Another Banker, This One From ABN Amro Commits “Suicide”


Another Banker, This One From ABN Amro Commits “Suicide” | ABN-Amro-460x239 | Banks World News

All the hallmarks of previous suicides are here!




There are several reasons all these bankers keep dying, and I think it’s a safe bet that few, if any, have been actual suicides which is how many have been classified with police. Fact: All the world’s money derives from just a handful of wealthy family bloodlines. Perhaps the most well noted to laymen are the Rothschild’s. Those families and their cartels that have run central banks forever are infinitely more powerful than most governments. They are who most governments crawl to when they need money, America included. My point: don’t expect any of the “SUICIDES” to be investigated as possible murders. 

If you begin to research this issue, you’ll notice many of the bankers had things in common. Some even knew each other. Many worked on trading desks or in some trading capacity, many held the same positions but at different banks, or were upper upper level IT people with access to see the trades, positions, and/or transactions their banks had taken part in. None of the deaths are from low level employees. Manu of the “SUICIDES” were reasonably young (raising families), ultra successful, married, and with children… aka not “typical suicide cases.” All were in high level positions, and had access to the types of information they could draw obvious conclusions from depicting a very dark view into the future. It’s likely many of the bankers were able to see trends or problems for their respective banks before the banks’ own boards even became aware. I suppose a few deaths MIGHT have been suicide. The rest probably tried to warn corporate officers, or worse outsiders, and were silenced to delay the inevitable.

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JP MORGAN CHASE BANKER SUICIDE!?!?! Really? Another One? Yes!



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