Blogger “Baltimore Spectator’s” Home Vandalized By Police As He Remains Incarcerated Without Bail For Owning a Gun

Blogger “Baltimore Spectator’s” Home Vandalized By Police As He Remains Incarcerated Without Bail For Owning a Gun | blogger-standoff | Gun Control News Articles Tyranny & Police State US News

Earlier this week we reported on a blogger and activist in Baltimore named Frank James MacArthur, who was kidnapped by police after a standoff that was broadcasted to independent thinkers worldwide via the internet.

In the negotiation that was recorded between MacArthur and police the main promise that was made on behalf of the police department was that he would not be assaulted by police when he left and that he would be able to lock the door and keep the key so his property would be protected.

In the exchange MacArthur had indicated that on previous run ins with the Baltimore City Police Department, crooked cops had ransacked his belongings and vandalized his property, even leaving his house wide open for the whole city to pillage for months while he sat in jail.

This time around MacArthur didn’t want it to go down that way, and the negotiating officer Lt. Jason Yerg promised him with false sincerity that his property would be safe and that force would not be used against him.

Whether force was used on MacArthur remains to be seen, as the police blocked off the area to people who would be able to film what happened when MacArthur. Although i would argue that the very fact that he is sitting behind bars right now is an act of aggression all in itself. Even deeper than that telling a human being that they do not have the right to acquire the means to defend themselves, that also is an act of aggression.

Despite promises made by police during the negotiation, it was reported by a local CBS affiliate today that the police are still on the scene at his house and have actually busted out the front window.

It seems as if they literally went on a destructive rampage around his home, overturning furniture and throwing objects around with the specific intention of damaging things making a mess of his living space.

This blatant disrespect for someones property and living space was entirely ignored by the media, even the ones who have reported it are extremely bias.

CBS Reported that:

“The window is broken. You can see shattered glass and overturned furniture at James MacArthur’s home in North Baltimore. Police keep watch outside, days after the blogger who describes himself as an “urban correspondent” broadcast his standoff with cops online. The unusual act is gaining nationwide attention.”

MacArthur was targeted specifically for his activism, the gun charge is merely the only thing that they could get to stick to him. He is guilty of no real crime, he was simply attempting to possess a means of self-defense in one of the nation’s most dangerous cities.

During their destructive raid on the house, police found another shotgun, which apparently due to his probation he is not allowed to have. There is no doubt that this finding will lead to more charges and more time for Macarthur, who is currently being held without bail.

Since I broke this story afew days ago, several whistleblowers close to this case have approached me and have made me aware that there is much more to this story than meets the eye. MacArthur was in the process of outing deep corruption taking place between police, local politicians and local media.

Apparently his recent investigative journalism threw him under police scrutiny, bringing his probation back to the surface which resulted in this week’s SWAT kidnap.

Over the following week we will be keeping a close eye on the situation and updating everyone on how James is doing and also digging deeper into some of these investigations that led to his persecution.

Read Background Story and Hear Audio of Police Standoff Negotiation


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