Clinton
      4-Flip back all the votes for Trump that the software placed for Clinton

      Voila! Trump would beat her by probably 9 million votes.

      • 3CatLady

        My thoughts exactly. Thank you for saying this.

      • Jonathan Brooks

        True, but with the actual votes counted, after the three tardy states, Trump DID win the popular vote by between a half and one million, so …neener, neener crybullies of the left.

    • Lizfan

      Clinton already conceded the election to Trump. Look it up. Why is everyone still going on about this? Trump won fair & square. It’s time to get over it. Four years from now if Hilary wants to run again you all can vote for her again.

    • pastriesqueen

      I’m pretty certain that if Hillary won, Trump supporters wouldn’t be rioting, looting and beating people on the opposite side. The left shouts “stronger together’, “love everyone”, blah, blah, blah. It’s time they stand stronger together behind President-elect Trump for the good of the country. Whenever things don’t go their way, they scream and revert to violence and they expect people to respect them. Who in the right mind can respect thugs like that? America had to endure the last 8 years, it’s time the leftists swallow their pride and shut up and go away quietly if they don’t want to support the President-elect; it’s not necessary to be violent and behave like 2 year olds.

      • Jonathan Brooks

        All talk, no walk.

    • A_patriot

      The popular vote isn’t what matters, except, perhaps for somebody’s ego. The Electoral count is what determines who won. Mr. Trump has 306, as of this morning, (he won Michigan) and New Hampshire hasn’t even finished counting, yet. The author of the article would be well-advised to learn that not all ballots are counted. Certainly, unless the number of Absentee ballots is over that State’s margin of win, those ballots won’t be counted — at all. So, it matters little that she may have won the popular vote. Didn’t help out Mr. Gore, after all. Nor should it be changed, now. Nor more Shenanigans. No more bloody damned riots. Trump is our President-Elect, everyone else needs to just get over it and move on.

    • Jonathan Brooks

      I am sorry, but Hillbeast lost the popular vote by between a half a million and a million, once the tardy votesof AZ, Michigan and New Hampshire was cast and counted. This article is moot. She lost, bigly.

    • TOM

      Tampered numbers at best accept the fact that your crooked candidate lost, PERIOD

    • Larry Rhodes

      Hitlery did not win the popular vote, she won the illegal vote and the dead and buried voted and the tampered machines vote!!! Nuff said!!!