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In Stephen Hawking’s famous work “A Brief History of Time” regarding the origin of the universe and all things, he begins by asking the age-old question: “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” Interestingly though, the alleged smartest man alive is unable to answer this simple straightforward question in any of the two hundred pages contained in his book.

The most recent documentary regarding Hawking’s studies, which supports evolutionary theory, quotes or refers to numerous acclaimed scientists such as Copernicus, Da Vinci, Kepler, Newton and Einstein, in an attempt to add creditability to this theoretical supposition. Strangely enough though, the documentary’s narrator never mentions the blatant fact that each and every one of these most highly respected scientists of all time, which the film references to support the theory of evolution, actually, to the contrary, firmly believed in a Divine Creator with all of their being, both instinctively and scientifically. This is quite an “accidental” oversight by the producers of the program, right?

Surely a film about science is put together by intelligent well researched filmmakers who would not be so careless as to make such a discrepancy and inversion of the facts accidentally. This can only mean that the deletion of truth and the deceptive misrepresentation they gave was absolutely intentional. Therefore, if the argument for the theory of evolution is done in such a deliberately misleading and fact-hiding manner, this is proof itself that the argument is invalid, otherwise they would not have to trick you into thinking these canonized pillars of science supported evolutionary theory, when, in fact, they believed the exact opposite, that science and logic actually proved the existence of a Divine Creator.

Why do some people so adamantly oppose even the possibility of a Creator who is beyond human ability and comprehension? What is the big deal about just considering the possibility of this explanation as the reason for our existence?

I suspect that there are at least three reasons why the idea that the universe was deliberately created is fiercely avoided by some people. The first, is that if a person has suffered a disappointment or tragedy in their life that they deemed to be “unfair”, and they asked the common question “If there’s a caring Creator, why is there so much suffering in the world?”, this seemingly unresolved inquiry resulted in their hatred toward the Creator, which they then expressed by expelling Him from their life.

The fact is, the Creator indeed made the world PERFECT, it is our sin that makes it imperfect! He gave us “Dominion” over the earth; the governance of all things. If the world is full of grief, sorrow, disappointment, war, pollution, rape, and murder, it is because of us, not the Creator. If you want to complain against the misery in this life, complain against yourself and your fellow man, not the Creator.

As a parent, I am a little “outside the box”. I do not tell children under my care to “pick up their room”. I tell them, “It’s your room. Do with it as you please. You can paint the walls, move the furniture, leave your clothes on the floor. It belongs to you.”  I show them what a clean and orderly room looks like, I teach them why it is best, and then I leave it up to them to see what will happen, if they have learned or not. The Eternal Father is doing the very same thing with us. In the Universal Father’s case however, being so much more vast, profound, and eternal than we are, the “free reign” He gives us is much more vast, profound, and eternal . . . as are the consequences, through which is His purpose for teaching us.

If my child reached for the hot stove, I would warn them. If they reached for it again, I would warn them again. If they reach for it again, I would slap their hand. If they reached for it again, I would slap their hand harder. If they reached for it again, I would slap their hand very hard. If they reached for it again . . . what else is there left for me to do? . . . I would have to let them touch the burner and let them learn the hard way. If I do not, they may someday burn down the house and loose their life rather than just burning their hand. The Creator is doing the same thing for us on a much grander scale.

If to God “a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years is like a day” (2nd Peter 3:8), and we are “surrounded by a great cloud of angelic witnesses” (Hebrews 12:1), then the seemingly unfathomably tolerated diversity and magnitude of sin in the world is because we have a caring Creator, so that He may teach us the consequences of our actions. When someone has a devastating illness or injury, suffers a loss of a young family member, or does not attain the desired goal they seek, who else is there to blame except ourselves for turning the perfect world we were given into a dangerous cesspool of strife? Misdirected unabated anger toward the Creator for the tragedies we created, not He, eventually escalates to banishing Him from our life. This can only be done by denying Him at all cost.

The second reason to deny a Creator, is simply accountability. If there is no Creator, then there are no rules, except those which we make for ourselves or others.

My earthly father was an atheist. He taught me not to do “wrong” simply because he would beat me if I did, not because of the devastating moral consequences to myself or others. In fact, he demonstrated time and time again in his own life, numerous ways to “cheat the system” or “circumvent the rules” as to “outwit the system”. This developed in me the belief that as long as I did not get caught, doing wrong was okay. In fact, as a six year old, I prided myself on my ability to get a coke out of a coke machine without putting in any money. As I developed a reputation for doing so, I made it into an enterprise. Adults would come to me, a six year old boy, and take me up on my diplomatic offer: “A coke cost a dime. I’ll sell it to you for a nickel. You save five cents, I make five cents.” What a criminal entrepreneur I was! By age eight, I could actually open a professional safe the size of a compact refrigerator!

This crooked methodology which I learned from my earthly father still haunts me to this day! I am a loophole finder! I have to really fight against it! (When a bad habit is learned young, it takes a lot of effort and prayer to overcome!) My father, I suspect, did some very dastardly things in life. Why? Because, to him, there was no Creator. As long as he never got caught in a misdeed, he thought that it was perfectly fine to do, otherwise he would not have done these things in the first place! You see, without a Righteous Divine Creator who made the rules of conduct for the game of life, there are no rules, so “do what you please” was my earthly father’s unspoken motto.

Though he was in the military for twenty years with more rules than I could ever stand, he abided by them simply because it profited him to do so. If he was told to kill innocent people, he probably would have done so. In his personal life, if he could have gotten away with horrific and illegal iniquity that gave him pleasure, he probably would have done so. If there is no Creator, you see, then what does it matter? “Party and then Die!”


Without a Divine Creator, what is the standard for living? Yourself ? Wouldn’t that be “putting the fox in charge of the hen house” ? Wouldn’t that make the rules different for everyone? How could that be fair?

The Creator gave us free will. He did not desire robots to have fellowship with, only beings who choose to have fellowship with Him.

Just as poison and water do not mix, holiness and sin do not mix either. That is why the test of whether or not we truly believe in God and truly want to have fellowship with Him, is our ACTIONS, not our thoughts or words. James 2:19 says that demons believe in God (probably a lot more than we do), yet this belief does not save them, as their lack of repentance from sin shows that they love their sin more than God.

I have a sign in my home that reminds me . . .

Jesus is Lord, or sin is Lord.

By the fruit of a tree you will know what kind it is. Not everyone who says ‘Lord Jesus’ will enter the Kingdom of Heaven, only those who OBEY MY TEACHINGS. Many will say to me on Judgment Day ‘Lord, did I not do good deeds in Your Name?’ I will say to them, ‘Depart from me you who practice wickedness.”

(Matthew 7:20-23)


Why do you call me ‘Lord’ and do not do what I say?

(Luke 6:46)


“This is love for God: To OBEY his commandments.”

(1st John 5:3)

The best way to say that sin is not sin, is to say that there is no Creator, because if there is a Creator, then there are certainly rules for conduct.

What about the question: Which came first, the chicken or the egg? It can’t really be that difficult to answer, can it? It is a very simple question after all, so there has to be an answer. All questions have answers. You just have to look hard enough, long enough, or persistently enough, to find the answer.

I started this quest by telephoning the chief professor of an internationally respected university, whose forte was evolutionary theory. I just asked them, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” There was a distinctive moment of silence on the other end of the phone for some time. I could tell by this, that one of the world’s leading scientists on this theoretical subject, which is taught universally to young impressionable minds as a fact, had never actually considered this most fundamental question of their own theology. After thinking about the question for the very first time, they answered by saying, “The egg came first, and it came from a creature that, itself, did not come from an egg.”

There is just one tiny problem with this official “evolutionary” answer  . . . It directly contradicts the very basis of the evolutionary theory in which they religiously believed and were espousing. After all, evolutionary theory states that “lower” (less intricate or less advanced) beings proceed more complicated ones, from which they eventually “evolved” into. (For example, a fish is said to have come before a monkey, because a monkey is more complex in design.) Therefore, if a creature which was born live (without an egg) preceded the egg which it was to later lay (as they emphatically stated), then that would mean that a more complex mammal preceded a less complex bird, as live born mammals are more intricate in design than egg laying birds, thereby directly contradicting evolutionary theory which says that things go from less intricate to more intricate . . . Oops!

When I pointed this out to them, they hung up the telephone.

One has to wonder, if the human body, like a clock, has separate yet unified components, such as a brain, heart, liver, eyes and stomach, that are mutually dependent, yet also independent of each other, how could a cell or an ameba, without a brain, construct such an intricate design greater than itself, like the human body, when it takes a brain to execute design in the first place, which it never had to begin with until it was formed at the very end of the “evolutionary chain” ?

The human brain, by the way, is the least understood and most complex part of the human body. If we are trying to understand the brain with a brain, and yet can still not do so, how could a brain create itself if it cannot even understand itself ? This can only mean that a brain can come into existence by something higher than itself, not lower!

Are we to believe that a bunch of gears in a factory explosion randomly fell together into a functioning, ticking clock? Are we to believe that a flower and a bee, which allegedly “evolved” independently of each other, “coincidentally” needed the other’s exact design to survive and exist in the first place?

I pretty much stayed in bed for two days, staring up at the ceiling, as I contemplated this super simple, yet incredibly profound question, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg? After two days of trying to find the answer, it finally came to me . . . Eureka!

One of the two, the chicken or the egg, had to have come first, because everything living in our world had a beginning. Even rocks are said to have “formed”, therefore inanimate things had a beginning too. Nothing in all the observable universe has always existed. All scientists admit this, proclaiming even the universe itself had a beginning known as “the Big Bang”. Before then, according to science, there was nothing at all.

Everything in our world had a beginning, a first one, so then did both the chicken and the egg. You and I had a beginning . . . This article had a beginning . . . Your computer or phone or tablet, on which this is being read, had a design and a beginning. This means that there is an absolute finite answer to the question, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Only one can be true. Either the egg came first or the chicken came first. It is that simple. (First hurdle, over.)

Next, it dawned on me that either answer indicates the exact same thing. Here’s why . . .

If the chicken came first . . . with no egg before it . . . It means only one thing . . . It was put there . . . which means only one thing . . . There is a Creator!

If the egg came first . . . with no chicken before it . . . It means only one thing . . . It was put there . . . which means only one thing . . . There is a Creator!

It is that simple.

Now I see why the question is avoided by “evolutionists”.

This age-old question, that everyone has seemed to sidestep for thousands of years, is finally answered: . . . It doesn’t matter! . . . If the chicken came first . . . it means . . . there is a Creator! If the egg came first . . . it means . . . there is a Creator! Either way, it proves . . . there is a Creator!

Even the esoteric television show “Ancient Aliens” draws the very same scientific conclusion: That the first man and woman on earth did not evolve; that they were put here . . . which means . . . there is a Creator! Because the producers of this show disavow a Divine Righteous Creator for the aforementioned reasons of desiring to rulelessly sin and wrongly shift blame away from themselves for the same, they instead say that mankind was made by “Aliens” from another planet! (I have a hard time typing this without laughing!)

Speaking of simple questions that people avoid answering because it might disprove their own hypothesis, if mankind was made by “Aliens”, then who exactly made the Aliens? . . . This question that a third grader would ask is never addressed, by the way, in nearly a hundred episodes of their program! . . . This proves, yet again, that the only factual answer for existence is . . . a Divine Creator.

My beautiful golden retriever loves to go for rides in the car. I’m sure she understands that the car is an inanimate object like a couch or a chair, and that a squirrel or an insect is a living creature like herself. At the same time, if I were to lift the hood of the car and try to explain the design of the engine to her, she would never understand. If I spent her entire life trying to explain just a single spark plug to her, she would never, ever understand. Is this because there is no design to the car, or because there are limits to her understanding?

The third reason for denial of a Supreme Creator, is the arrogance to assume that if an eternal being that was never created and always existed cannot be comprehended, then it must, therefore, not be true. According to this thinking, an automobile evolved into being rather than being created because my dog (nor I) can comprehend its design or designer.

You can see therefore, that simply because something cannot be understood, it does not mean that it is not true.

All these reasons are why all of the great scientists of the ages, Einstein, Copernicus, Da Vinci, Kepler, and Newton, ALL wholeheartedly believed in . . . a Divine Creator. To them, if a human with a brain cannot understand a brain, then a brain can certainly not create itself into existence from a lower form of life, only a higher.

If you believe otherwise, are you saying that you are smarter than all of these great minds put together? . . . Do you really want to trust that?

Where is the wise person? Where is the teacher of The Truth? Where is the philosopher of this age? Has not the Creator made foolish the “wisdom” of the world? For since through the world’s “wisdom” it did not know He who created them, The Creator was pleased through the “foolishness” in the world’s sight of what was proclaimed by the prophets to save those who believe their outrageous message. Scientists demand proof and intellectuals look for philosophy, yet we proclaim “The Messiah was murdered by those He created”, which is a stumbling block to scientists and foolishness to philosophers. Yet to those whom The Creator has personally called, both among scientists and intellectuals, The Messiah is the Power and the Wisdom of The Creator. For the greatest weakness of The Creator is stronger than His creation’s greatest strength, and the greatest foolishness of The Creator is wiser than His creation’s greatest wisdom.

1st Corinthians 1:20-25



Brother Bart-


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