Anthony Weiner SEX Hoax? Hillary Stunt To Rig Election? Clinton 2016 Emails Ploy! (VIDEO)

Anthony Weiner SEX Hoax? Hillary Stunt To Rig Election? Clinton 2016 Emails Ploy! (VIDEO) | anthony-weiner | Government Corruption Multimedia Politics Sleuth Journal Special Interests

Anthony Weiner just got caught (again) in another twisted sex scandal. Is this Weiner sex story another hoax to help Hillary by shifting focus from her crimes to Weiner’s or a bigger strategy by Soros to rig the 2016 Election?

The FBI had Hillary naled, but let her go scot free. Are we really supposed to believe the FBI will nail Hillary now because “Weiner is a pervert”? Weiner’s been a known pervert since 2011, so why is he suddenly vital just before Election 2016?

Some feel Hillary is too big to jail, but the FBI just “reopened” their investigation into Hillary’s emails. Will the dirty FBI cover for Hillary once more or could Comey actually jail her and take down half of Washington with her?

To preserve power and maintain their hold on America, the regime’s strategy may be more complex than it appears. They might be using Weiner to steal (and postpone) the rigged 2016 election by replacing the sure loser, Hillary Clinton.

Barry Soetoro


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