Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch: Imperial Tools

Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch: Imperial Tools | syrian-ground-war | False Flags War Propaganda World News

Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch disgracefully blamed Syria for what appear to be a CIA-orchestrated April 4 CW false flag, killing dozens, injuring many more.

The attack was carried out as a pretext for Trump’s aggression – planned before the incident occurred, readied to be launched in short order – an act of war against a sovereign state.

AI urged Security Council action to hold Assad responsible for Trump’s high crime, deplorably saying:

“Security Council members, and in particular Russia and China, have displayed callous disregard for human life in Syria by repeatedly failing to pass resolutions that would allow for punitive measures to be taken against those committing war crimes and other serious violations in Syria” – meaning Assad and government officials, even though they had nothing to do with what happened.

“The Security Council must immediately vote to investigate this attack and help bring those responsible to justice. Failure to do so would be catastrophic, risking further emboldening governments and armed groups in Syria to target civilians in war crimes with banned and conventional weapons alike,” AI added, wanting victims prosecuted for perpetrators’ criminality.

HRW’s remarks were just as bad, disgracefully accusing “government forces (of) carrying out chemical attacks (on a) regular” basis.

It lied, claiming “Syrian government helicopters dropp(ed) canisters filled with chlorine in dozens of cases,” citing no credible evidence. None exists.

Plenty indicts US-supported terrorists for attacking defenseless civilians with sarin, chlorine gas and other toxic agents – elements trained in their use by Pentagon contractors in Jordan and Turkey.

HRW criticized Russia and China for vetoing Security Council resolutions – instead of praising them for doing the right thing, blocking measures intending to justify Libyan-type aggression.

In March 2011, Obama launched war on Syria, using ISIS and other terrorist fighters as imperial foot soldiers – aided by US-led terror-bombing since 2014.

America and its rogue allies are aggressors, Syria, its government and people victims of imperial lawlessness – Trump continuing what his predecessor began.

Survival of the Syrian Arab Republic is up for grabs unless Russia, Iran, government forces, and supportive popular ones can save it.

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