Best Colorado Waterfalls to Visit with Your Loved One

Best Colorado Waterfalls to Visit with Your Loved One | waterfall | News And Opinions

(Sponsored) Waterfalls have always had a special magnetic force. The rumble of a powerful stream crashing against the rocks into millions of small droplets and the eternal movement of water fascinate and make you tremble. Waterfalls can be admired forever – this sight has a meditative observation force, when there is only you and the pristine nature.

Near waterfalls, strong emotions and feelings are born – this will be proved by any person who was lucky to spend at least ten minutes one on one with a waterfall. That is why these magnificent creations of nature attract couples. If you want to give your lover a real romantic adventure, go on a short trip to the waterfalls of Colorado. In this article, we will tell you which of them you simply must see together with your better half.

North Clear Creek Falls

This waterfall is considered one of the most beautiful places in the Rocky Mountains. Its height reaches more than 100 feet. The waterfall looks like it was carved deep in the rocks by a hand of a mysterious artist, near it you have an impression that it has always been here – from the moment of the appearance of our planet, in the form in which we know it. This is not the most popular destination for hiking because of the complex location of the waterfall, but this is a chic place for a romantic picnic. The waterfall is just a few minute walk from the parking lot, so you do not have to look for a place to park for too long.

The best time to take pictures of North Clear Creek Falls is earlier morning, as it is on the east side and looks great against the background of the rising sun.

Treasure Falls

This is another masterpiece created by the nature. You can come much closer to Treasure Falls than to North Clear Creek Falls.  If you like hiking, you can leave the car at the parking lot (which, by the way, is in the immediate vicinity of the waterfall and from which a beautiful view opens) and walk about half a mile along not the most difficult paths. This is a moderately easy and pleasant walk at the end of which you will receive a reward – one of the two viewing platforms where you can feel the spray and mist from the falling water and take a lot of great photos.

While you pass your small but fascinating path, you will learn the history and legends associated with this place. After you enjoy the view of the waterfall, treat your girlfriend to hot chocolate at Wolf Creek ski resort – this will be a wonderful ending of your little adventure.

Helen Hunt Falls

Helen Hunt Falls is located in Colorado Springs. Its height reaches only 35 feet, but this does not detract from its greatness and beauty. To get the most vivid emotions from visiting this place, we propose to organize a small hike along the popular hiking trail that starts from the bottom of Cheyenne Canyon and ends at the viewpoint directly at the foot of Helen Hunt Falls. However, if you have other plans, you can drive up close to the waterfall and take some great pictures.

Soldier Canyon Falls

The beauty of this waterfall is not always available, only from spring to autumn. So, choose a date in one of these seasons and go for hiking to this place – at your service there will be more than 20 miles of picturesque and not very difficult trails. You can schedule a trip so that it takes a whole day or spend on only one hour – choose a convenient option and be ready to experience new emotions and impressions.

Mountains and waterfalls of Colorado are an excellent choice for resting from daily fuss and connecting with nature. And if you have planned a vacation not alone but, for example, with a Russian bride, who cannot wait to see the pristine nature of North America, do not lose a minute – plunge into the adventure right now.



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