Breaking! Obama Fake ID Update! Forged Birth Certificate Fraud (VIDEO)

Breaking! Obama Fake ID Update! Forged Birth Certificate Fraud (VIDEO) | obama-fake-id-forged-birth-certificate | Government Government Corruption Multimedia Obama Exposed Sleuth Journal Special Interests

Breaking update — on Obama’s forged birth certificate and fake ID! Hear Carl Gallups report current status of Obama fraud investigation — and announce deadline for release of final revelations by Maricopa County Sheriff’s office!

When will Sheriff Arpaio reveal his findings to the public? How has he proven criminal fraud and forgery? How do we know with 100% certainty that President Barack Obama’s ‘Hawaii birth certificate’ is a sloppy fraud?

Mike Zullo (Maricopa County Sheriff’s office) is going public with proof that Obama’s birth certificate, posted on the White House website, is nothing more than a crude forgery!

Does this explain why (Hawaii Department of Health) official Loretta Fuddy ‘died’ in a plane crash in the waters off Molokai? Does this explain why CNN and the entire mainstream media lied about Obama’s birthplace for 8 years? Is Obama really ‘from Kenya’ or ‘born in Indonesia?’

watch for those answers — and more!

Barry Soetoro

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Here is my personal theory on who obama is, and when he’ll vanish:…

Stay tuned — will we learn why obama’s hawaii birth certificate is forged? Why obama’s ct social security number (ssn) is stolen? Why obama’s selective service (draft registration) card is a sloppy obvious forgery?

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