Another CA County Pushes For Secession

Another CA County Pushes For Secession | jefferson_state_seal | Special Interests World News

Modoc County of Northern California voted on Tuesday to join neighboring Siskiyou County in the push to secede from the State of California.

The effort to join in the formation of the State of Jefferson passed in a 4-0 vote by the Modoc County Board of Supervisors.[1]

“I put the measure on the agenda because I heard from a number of people in my district that wanted to do such,” Board Chairman Byrne said. “We’re not saying we’re seceding today, we’re saying let’s look into it.”

A spokesperson for the Jefferson Declaration Committee, said the group hopes to have a dozen counties commit to the secession movement before state legislators are directly addressed for approval.

“California is essentially ungovernable in its present size,” claimed the spokesman. “We lack the representation to address the problems that affect the North State.”

“We’re looking for 12 counties, though we can certainly do it with less,” he said.

Siskiyou County was the first of the most recent attempts to secede from the state of California in its 4-1 vote earlier in the month.[2]

There have been several attempts at forming the new State of Jefferson from the mountain border region of northern California and southern Oregon in the past, most notably in 1941.


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