Breast Cancer Survivors Cry Foul Against TSA for ‘Humiliating’ Pat-Downs and Public Embarrassment

Breast Cancer Survivors Cry Foul Against TSA for 'Humiliating' Pat-Downs and Public Embarrassment | TSA-pat-down | Losing Rights News Articles TSA

A number of breast cancer survivors have recently come forward with sordid details about how they were mistreated and humiliated by U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screeners at various U.S. airports over the past several years. Compiled by Steve Watson over at, these women’s disturbing stories are a fresh reminder as to why the TSA needs to be immediately abolished, and the federal government permanently removed from any involvement in the airport security process.

Marcia Deitrick from Independence, Missouri, for instance, recently told reporters at KCTV 5 News that she was flagged at Kansas City International Airport (KCIA) for allegedly having an “anomaly” around her breast area. After passing through the naked body scanner, Deitrick was pulled aside and told she would have to undergo an invasive, full body pat-down.

Having undergone bilateral mastectomies in 2007 after surviving a bout with breast cancer, Deitrick tried to explain that she now has two silicone breast implants and 20 inches of scar tissue as a result of her chemotherapy treatments, both of which she prefers to have left alone. But a TSA screener at KCIA ignored Deitrick’s explanation as to this “anomaly,” and proceeded to pat the backs of her hands on Deitrick’s breasts.

“I do not want somebody touching me,” said Deitrick, adding that such insensitivity by TSA screeners towards breast cancer survivors “adds insult to injury” to an already humiliating experience. “I actually stood there thinking these people probably think I’m doing something wrong, that either there’s something wrong with my body or I’ve done something wrong.”

Susan Grose of Overland Park, Kansas, had a similar experience at KCIA. After going through the naked body scanner, Grose, a cancer survivor of 25 years, was pulled aside by a TSA screener who insisted on feeling up her breasts. Grose says she felt compelled to the tell the screener that she had lost her breasts to cancer, but was subsequently felt up in the same way as Deitrick, which caused her extreme discomfort.

“I went through with it, then all of a sudden I just started to cry,” said Grose to KSHB 41 News. “Twenty-five years out, I don’t think about the fact that I’m missing my breasts every day. It reminded me of my special situation and that was sort of emotional.”

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Such heartless disregard for human dignity is becoming a hallmark of the TSA airport screening experience, which continues to spark outcry from the few Americans who still have enough dignity and concern about their civil rights to make waves when being forced through the unconstitutional process. But many still willingly subject themselves to these forms of unconstitutional search and seizure without a warrant, not to mention harassment, with no objection. has designated November 19-26 as National Opt Out and Film Week, where American travelers are encouraged to opt out of the naked body scanner, and have other travelers film them while they get their pat-downs. Participating travelers are also encouraged to pass out flyers and information about opting out in order to generate massive support for the campaign.

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