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Tactical Firearms is a profitable community business in Houston, TX. Jeremy Alcede states that Tactical Firearms has the nicest firing range in the country. Mr. Alcede goes on to state the property the firing range sits on is worth $9 million dollars. Currently, there is an outstanding loan against the property of $6.5 million dollars. The bank has decided to call in the loan, claiming Tactical Firearms is behind on their payments. Mr. Alcede was interviewed by the local Fox news channel and disclosed their payment history showing they had not missed a single payment against the loan. Why would a bank just arbitrarily call in a loan?

According to Jeremy Alcede, the Board of Directors, and largest shareholder, Mark Evans, for Ikon Bank in Houston, TX, also owns a firearms company in Houston. No one is saying the bank is attempting to strong-arm Tactical Firearms in order to acquire their business, but is a curious fact. If you are familiar with Bill Black’s work, then you know the best way to rob a bank is to own one. A really easy way to eliminate competition and grow your business at the same time is to merge with another company that offers the same products and service as your company. I am not saying this is the what is happening between Tactical Firearms and Ikon Bank, but there seems to be some questions in need of answers.

This story just became a little more interesting. While researching Fox News website, I found several articles about Tactical Firearms. It seems that not only are they a profitable business, which means they are a good community steward, they want to EXPAND their business. The expansion would include producing ammunition! As most of our readers know the gun grabbers are doing everything in “power” to squash the 2nd Amendment. Why would the government want a local, profitable, stable firearms company expanding AND producing ammo? They wouldn’t.

In Mr. Alcede’s words, “every time the government audits the bank (Ikon Bank) it pulls their file (Tactical Firearms) because we are a firearms loan, which they (the government) don’t like. They (the bank) have to jump through hoops and hurdles to make sure my file is correct. I know that the government is putting pressure on them…” Sounds perfectly normal to me. Conduct an bank audit and target the firearms company, specifically, to “insure” the bank is operating properly.

There seems to be a lot more to this story so I have sent an interview request to Jeremy Alcede to speak with him, personally, about this situation. Below is an interview conducted recently by Kevin Price from The Price of Business.

Host Kevin Price and Guest Jeremy Alcede discuss “A Story Against a Local Firearms Business” on this segment of the Price of Business.

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