Berlin’s Christmas Market Incident: Terrorism or False Flag?

Berlin’s Christmas Market Incident: Terrorism or False Flag? | Berlin’s-Christmas-Market-Incident-Terrorism-or-False-Flag | False Flags World News

It’s too soon to know at this stage. It’s timing raises suspicions – coincidentally with:

•    Aleppo’s liberation;
•    Russian, Iranian and Turkish foreign ministers meeting in Moscow on ways to resolve Syria’s conflict diplomatically -America, Britain, France and Germany excluded;
•    the assassination of Russia’s ambassador to Turkey, a provocative political act; and
•    US electors affirming Trump’s election as America’s 45th president, despite a pro-Hillary coup attempt to prevent it.

Perhaps the Ankara and Berlin incidents were linked, occurring on the same day. Were CIA dirty hands involved in both? Assassinating Russia’s ambassador clearly intended to undermine growing Moscow/Ankara ties, including possible cooperation in combating terrorism in Syria.

Was last Monday’s Berlin incident a message to Angela Merkel to remain fully allied with Washington’s imperial agenda – waging wars on Muslim countries?

Killing 12 and injuring dozens next to Berlin’s Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church is an incident not soon forgotten.

Likely more of the same is coming in Europe and America to maintain anti-Muslim sentiment – a pretext for endless imperial wars and outsized military spending, including pressure on Trump not to deviate from what deep state power brokers want continued.

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