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Arsenic in Rice: What can you do?

Consumer Reports latest investigation has found troubling levels of arsenic in many of the 200 rice products we tested, everything from brown rice to infant cereal – even some popular name-brand cereals.

Since the arsenic we found in these products could lead to increased cancer risks, it’s time health officials hear your concerns – and get serious about dealing with arsenic in our food!

The FDA must set limits on arsenic in our food and drink, much like EPA does for our drinking water.

And contributors to arsenic contamination, such as pesticides, animal drugs and fertilizers, should be completely banned. Industry can do its part too, by growing rice that absorbs less arsenic, and using rice with the lowest arsenic levels in children’s products.

If consumers don’t speak out, government and industry won’t be moved to deal with this health risk. Send your message below – use our words or your own in the box below.

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