Bloomberg Wants Mandatory Food Composting In New York City

Bloomberg Wants Mandatory Food Composting In New York City | 120203_michael_bloomberg_ap_605-460x249 | Natural Health News Articles US News

If you are what you eat, residents of the Big Apple might want get themselves in order. No, there’s not a new obesity epidemic in New York: Mayor Bloomberg wants to fine residents who don’t sort their leftover food from the rest of the trash.

Banning over-sized soda is so last year, apparently. Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced on Monday that he’s hoping his city will adopt a mandatory composting plan that will require New Yorkers to separate food waste from their garbage.

According to the New York Times, Bloomberg plans to get the operation started before his final term as mayor expires later this year, and plans to have a mandatory composting program in place by 2016.

If the endeavor gets off the ground, all 8 million residents of the most populated city in the United States will have to start putting aside food waste and other organic materials, such as houseplants and eggshells, then package them separately to be picked up by specialized trash collectors.

Compostable waste will have to be differentiated from other garbage and recyclables, and in a few years’ time the city could start imposing fines on those who fail to comply, the paper reported.

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