Brazil Denounces American Illegal Spying Program At The United Nations

Brazil Denounces American Illegal Spying Program At The United Nations | brazil-and-obama-460x284 | World News

The president of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, denounced on Tuesday before the UN General Assembly the illegal international espionage practices carried out by the United States.

Such practices were  revealed in recent months by former NSA contractor, Edward Snowden. Rousseff proposed a regulation to ensure greater controls over the use of the Internet to prevent such illegal surveillance activities which that she described as an attack on “state sovereignty” and “freedom of expression” and a “violation of human rights”.

“Brazil has been the direct object of this kind of intrusion” stressed Rousseff near the beginning of her speech, referring to the revelations provided by Edward Snowden, which stated that the U.S. had spied communications of thousands of citizens in Brazil, including the Brazilian president herself and several of her advisers.

This has led to the cancellation of Rousseff ‘s official visit to Washington, scheduled for October, and the request for a formal explanation from Brazil to the U.S. administration.

Although the Brazilian leader did not refer expressly to the U.S. at any point in her speech, she described the illegal practices emphatically when talking about the intrusions. ” It is an affront to international law and the principles that should govern the relations between the states,” said Rousseff.

“This is a serious case of violation of civil rights and a lack of respect for the national sovereignty of my country,” she added .

The incident of U.S. intelligence spying on Brazil was treated by Rousseff and President Barack Obama during the G20 summit in St. Petersburg in early September and by phone last week. “We have asked for guarantees that something like this will not happen again,” acknowledged the Brazilian leader .

“The argument that these practices are done in the name of security is simply unsustainable,” she pointed.

The president of Brazil has proposed to the General Assembly rules for the use of the Internet to ensure transparency and to define network usage and the rules and mechanisms to prevent its being used to develop surveillance and espionage practices.

“These activities are a violation of freedom of speech, and without freedom of speech there is no democracy and no basis for a proper relationship between nations,” warned Rousseff. “We must ensure responsible regulation that protects web data and ensures freedom of expression and transparency ,” she said.

Rousseff has used her speech to defend her government measures to eradicate poverty in Brazil, one of the millennium goals set for 2015 by the UN. Rousseff also condemned the use of chemical weapons in Syria and said she opposed a unilateral decision about it the management of such weapons.

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