Yes, Black Holes Really Could Delete the Universe (VIDEO)

Yes, Black Holes Really Could Delete the Universe (VIDEO) | black-hole | Multimedia Science & Technology Special Interests

By: Claire Bernish, The Daily Sheeple

As science — that is, any field shading itself under the considerably broad umbrella of both the physical and theoretical sciences — must remain pliable or be abandoned as an anachronism, our understanding of the Universe constantly fluctuates to accommodate additional information whenever it arises.

For their decidedly dark embellishment in fringe science fiction and storied presence throughout pop culture in mainstays like cartoons, black holes began revealing their deeper secrets only relatively recently — but some findings so departed from the expected, heads are still shaking.

Digg reports:

“Physics posits that information — a property of the arrangement of particles — can never be lost, but black holes, which trap and possibly delete information, might throw that current understanding completely out of whack.”

It turns out, black holes might not be devoid of information; nor does a black hole anywise annihilate that data upon its exit. But, with objects appearing variably in 2-D or 3-D or another dimension, entirely, it seems much of our current knowledge pertaining to these astronomical entities will need to be chucked out the window.

Kerzgesagt — In a Nutshell elaborates in the video, titled, “Why Black Holes Could Delete The Universe – The Information Paradox,” about holograms, dimensions, and the misunderstood black hole — if, inadvertently, also on the inanity of keeping up with the Joneses when something this formidable lurks beyond our infinitesimally insular world.


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