Ballots Are Being Stolen From MailBoxes! Election Fraud Now Commencing (VIDEO)

Ballots Are Being Stolen From MailBoxes! Election Fraud Now Commencing (VIDEO) | mailboxes | Government Corruption Multimedia Sleuth Journal Special Interests US News

While Hillary Clinton claims election fraud and stealing doesn’t happen, Project Veritas, an undercover agency that exposes fraud, releases videos exposing how the Clinton campaign, a proclaimed denier, has been doing just that. They reveal how a democratic linked organization has been falsely hiring people to either drive their vehicles or be bussed into voting centers where they will cast their vote for the democratic nominee using dead peoples names.

Despite the video evidence of the election fraud, Hillary adamantly claims election fraud doesn’t exist. But this isn’t the only election fraud happening. After doing intense research, I discovered what no other reporter dare bring up, and that is that ballots are being stolen from mailboxes. 

All that and more in this report…

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