America’s War on Syria

America’s War on Syria | syria-attacked | War Propaganda World News
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Trump escalated what Obama began after opposing US interventionism while campaigning.

Endless war continues. Battles rage in many parts of the country, despite government and allied forces making significant gains, retaking numerous areas previously lost to US-supported terrorists.

On Monday, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov warned about further CW incidents falsely blamed on Damascus, explaining Turkey supplied ISIS and al-Nusra terrorists with toxic sarin gas. More CW attacks are likely.

Russia continues going all-out for diplomatic conflict resolution – its four de-escalation zones a prototype for hopefully expanding them nationwide.

Days earlier, Vladimir Putin said they’re not part of a plan to partition Syria, as falsely claimed by anti-Assad sources. He “hope(s) people…control(ing) the situation…will collaborate with Syrian authorities,” a step toward hoped for “political reconciliation” and restoration of peace – unattainable without agreed on ceasefire.

De-escalation zones apply for six months, the agreement automatically renewable if things go well. Combating ISIS, al-Nusra and likeminded terrorists continues.

During a joint June 5 news conference with his Belarusian counterpart, Sergey Lavrov commented on Syrian de-escalation zones.

Their establishment aims “to begin moving towards a complete cessation of hostilities, a comprehensive ceasefire and de-escalation (throughout) the entire territory of Syria,” he explained.

Attempting it all at once isn’t possible, given conditions on the ground, heavy fighting ongoing in various areas.

Work is underway “to fully coordinate practical aspects of monitoring compliance with the ceasefire regime and providing checkpoint access to and from these areas, primarily for civilians and humanitarian aid, which should improve life for the population in these areas,” Lavrov elaborated.

He hopes this “temporary measure” can be extended nationwide, a longer-term goal – unattainable as long as Washington pursues endless conflict and regime change.

Lavrov blasted phony claims about using de-escalation zones to partition Syria. They’re “not true to put it mildly,” he stressed.

Similar misinformation circulated last year about Aleppo, following agreements on withdrawal of terrorist fighters and family members.

Russia was falsely accused of ethnically cleansing the city and wanting to change the demographic balance of the country.

Since then, tens of thousands of Sunni and Shia Aleppo residents returned to their home areas. Western media scoundrels ignored it and their efforts to rebuild their lives with help from Moscow and Damascus – along with Iran, the only countries providing humanitarian aid, the UN doing practically nothing.

Russia alone created humanitarian corridors, helping area residents escape to safety, a major achievement.

Separately, US-led terror-bombing continues relentlessly, massacring civilians, targeting vital infrastructure – media scoundrels silent about Washington’s high crimes, committed daily in all its war theaters.

A Final Comment

Last summer’s Aleppo boy Omran Daqneesh was too young to know he was used as a propaganda prop to demonize Russia and Syria unfairly – part of a scheme to enlist public support for US-led aggression against a sovereign state.

Omran’s family is pro-government. Almost a year later, a photo showed him calm, well-dressed and groomed together with family members – an image media scoundrels won’t touch.

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