The Bitter Left Wants a Recount in Three States

The Bitter Left Wants a Recount in Three States | hillary-clinton-vote-recount | Politics Special Interests
Hillary Clinton speaks at a campaign event in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States, March 28, 2016. (image: REUTERS/Jim Young)

(The Real Agenda News) Hillary Clinton’s campaign is now backing Green Party candidate, Jill Stein, and her push to recount the votes in three different states.

Clinton had condemned Trump for not saying he would recognize the results without challenging them.

The Democrat said Trump’s attitude toward the possibility that she won the election was dangerous for American democracy, but now her campaign is throwing its support behind a recount in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan.

In those three states, Trump won by a difference of about 100,000 votes, which allowed him to add the necessary electoral votes to win the November 8 election.

The Republican mobilized mainly working-class voters there thanks to his rhetoric against damaging free trade agreements.

The Hillary Clinton campaign has announced that it will take part in efforts to boost vote counts in all three key states.

Stein, has raised millions of dollars for votes to be counted again in the state of Wisconsin, something the state announced it would do last Friday.

Marc Elias, a campaign lawyer for Clinton, said the they had not planned to request a recount since his own investigation had not found any evidence of computer hacking having penetrated the American voting systems.

“But now that a counting has begun in Wisconsin, we intend to participate to ensure the process progresses in a fair way for all parties,” Elias said in a post on the Medium website.

“The Clinton campaign should be legally represented in Wisconsin to be able to monitor the count,” he said.

Concerning questions about Michigan and Pennsylvania, Stein states that “we will take the same approach in those states as well.”

Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan were key states where Trump overcame Clinton by relatively narrow margins.

Although Trump won the election in the polling station count, Clinton outnumbered him by more than 2 million votes, an advantage never reached by an election loser. However, that advantage might not even exist given that fact that at least 3 million illegal aliens could have cast votes during the presidential election.

The Wisconsin count will include a hand-held examination of nearly 3 million ballots. The count is expected to begin late next week. The recount could last until December 13.

Stein has raised $ 5.8 million out of the $ 7 million needed to cover the salaries and legal costs of the three state counts.

Voting margins make it highly improbable that any count ends up giving Clinton a victory in all three states, which would be necessary for the overall election outcome to change.

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    • fortHistruth

      I won’t assume to speak for everyone, but as sure as hell is beneath, and “Hellary’s” thesis was a very much parallel wording of Saul Alinsky’s book, you can be sure that this move of attempted and further vote mishandling and fraud is just as much dedicated to satan.

      Alinsky called him lucifer, but we know what happened to the former anointed angel. He tried to usurp God’s authority, and the Lord cast him down.

      NOBODY in their right mind, and of any good conscience at all, can say that this 2-legged female mongrel has any right to complain about the voting results, let alone the fraud -which was caught, red-handed on many electronic voting machines-, gained unjustly by outright stealing via machines.

      Let me run by you one example of a post vote melt-down democrat. Just after the results were coming in, and, after determining that Trump was ahead by electoral votes, a relative of mine was making a food delivery to a house in a suburb northwest of a large city.

      Routine enough, he supposed, however when he got to the place, and upon the occupant’s answering the door, the first words out of the person’s mouth was ‘…did you vote for Trump?! The question was thrown at him like a brick. He was stunned, and couldn’t say anything due to the utter shock of the roughly hurled question.

      There are facebook postings that treat Hellary’s loss, as though it was the day Elvis Presley was announced to be dead….on steroids!!

      So how and where does this female ‘killdozer’ get the nerve to want a recount -if allowed, may it expose all her illegal votes, and still show her to have lost…legitimately-, since her party and apparatus has been caught in the robbery of votes, in broad daylight?!

      People we had better pray effectively, and to God’s way of acceptable petitions, to keep this political ‘napalm’ OUT of office.