Anonymous: Operation Bureau Of Land Mismanagement (VIDEO)

Anonymous: Operation Bureau Of Land Mismanagement (VIDEO) | public-land-blm-nevada-600x400 | Agenda 21 Anonymous Government Government Control Losing Rights Multimedia

Recently the BLM has been caught having ‘public’ meetings that do not conform to ‘public meeting’ laws. Are we surprised? Of course not! They are operating, as are all FOREIGN CORPORATE AGENCIES, under Color of Law and Fraud.

The goal is to create areas of Critical Environmental Concern, meaning human-restricted management areas. These restricted areas have been a way for the federal government to gain further control of large masses of western lands and the resources. As proposed, nearly 3 million acres in Southern Nevada will be locked away from the people.

This includes most uses on the land: Recreational, agricultural, livestock grazing, mineral development, water access and more. Unless they are stopped, 90 days from October 10th, 2014, these proposals will become federal law without consent from the Nevada State Legislature or the people of Southern Nevada.

The Southern Nevada people soon will have less access to their lands than any other people in the history of this country.

Why should this be a problem for me? You might be asking yourself. Because this is the template being used by the Bureau of Land Mismanagement under orders from BAR members in black robes doing the bidding of the Crown/Vatican. It fulfills the directives of Agenda 21.

We say now to those order followers doing the bidding of the Crown/Vatican/IMF: We are non-combatant civilians inhabiting Nevada State and we and our property are owed every protection of The Hague Conventions, especially Article 55.

All action against us and all presumption against our private property must cease and desist or those creating this violence and predations will be guilty of war crimes and stand accused as such.

WE do not recognize you, we do not understand (stand under) your intent, we do not have international treaty with you, no assured value, no liability.

We ask YOU who watch this video, to stand with us against more tyrannical land grabs in this country. If it succeeds in Nevada, it will become the template for the loss of public lands to all the people.

Anon Ymous

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