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Bill Gates: Ebola Is Returning As Well As The Re-Emergence Of Several Other Pandemics

Conference on vaccines and immunization

If one wants to know what is going to happen with regard to an illness and/or a vaccine, it would be best to pay attention to what Bill Gates has to say. After listening and reading what Bill Gates has to say about on this topic, coupled with  some of Gates’ more notable investments, it is difficult to not conclude that humanity is in for some very dark days when it comes to the return of Ebola and the re-emergence of several deadly viruses.

Bill Gates on the Charlie Rose Show

On February 28, 2013, Bill Gates appeared on the Charlie Rose Show and he was as candid as a globalist could be. On the show, Gates indicated that he has contributed large sums of money to numerous causes such as the Global Polio Eradication Initiative originally launched in 1988 by the World Health Organization (WHO), the CDC, and UNICEF.

Gates expressed his love affair with vaccines and his clear intention to reduce the world’s population when he stated the following:

 “The world today has 6.8 billion people… that’s headed up to about 9 billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.”

Quite clearly, Gates is a devoted subscriber to Eugenics and depopulation. On his television show, Charlie Rose asked Gates the following question:

You mentioned the five or a six year plan the new initiative has learning from old lessons and therefore, coming up with new approaches. What are the new approaches?

To that question, Bill Gates answered:

Well, we’re able to use new technology like satellite photos to see are there people moving around, nomadic roots. You know we see if when we go out to get all the children, if there’s some settlement areas that we’ve actually missed. We also put a – – a phone in the vaccine box they carry around that looks where they’re located every three minutes and so it has that GPS data. At the end of the day you plug that in and compare it to where they were asked to go, and you can see if you’re – you’re really covering all the kids.

Gates is clearly advocating for an extreme Orwellian society that will be monitored and targeted for vaccinations that do more harm than good. The ultimate goal is depopulation, not saving lives. Unfortunately for the fate of humanity, Gates seems to know something ominous is coming our way when we consider what Gates recently wrote in the New York Times.

Bill Gates Writes for the New York Times

On March 18, 2015, the King of vaccinations  wrote an editorial piece in the New York Times in which he stated that the “Ebola epidemic in West Africa has killed more than 10,000 people. If anything good can come from this continuing tragedy, it is that Ebola can awaken the world to a sobering fact: We are simply not prepared to deal with a global epidemic“.

Gates stated:

“As menacing as Ebola was this past year, other pandemics are a greater threat to the human race.

The Ebola epidemic in West Africa has killed more than 10,000 people. If anything good can come from this continuing tragedy, it is that Ebola can awaken the world to a sobering fact: We are simply not prepared to deal with a global epidemic.

Of all the things that could kill more than 10 million people around the world…there are many things worse than Ebola”

Gates spoke about the deadly Spanish Flu and other epidemics which could (probably will) serve to threaten humanity. Frighteningly and prophetically, Gates is advocating for the United Nations should “fund a global institution” to coordinate the efforts to conduct mass vaccinations. Would anyone like to place a bet that the new round of vaccinations will be mandatory? The United Nations and the World Health Organization would be in charge according to Gates. After all, according to Gates, Ebola was terrible, but next time, “it could be much worse“.

Gates Has Already Put His Money Where His Mouth Is

Can we only imagine the enormous profits that can be realized by vaccinating every child in the third world? If we apply Gates’ penchant for investing in causes which produce a hefty “return on investment” (ROI) then one could reasonably suspect that Gates is positioning himself to profit on the $50 million he has invested in the Ebola cause which conveniently includes the CDC, the holder of the patent for Ebola.

When an unsuspecting public is finally told of the existence of an Ebola vaccine, coupled with the fact that the Global Fund will be in charge of the distribution of the vaccine. Interestingly, Bill Gates has donated a total of $560 million dollars to the Global Fund. The Global Fund has also positioned themselves to be in charge of the distribution of the “newly developed”, and not yet announced vaccines for TB and HIV.  Since the goal is the vaccination of every man, woman and child on the planet with multiple vaccines, Gates’ $560 million contribution to the Global Fund is chump change compared to the expected ROI. However, on deck is the return of the Ebola virus.

More Vaccines for Reconstituted Viruses?

Bill Gates’ lust for vaccines knows no bounds. At his and other “philanthropists” (i.e. psychopaths) encouraging, global researchers have begun to reconstitute old viruses, presumably for the purpose of developing vaccines for the deadly pandemics of the past.

In the near future, we may wish we would have followed the old axiom, “Let sleeping dogs lie”, because in an act of extreme insanity, the virus has been reconstituted, by the Center for Disease Control researchers. The reconstituted virus was obtained from frozen tissue samples from a female who died from the virus in the 1918 outbreak.

Unfortunately, the Spanish Flu is not the only pandemic which is being reconstituted and this means even more vaccines for Bill Gates. Howe many will die in order that Gates and his partners will realize a hefty return on investment?


The jury is not out on Bill Gates. He is a man who speaks his mind. In his New York Times editorial, Gates warns us about the return of Ebola as well the re-emergence of other deadly viruses. It would be a grave mistake to not take Bill Gates seriously. What does Bill Gates know that we do not?

Dave Hodges is the host of the popular weekly talk show, The Common Sense Show, which airs on Sunday nights from 9pm – Midnight (central) on the Republic Broadcasting Network and its 29 affiliate stations. Dave also hosts a website ( in which he writes daily articles on the geopolitical state of affairs both nationally and internationally. The theme of Dave’s show and website centers around exposing the corruption and treason which has invaded the presidency and Congress as well as their corporate and banking benefactors. Dave is an award winning psychology, sociology, statistics and research professor. He is also a former college basketball coach who retired as the winningest coach in his college’s history. A mental health therapist by training, Dave brings a broad based perspective in his fight against the corrupt central banking cartels which have hijacked the US government. Dave and his wife, Nora have one son and they presently reside in rural Arizona approximately 25 miles north of the greater Phoenix area. Dave was drawn to the fight for freedom when the globalist central banking forces, led by Senator John McCain, attempted to seize his home and property and that of 300 of his neighbors, without one dime being offered in compensation. This attempted public theft of private property was conducted for the purpose of securing cheap land in which the globalists intended on putting in an international highway through their area known as the Canamex Corridor. Dave’s community appointed him the spokesperson and eventually his community won their fight against the bankers and their front man, Senator McCain. This event launched Dave’s career as a broadcaster and an investigative journalist. Dave’s website presently enjoys over a half a million visitors every month.

11 People With “Potential Exposure” To Ebola Being Brought To American Hotels???


It looks like we’re gearing up for Round 2 of Ebola Roulette.

A couple of days ago an American healthcare worker who had been definitively diagnosed with Ebola was brought back to the US for treatment at the National Institute of Health (NIH) in Bethesda, Maryland.  Eleven more patients have been isolated and are on their way to the United States as well, after having had  “potential exposure” to the disease.

Now, about those people who were “potentially exposed”?

They aren’t being hospitalized. Oh no.  They are being brought back to stay at hotels “near” three different hospitals in different regions of the country. I couldn’t make this up if I tried. Read this excerpt from a report by CNN and weep.

“(The) CDC and the State Department are facilitating the return of additional American citizens who had potential exposure to the index patient or exposures similar to those that resulted in the infection of the index patient,” the CDC said in a written statement.

The CDC said none of these individuals returning from Africa has been diagnosed as having Ebola, including one who had “potential exposure to the individual being treated at NIH” and was “transported via charter to the Atlanta area to be close to Emory University Hospital” on Friday. That person is voluntarily self-isolating and will be monitored over the 21-day incubation period, the CDC said.

Four people who had “more exposure than the others” to the patient with Ebola will isolate themselves in housing on the campus of the University of Nebraska Medical Center, said Nebraska Medicine spokesman Taylor Wilson. They arrived on the medical campus Saturday evening, Wilson said.

The other six are scheduled to fly into Washington on Sunday to go to the NIH, and into Atlanta on Monday to go to Emory, Skinner said.

Skinner said the Americans coming home will stay at hotels and other housing near the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha, the National Institutes of Health in Maryland or Emory University Hospital in Atlanta.

Let me repeat that one very important sentence:

the Americans coming home will stay at hotels and other housing near the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha, the National Institutes of Health in Maryland or Emory University Hospital in Atlanta.

So what about…

  • Hotel personnel?
  • Housekeeping?
  • Room service or other food delivery people?
  • Other hotel guests who you can guess won’t be warned about the possible status of their fellow lodgers
  • Whoever gets these rooms later?
  • People who use the vending machine if someone decides to just pop out and grab a Coke?

I realize the points above sound facetious, but why in the name of all things cute and fluffy aren’t these people being isolated in a health care facility? ELEVEN people in THREE different parts of the country. It’s like those in charge are trying to give the disease the best possible chance to spread across the country.

Edited to add:

I should have taken a screen shot of the article on CNN, because they’ve changed it to remove the part about the victims staying in hotels and switched the word to housing. However, I found mention of the hotel stays on two other outlets and DID take screenshots of this.  Click to enlarge them.

This one is reposted from CNN on Channel 13 news in Iowa.


And this one is from Fox 17:


A refresher on the 2014 Ebola scare…

Who can forget the events of last October and November, when only dumb luck kept the hemorrhagic illness from being unleashed on our country?

Last fall, experts from the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and the WHO (World Health Organization) received a great deal of criticism for how they handled the potential Ebola crisis. First, a man visited a Texas hospital twice before being admitted with the disease. Then protocols (actually, what protocols? read this horrifying timeline!) were questioned after two of the nurses caring for the man before he died also contracted Ebola. The hospital was so overwhelmed that one case of Ebola shut down an entire emergency room. One of the nurses flew across the country twice before she became ill, expanding potential exposure exponentially. Hundreds of people showed up to hospitals convinced they had the disease after the government deliberately brought health-care professionals who had contracted the illness in disease-stricken Sierra Leone back to the US for treatment. Yet another health care professional wandered around New York City, taking public transit and going bowling the day before he was admitted to the hospital and diagnosed with Ebola. Several stories about Ebola were literally scrubbed from the internet as officials tried to cover up their mishandling of the situation.

Let’s hope that medical personnel are better trained this time around, and that the proper protective equipment is available to caregivers.

How to prep if you’re concerned…

When it looked like the disease was going to be unleashed on our country last time around, I wrote up some lists to help folks get prepared for the possibility of a pandemic.

The first thing I want to stress is…please, DON’T PANIC.  At this point, there is no reason to be exceptionally worried.  The second thing I want to stress is…DON’T BE LULLED INTO A FALSE SENSE OF SECURITY.  Last time, the crisis was averted. Don’t let that convince you that there’s no way the disease will spread across the country this time.

You should calmly and rationally take some steps to be prepared in the event that an outbreak begins here in the United States. I wrote about this in great detail last year and you can find that information right here, in an article called “Prepping for an Ebola Lockdown.”  Last time around, supplies went quickly, so it’s better to get ahead of the curve.  Check your supplies against this list, and order the things you need now. If these other people are diagnosed after spending time in public places, ordering supplies then will be much like running to the grocery store right before a storm hits. Everyone else will have the same idea and the shelves will be emptied in a panic.

Here’s a quick checklist along with some links to resources.  Base amounts on the number of family members you’ll be sheltering.

Note – we do not commonly use anti-bacterial products but in a situation like this, it’s important to have this type of thing on hand, particularly in the event that there are issues with sanitation

Here are some useful links if you are new to prepping:

Don’t panic…prepare.

Again, please don’t read this and panic. At this point, there is NO pandemic in the US.  It seems that some careless actions are taking place and that preparation well before the storm, is, as always, the best course of action for a wise prepper.

Daisy Luther is a freelance writer and editor who lives in a small village in the Pacific Northwestern area of the United States. She is the author of The Pantry Primer: How to Build a One Year Food Supply in Three Months. On her website, The Organic Prepper, Daisy writes about healthy prepping, homesteading adventures, and the pursuit of liberty and food freedom. Daisy is a co-founder of the website Nutritional Anarchy, which focuses on resistance through food self-sufficiency. Daisy’s articles are widely republished throughout alternative media. You can follow her on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter, and you can email her at [email protected]

Medical Fascists Declare Ownership Over Your Body (VIDEO)


David Icke explains how the foundation of liberty, self-ownership, is under direct assault in the United States by a system of medical fascism. If we can’t choose what we put into our own bodies, we are the opposite of free.

David Icke

Specialty Drugs Push Prescription Spending To Highest Increase In More Than A Decade

prescription drugs

The nation’s largest pharmacy benefits manager says prescription drugs spending rose 13 percent last year, the largest annual increase since 2003.

Express Scripts says the gains were fueled by pricey specialty drugs that accounted for about 31 cents of every dollar spent on prescriptions even though they represented only 1 percent of all U.S. prescriptions filled.

Specialty drugs are advanced medications that treat complex or chronic conditions like hepatitis C and multiple sclerosis.

Express Scripts Holding Co. and several insurers have warned for more than a year about the growing financial impact from specialty drugs like Gilead Sciences’ hepatitis C treatment Sovaldi.

Express Scripts also says in an annual report on prescription spending that the specialty drug trend will slow to more sustainable levels over the next three years.

source: foxbusiness


Mom: My Daughter Was Vaccinated Without My Consent (VIDEO)


A Chicago mother says her daughter was given several immunizations without the proper consent.

CBS Chicago

Florida Mom Faces Prison Sentence For Refusing Son’s Circumcision

Reuters / Pierre Marsaut

Reuters / Pierre Marsaut

A mother who has taken flight with her son to prevent his circumcision could face a prison sentence if she fails have the boy undergo the procedure, a judge ruled, in a case that has become a rallying cry for ‘intactivists.’

The case, which began as a domestic dispute between Heather Hironimus and her husband, Dennis Nebus, over whether or not to circumcise their four-year-old son, has caught the attention of circumcision opponents, who call themselves ‘intactivists,’ as the courts have intervened in the matter.

Palm Beach County Circuit Judge Jeffrey Gillen on Friday said Hironimus was in contempt for violating an order to appear in court Friday with her son. Gillen called it “reprehensible” that she has not allowed the father to see his son since February 20, AP reported.

The judge, meanwhile, is determined to ensure that the child undergoes the medical process to have his foreskin removed.

“I will allow her to avoid incarceration or get out of jail if she signs the consent to the procedure,” Gillen told Hironimus’ attorney Thomas Hunker, who said he did not know the whereabouts of his client or her son.


In an interesting twist in the story, attorneys for the Sun Sentinel, a Florida newspaper covering the story, filed an emergency motion seeking to declare the order as unconstitutional. As the newspaper reported on its legal efforts, the court “denied the motion, ruling it did not fit the definition of an emergency because it didn’t involve ‘matters of life and death or instances of irreparable harm.’”

Initially agreeing to a parental planning agreement with her husband to have their son circumcised, the mother later changed her mind on the issue, thus beginning a bitter court case nearly as old as the child.

The father said he considered circumcision when his son was 3, after noticing the child was urinating on his leg. A pediatrician had diagnosed the son as having phimosis, a condition that prevents retraction of the foreskin. However, in court testimony Friday, Nebus said the mother “frightened the boy” over the procedure.

“My son has mentioned things to me that he’s scared to have his penis cut off,” he said.

In May, Judge Gillen, who has requested the media not reveal the identity of the child involved in the case, ordered the mother to comply with the circumcision, while also warning her not to tell her son she was against the procedure.

The judge blamed the mother for having the child’s story “plastered all over the internet” in a “direct, contemptuous violation of this court’s orders.”

“This child has been placed in a light that provides much too much scrutiny for a little boy,” Gillen said. “I blame no one but the mother for that.”

Meanwhile, the court battle has attracted the attention of groups opposed to circumcision. The ‘intactivists’ held protests outside several Palm Beach County medical facilities on Friday, as well as in front of the county courthouse in Delray Beach.

David Wilson, the founder of a group called Stop Infant Circumcision Society, called it “utter insanity for our courts to order the sexual mutilation of this child,” the Sun Sentinel reported.

Although still common practice in the United States, circumcision rates have begun to decline as some medical studies indicate the procedure may carry some risks.

The Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, for example, published a study in January suggesting that “circumcised boys are more likely than intact boys to develop autism spectrum disorder (ASD) before the age of 10.” The research was conducted in Denmark among a group of children born between 1994 and 2003. Over 340,000 boys were followed up to the age of nine between 1994 and 2013 and almost 5,000 cases of ASD were discovered.

Professor Morten Frisch of the Statens Serum Institut, Copenhagen, who headed the research, said: “Our investigation was prompted by the combination of recent animal findings linking a single painful injury to lifelong deficits in stress response and a study showing a strong, positive correlation between a country’s neonatal male circumcision rate and its prevalence of ASD in boys.”

Meanwhile, the Centers for Disease Control points to other medical studies that show the procedure can lower a male’s risk of sexually transmitted diseases, penile cancer and urinary tract infections.

Source: RT

‘Bought’ Documentary Now Streaming For Free Until Mar. 15 (VIDEO)


Conspiracy theories relating to the government and our health have existed for years, but it’s only now that they’re beginning to be discussed in public mediums. The new riveting documentary ‘Bought’ explores how the vaccine, food, insurance, and health industry has literally bought your health, forcing citizens into a healthcare system that is primarily run for profit. Its revealing claims have provided a wake-up call for everyday individuals unaware of what’s going on behind the scenes in our healthcare.

If you are wanting to see Bought, the documentary, you can now watch it for free until Sunday, March 15, 2015. Share with your family, friends, and colleagues in order to spread this message. The more people who watch, the greater chance we have of expanding our vision on the current healthcare system and protecting our health!

Click this link to watch the documentary for free.

Dr. Edward F. Group III, DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM has studied natural healing methods for over 20 years and now teaches individuals and practitioners all around the world. He no longer sees patients but solely concentrates on spreading the word of health and wellness to the global community. Under his leadership, Global Healing Center, Inc. has earned recognition as one of the largest alternative, natural and organic health resources on the Internet.

The Out-Of-Control Growth Of Fictitious “Mental Illness” (VIDEO)

pills money big pharma profits

Mental illness has the become the slapped-on label increasingly applied to many people all over the world in the last few decades, thanks to the unholy alliance between Psychiatry and Big Pharma. The trend is shockingly apparent in America, but it’s happening all over the globe. For the most part, ordinary people with ordinary feelings of ups and downs, highs and lows, are being told there is something wrong with them, that they are “mentally ill“, and that they need psychiatric medication. These days, if you occasionally feel down or depressed, watch out: Big Pharma is targeting you for its latest mind-altering chemical concoction.

What is Psychiatric Medication?

First of all, let’s define what is meant by psychiatric medication. It is a synthetic drug, designed to treat mental illness, which has a psychoactive effect, i.e. it alters the chemical makeup of your brain and nervous system. These include:

– Antidepressants (such as the common SSRI drugs like Prozac, Paxil, Celexa and Zoloft);

– Antipsychotics (such as Abilify);

– Stimulants (such as Ritalin or methamphetamine);

– Anxiolytics (such as Valium);

– Mood stabilizers; and

– Depressants.

The Rise of Psychotropic Drug Use

A 2010 Medco report found that around 1 in 5 American adults took at least 1 psychiatric medication in 2010; in women, the rate was 1 in 4. The US spent around $2.24 billion in 1986 on psychiatric medication, but over $30 billion in 2005 – and it keeps rising.

Psychiatry Uses Behavior and Peer Consensus, Not Symptoms, As Basis for Diagnosis

The DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual) of psychiatry is a listing of all known psychiatric diseases. Yet did you know that all the listed diseases are arrived at by voting and peer consensus? The diagnostic criteria are voted into existence. This is politics, not science.

Psychiatrists have yet to conclusively prove that a single mental illness has a biological or physical cause, or a genetic origin.

Let’s pause for a minute on that one. The implications are staggering.

The DSM uses behavior, not physical and measurable symptoms, as the basis for its diagnosis. It does not determine whether someone is mentally ill, or suffers from mental illness, by standard diagnostic tests such as a blood test, saliva test, urine/stool sample, x-ray, brain scan or chemical imbalance test. It has admitted as much through numerous channels:

“There are no objective tests in psychiatry-no X-ray, laboratory, or exam finding that says definitively that someone does or does not have a mental disorder.” — Allen Frances, Psychiatrist and former DSM-IV Task Force Chairman

“There is no definition of a mental disorder. It’s bull. I mean, you just can’t define it.” — Allen Frances

“There is no blood or other biological test to ascertain the presence or absence of a mental illness, as there is for most bodily diseases. If such a test were developed … then the condition would cease to be a mental illness and would be classified, instead, as a symptom of a bodily disease.” — Dr. Thomas Szasz, Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry, New York University Medical School, Syracuse

Busting the Idea of a “Chemical Imbalance”

For decades psychiatrists have claimed that mental disorders are the result of a “chemical imbalance” in the brain. But what does that mean exactly? Is there one perfect chemical balance or standard of health by which they measure disease? If so, what is it? What are the perfect levels of every chemical and hormone we must have to be “mentally sound”? Clearly it would be impossible to define this, so what are the ranges? Wouldn’t the range depend on many factors such as age, gender, environment, etc.? Who decides when someone’s chemical level leaves a certain range and becomes pathological? What is the basis for this?

Too many questions, and not enough good answers.

In truth, the idea of a “chemical imbalance” underpinning “mental illness” is really an attempt to try to make invented psychiatric diseases sound scientific. Listen to the words of some of the doctors below discussing psychiatry:

“At present there are no known biochemical imbalances in the brain of typical psychiatric patients—until they are given psychiatric drugs.” — Peter Breggin, Psychiatrist

“While there has been no shortage of alleged biochemical explanations for psychiatric conditions…not one has been proven. Quite the contrary. In every instance where such an imbalance was thought to have been found, it was later proven false.” — Dr. Joseph Glenmullen, Harvard Medical School psychiatrist

“Virtually anyone at any given time can meet the criteria for bipolar disorder or ADHD.  Anyone.  And the problem is everyone diagnosed with even one of these ‘illnesses’ triggers the pill dispenser.” — Dr. Stefan Kruszewski, Psychiatrist

Mental Illness is Essentially an Invented Disease

The bottom line in all of this is that mental illness is essentially an invented disease. If there is no way to prove that anyone has it, through the normal means of a blood test, saliva test, urine/stool sample or any other standard diagnostic test, how do we know it even exists as an illness or phenomenon? Without any scientific or objective way to test the label of mental illness, how can we know that doctors are not unintentionally – or intentionally due to bribery – falsely diagnosing people and turning them into patients?

At one point homosexuality was considered a mental illness. It has since been voted in and out of existence.

Now, in fairness to Western Medicine and Big Pharma, there are undoubtedly people who need mental help. But how we can trust doctors and psychiatrists to tell us who they are, when bribery and corruption is so rife in the industry, and billions of dollars are at stake?

Not so long ago, psychiatrist Leon Eisenberg confessed on his deathbed that ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) was a fictitious disease. Yes, he admitted that “ADHD is a prime example of a fictitious disease.” Due to this deception, millions of children have forced to ingest the psychoactive drug Ritalin (chemically similar to amphetamine or speed) with a slew of dangerous side effects such as heart palpitations, headaches, stomach aches, nervousness (including agitation, anxiety and irritability), insomnia, decreased appetite,  nausea, dizziness and addiction. It’s legal speed – so of course it’s addictive.

We can only hope that when enough people become aware of Big Pharma’s attempt to pathologize normal behaviors, they will seek other means to heal any mental disturbances they are experiencing, especially by the tried-and-tested psychotherapy (counseling), which is completely non-invasive.

And lastly … did you ever wonder why the elite through (Big Pharma/Psychiatry) are so focused on mental illness? To get normal people on pills and/or locked up, but also to institute a system by which dissenters and free thinkers can be declared mentally ill or unstable and be “legally” removed from society.


Makia Freeman is the editor of The Freedom Articles and senior researcher at, writing on many aspects of the global conspiracy, from vaccines to Zionism to false flag operations and more, and also including info on natural health, sovereignty and higher consciousness.

Why The Law Forbids The Medicinal Use Of Natural Substances


According to the FDA’s legal definition, a drug is anything that “diagnoses, cures, mitigates, treats, or prevents a disease.”

The problem with this definition is that there are numerous substances, as readily available and benign as found on our spice racks, which have been proven by countless millennia of human experience to mitigate, prevent and in some cases cure disease, and which cannot be called drugs according to the FDA.

How can this be? Well, the FDA has assumed for itself Godlike power, requiring that its official approval be obtained before any substance can legally be used in the prevention and treatment of disease.

The FDA’s legal-regulatory control therefore is totalitarian and Napoleonic in construct; what it does not explicitly permit as a medicine is implicitly forbidden.

Historically the FDA has required new drugs undergo expensive and elaborate multi-phased clinical trials, which are out of the grasp of any ordinary interest who might want to demonstrate the efficacy of a non-patentable (and therefore unprofitable) herb, food or spice.

The average out-of-pocket cost for obtaining a new drug approval is US$ 802 million dollars,[1] and therefore an investor putting capital into bringing to market a substance that does not lend itself to market exclusivity and therefore cannot produce a return on investment, is committing economic suicide, if not also breaking the law. The investor actually has a legally-binding fiduciary responsibility to its shareholders to make a profit. And therefore, capital will not flow into any would-be commodity that can be produced or obtained with ease, including most things that grow freely on this Earth.

It is an interesting footnote in history that shortly after the Declaration of Independence, Congress declared that natural substances, e.g. water or salt, were God’s gift to mankind and that therefore products of nature should be limited in their patent protection. While this was a noble declaration, it has actually been used against those whose rights it would protect. It has forced private interests to synthetically alter natural substances — for instance the burgeoning biotech field of recombinant DNA technology, i.e. genetically modified organisms (GMOs) — for the sole reason that it guarantees them ownership/patent rights.

In fact, a medical system that legally requires it make a profit threatens to destroy and/or incriminate itself if non-patented, non-profitable natural substances or therapies are employed. It also results in so much collateral damage to those it purports to serve that it could rightly be called a modern form of human sacrifice.

As a result, instead of choosing prospective medicines logically: because they work, are easily accessible, and safe, billions of dollars flow in the exact opposite direction, capitalizing only those substances which are unnatural, and therefore while proprietary are almost invariably unsafe, and whose access and administration can be intensively controlled.

Has The Attempt To Co-opt Medicine Through the Drug-Based Model Undone Itself? 

And yet, there is a silver lining to the story. Due to the fact that our bodies are ultimately constructed from the natural things (food, air and water), and obey very strict natural laws such as the well-known principle of chirality (handedness) – the fact that all amino acids in our body turn a beam of polarized light in the left-handed direction (L-lysine) and sugars to the right-handed direction (D-ribose)– one cannot simply create biologically active, synthetic drugs arbitrarily, as a mistake in handedness (or similar property) could be fatal. Nature, therefore, still provides an elegant biomolecular architecture of irreproducible intelligence and complexity, from which synthetic analogs are modeled and/or derivatives are spun.

As a result, billions of dollars of drug industry and government money (i.e. tax payer money) flow into finding lead compounds for drug development.  Nature is put on the rack, if you will, and her secrets teased from her through innumerable animal and test tube experiments, in order to find compounds that can then be converted into synthetic, patented drugs.

Inadvertently, some of the very same companies and interests which require that natural substances not receive the same drug-approval status as synthetic ones, are funding research that prove basic vitamins, foods and spices are as effective or more effective – and usually much safer – than the drugs  they are developing to replace or supplant them.

This means that tens of thousands of studies do exist showing that natural substances may prevent and/or treat disease, at least in the in vitro (test tube) and animal models. These results often confirm traditional uses in Ayurvedic, Chinese and other traditional systems of medicine, and therefore may be compelling enough for individuals or healthcare practitioners to use the information to inform their treatment decisions.


The Case For Curcumin In the Prevention and Treatment of Disease

The government biomedical and life sciences database known as Medline contains over 21 million published study citations, and is accessible to search through engines such as  2.6 million of them contain reference to cancer.  115,000 of them remain after applying the “Complementary Medicine” filter.   There are 2,625 topics on cancer which can be found indexed on the database, referencing 612 natural substances of potential value.

Turmeric, and particularly its polyphenolic constituent known as curcumin, which gives the spice its golden hue, is one of the most extensively studied natural compounds of all time, with 4588 references to it on the National Library of Medicine’s bibliographic database known as Medline [as of 2.25.2012]. And yet, despite having been shown to have therapeutic value in over 500 disease states in animal and in vitro studies, it still has not been the subject of extensive human clinical research – for the reasons stated above., an open source natural medicine database, has indexed curcumin’s anti-cancer properties in over 50 cancers, with the top 10 most cancers researched in association with curcumin listed below.

Cancer Number of Articles
Breast Cancer 58
Colorectal Cancer 23
Colon Cancer 51
Prostate Cancer 42
Pancreatic Cancer 24
Cancers: Drug Resistant 40
Lung Cancer 37
Liver Cancer 27
Cancer Metastasis 32
Skin Cancer 15


As one can see curcumin holds great promise. It has been repeatedly demonstrated to possess simultaneously both chemoprotective/chemosensitizing and radioprotective/radiosensitizing properties, meaning it is capable of reducing the adverse effects on healthy cells caused by chemotherapy and radiotherapy, as well as enhance the cancer-killing properties of these conventional therapies. It also has an exceptionally high margin of safety, at least an order of magnitude greater than commonly used conventional chemotherapy agents such as 5-fluoruracil.[2] Given these facts curcumin, at the very least, should be considered an ideal candidate for use as an adjuvant in integrative cancer care, and perhaps as a first-line treatment alternative to conventional chemo-agents.

For additional information on the remarkable research supporting the use of Turmeric and Curcumin in medicine, watch the video below.  Join our Facebook research page on Turmeric for updates: Turmeric — What The Research Reveals


[2] Curcumin’s LD50 (lethal dose, 50%) in mice is at least 2,000 mg/kg, versus 5-fluorouracil 115 mg/kg, or

Article Contributed by Sayer Ji, Founder of

Sayer Ji is an author, researcher, lecturer, and advisory board member of the National Health Federation. He founded in 2008 in order to provide the world an open access, evidence-based resource supporting natural and integrative modalities. It is internationally recognized as the largest and most widely referenced health resource of its kind.

Urgent: Stop Vaccine Mandate In Texas!

Vaccine protest

The measles outbreak that has proliferated national news outlets is initiating global debate regarding the possible mandate of vaccinations. Anyone who makes a choice not to choose a vaccine after careful research is suddenly labeled an ‘anti-vaxxer,’ and is given no chance to explain their stance.

Texas legislature is considering SB 298, a bill that will enforce a strict mandate for the new meningitis vaccination for public school students. An additional bill is also being considered that will ban religious and conscientious exemption from this, and other vaccines. You have a right to make informed health decisions for you and your family, and any governmental body that limits a patient’s ability to make their own decision is in direct violation of medical ethics.

Fortunately, you have a voice that can’t be silenced. You can contact your state legislature today to advise them against SB 298. Click here to go to the Action Alert page where you can sign your name and fill out any specific details to your state legislature.

Don’t forget that you can also petition the White House before March 6, 2015, to prevent forced immunizations from becoming law nationwide.

Dr. Edward F. Group III, DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM has studied natural healing methods for over 20 years and now teaches individuals and practitioners all around the world. He no longer sees patients but solely concentrates on spreading the word of health and wellness to the global community. Under his leadership, Global Healing Center, Inc. has earned recognition as one of the largest alternative, natural and organic health resources on the Internet.

California Infant Dies After 8 Vaccines, Family Gets Him Back From Hospital Cremated


By: Augustina Ursino | -

Parents in California are distraught after losing their infant son after being vaccinated. He died in his sleep and was taken to the hospital already deceased. Hospital staff ruled his death as sudden infant death syndrome. The couple was told an autopsy was required to be performed on their son.

After returning home, waiting to get an update, they never received one. Numerous phone calls were made to get answers. Weeks went by. Finally, they received verbal confirmation and told their son was best not to be seen prior to being cremated, because of the condition he was in. Once cremated, they could pick up the remains of their child from the crematory. They were not given the chance to say their goodbyes.

More than one year and four months have passed and the family has yet to receive his autopsy report. It turns out their son was given a vaccine not approved for his age and an extra dose of the hepatitis B vaccine that he shouldn’t have received until later on.

This harrowing story is a reminder that vaccines can be lethal. Parents shall maintain the rights to choose what medical interventions they feel are safe for their child. After all, they are the ones who have to live with the consequences.

Crystal Downing shares with us what happened to her son Matthew, in hopes to remind parents to research vaccines before offering their child to be injected with whatever the doctor says.

One Less Baby Boy

“Our sweet little fussy bear Matthew Gage Downing-Powers was born healthy on April 26, 2013. In the hospital, he was given the Hepatitis B vaccine after birth. That’s what they do here in the United States and what the CDC recommends newborns receive, following the current schedule. His reactions to the shot were deemed normal and I have older children that have been fully vaccinated, so I was aware of what to expect.

I took Matthew in for his 2 month well baby checkup on July 2, 2013. During this appointment, he was given 8 vaccines for DTaP (3 in 1), Polio, Hib, Hep B, Pneumococcal PCV and the oral Rotavirus vaccine. Then I was late getting him to his 4 month checkup. I brought him as soon as I was able.

On Monday October 7, 2013, when Matthew was 5 ½ month’s old, I brought him in for his 4 month delayed visit. The doctor said they could get him caught up on his shots. I thought ok, you can do that. Matthew received 8 vaccines, DTaP, Polio, Hib, Pneumococcal, Hep B and Hep A. These would be the last vaccines he would ever receive.

After the shots, he didn’t have a fever or a low grade one. We didn’t give him Tylenol. He was just grumpy and crying some. We checked him every hour. His temperature stayed normal but he wasn’t his happy go lucky self. All my kids got grumpy after their shots.

I didn’t call the doctor on Tuesday. I knew these were typical behaviors after the kids received the vaccines. He is my 4th son. We had our other 3 vaccinated and knew what to expect.

I thought I would give it another day to see if he was still grumpy but we didn’t get to the next day. Matthew was gone by then. He was found lifeless. He went to bed that Tuesday night and my husband found him Wednesday morning.

My husband Zack and I both performed CPR on our son and so did my dad and step mom. He had some light pinkish-brown tinged mucous coming from his nose and mouth. I wasn’t willing to believe he was gone. None of us were willing to give up on him.

My husband called 911 but they were taking so long. I ran my baby to the hospital that was a 2 blocks away. I took him to Needles hospital which is called Colorado River Medical Center in Needles, CA. The hospital also did CPR on him and said he died of SIDS, soon after I brought him in. He had been gone for hours they said. They told me he passed sometime between 11 PM (after he was put to bed) and 7 AM Wednesday morning (shortly before he was found).

My life has been full of heartache since we lost our baby. That was the worst day of my life, seeing my son that way but still believing he would come back to me.

Hospital staff said I would be under investigation and it was California law when a baby passes, to undergo an autopsy. From the hospital in Needles, Matthew was transferred from that hospital to the coroner’s office, in San Bernardino, CA. We had chosen to have Matthew cremated at a funeral home in San Bernardino.

After leaving Matthew at the hospital, we were told to go home and wait for an update when the autopsy would be done. We planned to see him at the funeral home we picked out, after deciding we would have him cremated. I was told I’d be informed when the autopsy was to be done and when it would be completed and that I could view him before being cremated.

I didn’t write down the names of the staff members I left my son with. I didn’t think of that when it happened. But I should have. No one called me to inform me what was going on. I called numerous times and kept getting the runaround. Absolutely no one would give me answers.

Weeks went by before I received a call back. By this time, I was informed Matthew was not in a condition I’d want to remember him in. I felt helpless and convinced I should sign a paper letting them cremate him. Prior to this, the funeral home confirmed the remains were Matthew’s. They asked me what urn I would like and then confirmed it was him. I also sent a picture of him, to make sure.

Matthew didn’t get brought back to our home in Needles, California until November 20, 2013. A month and a half after he passed away.

I don’t think they cremated him before telling me but part of me feels they did, to cover up his death. I will never know but my instincts tell me something was being hidden. I think the funeral home did a nice job, they were very patient with me, they understood why I kept calling them so many times, to see if somebody there could tell me what happened to my son’s body.

I didn’t know where my sons body was. I didn’t know what was going on at the coroner’s office. I was never notified whatsoever and to be honest, I was really flipping out. I wanted to know what was going on with my baby and what answers did they have for me so far.

The coroner was informed of the vaccines Matthew had just received. I had even asked the coroner if it was possible the vaccines killed my son. The coroner straight lied to my face, or more, over the phone, saying that no, it was not the vaccinations that killed him.

There was only one time they contacted me and that was over how many people had done CPR on him. And that was the last time I heard from them.

I did contact him after we had received his death certificate saying pending investigation still and I asked if they had finished with his autopsy report. They told me no. I called once more and they told me that they couldn’t give me anymore information and that I would have to call the coroner’s office here in Needles, California. I have done that and still no answer, no nothing.

The coroner said it wasn’t my fault and sometimes this just happens. I couldn’t believe what I was just told.

It took me a long time to speak up and share my story because of this pain. I decided to come forward because I don’t want Matthew to die in vain because of vaccine manufacturers not doing a better job making safer vaccines, before pushing them onto unsuspecting parents and their innocent babies they view as profitable beings.

Why are infants getting so many at one time? Has it been proven it’s safe to give these kids all the vaccines they are shooting them up with during these well baby checkups? From what I’ve learned since all of this, the answer is no.

Later, I learned two of the vaccines given at his last appointment, should not have been given to him. Babies are not supposed to be given the Hepatitis A vaccine until at least 1 year of age and this was given to Matthew at 5 1/2 months old.

I also learned he was given the third dose of Hepatitis B too soon. Matthew wasn’t supposed to get that until his next visit during the 6 month checkup which would’ve also been delayed to space out the shots, because we were late getting him the 4 month vaccines.

I think it was right after the funeral I learned that they had given him the Hep A vaccine too soon. When I had learned this, it killed me. I started blaming my self and still do because I never took the time to know what vaccines were supposed be given to a child, at what month, how many doses, etc.

I felt because I didn’t do the research until after Matthew died, I was foolish and this was somehow my fault. I felt in some way this was my fault because I was late on his vaccinations. My thoughts were if I would’ve followed the CDC’s schedule and not been late to that 4 month check up, he probably would not have gotten the wrong vaccines. Now he’s gone.

I do understand he could’ve been taken sooner even if the correct vaccines were given on the schedule. It’s just something I live with.

It’s been over a year and four months since Matthew passed on October 9, 2013 and I still haven’t gotten the autopsy report that I told them I wanted a copy of. I keep getting the run around!

I went the doctor’s office recently and found out the nurse that injected Matthew is no longer working there. I was told she got fired because she didn’t know what she was doing when giving vaccines.

I said to the office if it turns out his death was because of her ignorance, I will be going after them all. My son shouldn’t have died because you guys were too lazy to train her to give vaccines properly. They didn’t even apologize to me. I’m just beyond angry at this point. I can’t wait to get my answers.

They said my baby is the only one who had passed away since she started working, until the end of her working. Who knows if that is true? There could’ve been more lives taken and they wouldn’t admit it.

I want to tell other parents, they say vaccinations are safe, but in reality, they aren’t.

Ask questions and know which vaccines they plan to give to your baby. Know the risks associated with all of the vaccines they plan to give during the checkup. And remember, it’s your choice. It’s your child. And whatever you do, don’t let them mix the vaccines into one needle or give them so many at once because if you don’t think this won’t harm your child, then look at the child I lost. It is possible.

Matthew was given DTaP, IPV, Hib, PCV, Hep B and Hep A in 3 shots, one in his right arm and two in his left leg.

Now I’m pregnant with my 5th child. I have to stay strong. I have too. I have to remain less stressed for my family and during my pregnancy. I have 3 boys, a hubby and soon my rainbow baby, all counting on me, to hold this family together.

In all honesty though, sometimes I feel so overwhelmed because I miss Matthew so much and people are so unaware how often vaccines take the lives of infants. I’m beyond angry that this has happened to my baby. And scared it can happen again with the kids I do have. And that I’ll be forced to vaccinate this unborn baby.

A bill was currently put forth by our California state politicians to take away my right to exempt my children from further vaccines due to personal beliefs. If this passes, this would take my parental right away, to choose vaccinating my children in the future. What they should do is create a new exemption for parents to file that took one for the team! We should be able to opt out for that reason alone.

Was it not enough Matthew was taken? He should be honored by these people but instead, they deny his existence by pushing bills that slap parents in the face that have lost their child to vaccines or to those parents with vaccine injured children. Maybe if they would make safer vaccines, more would want to get them.

My son was injected with 8 vaccines, if you don’t know what is in them, learn! When I did, I was shocked and mad at myself for not questioning this before. Matthew is the reason I opened my eyes, to see what vaccines can really do to a baby, let alone anyone. I’m not the only one who believes vaccines are not what they claim they are. I really hope this opens parent’s eyes who do vaccinate their children.

My older son is having a hard time, my second son said he is afraid of the shots now and my third son is 3 years old, he just knows his baby brother is gone. As for my hubby, he keeps it in, so it’s kind of hard to know what he is feeling.

To this day, I still haven’t received his autopsy report. They keep giving me the run around. So the investigation is still pending. I have filed a report with the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS). I’ve learned they sometimes don’t follow up with parents, which prevents them from reporting a reaction. Until I receive an autopsy report, it makes it difficult to file a claim with the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP). I feel they are stalling us because the time frame to file when you lose a child to vaccines is 2 years, it’s going on a 1 ½ years for us. We won’t give up. My son should still be here.

His shot records don’t lie! They shouldn’t cover up these reactions to vaccines these kids suffer from. They should not stifle parents from pursuing the already time consuming and deterring recourse they’ve set up, talking about the vaccine injury compensation program.

Since I looked into this more, I’ve learned how common it is for babies to die right after getting vaccinated. I just want it to be known that this can happen and I hope mothers ask questions first, before handing their child over to get shot up. How many of us moms helped hold our own child down, to keep them restrained while being vaccinated, knowing we helped them hurt our own?

Matthew’s death was a high price to pay in the name of preventing any of these diseases my kid would’ve been fine dealing with.

I didn’t believe a few people who told me this can happen, but it did. And now I have to live with that for the rest of my life, knowing I should have asked questions and researched first, before blindly agreeing to them injecting or giving him anything. I didn’t research. I didn’t question what vaccines were given to all of my children. I had no reason to distrust doctors, until now. Since this happened to Matthew, my eyes are wide open now. Now I’m not afraid to question everything that is done to my children.

It’s a parent’s decision to make, to vaccinate their child or not. Parents need to research both sides, for and against. Then make their decision on the matter. My dad told me I didn’t get sick till after I started school and had to have those required vaccines. After that, my dad never vaccinated me again. My dad said it a few times before all of this happened, but I didn’t pay attention. I wish I had listened to him.

I just let the doctors and nurses do what they said was needed. No questions asked. I thought they would tell me if there were severe risks involved. Nobody told me anything like that. I trusted them with my child’s life and would’ve liked to have known that death from vaccination is an associated risk. Why didn’t the doctors or nurse tell me this? I really wished I researched and asked questions instead of just trusting the system and doctors. And now because I didn’t, my child is gone.

There are a lot more parents out there like me. Some don’t come forward due to fact they are afraid of what people would say. Sometimes people can be really cruel and not understand what parents like me go through.

I just want his story to be told. My hubby and I say thank you to everyone lending their support. We are so blessed to have the short time we had with our little fussy bear. I hope sharing this will help mothers know it can happen.

I want it well known I’m not telling parents not to vaccinate their child. I’m simply saying to research before you vaccinate. Learn if you choose to vaccinate, then that is your choice, not someone else’s to make because you will be stuck with the consequences.

Don’t disrespect parents like me, who have lost their child to vaccines. And don’t disrespect parents of living vaccine injured children. Our rights to choose these medical interventions need to be preserved. It is beyond disturbing that bought politicians think they can choose what gets injected into our children. They don’t care about your child’s health. Clearly many are dying and getting injured from these vaccines and they turn a blind eye. That should tell you something.

I miss my baby so much. A huge part of me was taken when he was. I cannot let this happen again. I cannot put my other children at risk of being vaccine injured any longer.

Matthew took one for the team and his life didn’t matter to those wanting to strip my rights to opt out of further vaccinating. Why does he not matter? Why do mild cases involving the measles get reported all over the news, but not babies dying after getting the MMR shot or other vaccinations? Why don’t the vaccine injured children matter?

We miss and love you so much Matthew. You are always thought of every day. You are always in my heart and I will never stop loving you.

Love Your Momma,
Crystal Downing-Powers”


Matthew Gage Downing-Powers

April 26, 2013 – October 9, 2013

Passed away at 5 ½ months old, less than 2 days after receiving 8 vaccines


As long as vaccine manufacturers avoid doing causation studies, as long as this data doesn’t exist, health officials and published vaccine-promoting, peer-reviewed literature can state there is no proof vaccines cause SIDS or other vaccine injuries.

How can a medical examiner be sure of which vaccine caused a person’s health to decline when multiple vaccines are given at a time? Overstimulating the immune system via vaccination can lead to a fatal outcome. Since it is proven difficult to narrow down which vaccine contributed to a child’s death after vaccination, giving numerous or combination vaccines should be a concern.


Article first appeared at Vactruth.


Would You Trust a Doctor Who Smokes?

Alex Berezow cigar at Cool River

Dr. Alex Berezow

Jail those opposed to vaccines.

Board of Contributors” of USA Today

(See Important References at End of Article)

Did USA Today contributor “Doctor” Alex Berezow really say that people should be jailed for expressing Freedom of Choice as to what medicines, if any, they choose put inside of their own bodies? Yes he did !!!

For Alex to open his argument for mandatory universal vaccines against the free choice of the individual by calling people with a different point of view than his crazy (“ludicrous”) and stupid (“ignorant”), only shows his own guilt in precisely these two areas. If belittling others who disagree with him is his methodology for argumentation, then I would certainly question his elementary school accreditation.

The fact is, the majority has ALWAYS been wrong throughout history, with the minority having been proven right in a following generation. If Alex is a true “scientist”, how can he overlook this blatant fact? The majority of “scientists” like him thought the world was flat. The majority of “doctors” like him thought bleeding a virus out of a person would lead to their health. The majority of “leaders” like him thought Nixon was honest. You see, you can be sincere, and be sincerely wrong.

To say that “a mountain of data” (which was self-created by the fox profiteers of the 40 Billion Dollar a Year vaccine industry in a wily attempt to forcibly inoculate the consumer chickens under their care) “proves” that vaccines are safe, is not necessarily proof of anything, except a lucrative, controlling agenda. Think about it . . . If the product a profit-seeking company sells is required by law to purchase, and the sales are 40 Billion Dollars a Year, that’s a pretty good arrangement with the government, isn’t itWhat would you be willing to do for 40 Billion Dollars?

At one time “mountains” of medical journals advocated draining blood out of a person to heal them. In fact, our country’s beloved patriarch, George Washington, was killed in such a manner, murdered through negligent homicide by the very best doctors America had to offer, the very same ones who Alex holds as Lords above the rest of us!

People like Alex who call others who disagree with them “illogical” (which is another way of calling them “stupid”) only prove their sightlessness to the facts by the arrogance that they display, which caused their blindness to begin with! They belittle people who believe that a Divine Creator makes more sense than a leopard giving itself spots, without realizing that they have made their self-made institutions their own religion! How much more obvious can this be than calling his own blog the “MINISTRY of science”!

The fact is, vaccines contain up to 25,000 times more mercury in them than the Environmental Protection Agency allows in drinking water. As most children receive 49 vaccines (believe it or not) containing this mercury by the age of six, this is then up to 1.25 MILLION times the amount of mercury allowed in drinking water by the EPA! Seeing how mercury has been known to be a neurotoxin for more than two hundred years, causing “madness” (hence the term “mad as a hatter”, from mercury they absorbed in the manufacturing of hat felt two centuries ago), why on earth would someone knowingly give the developing brain of an innocent child 49 doses of mercury before the age of six?!?! (And people still question if the mental illness of autism can be caused by the known neurotoxin mercury in vaccines??? See the reference at the end of this article of a recent court which ruled that VACCINES DO CAUSE AUTISM.) The manufactures of vaccines claim that mercury is used in them as a “preservative for the medicine”, yet would you drink orange juice that had mercury added to it as a “preservative” ??? Would it even be legal to sell orange juice that had mercury added to it as a preservative???

The fact is, William Thompson, a former Senior Scientist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the organization that Alex quotes as his Pope of medicine, recently confessed that rampant fraud, under the disguise of “science”, regularly goes on at the CDC, where data of vaccine fatalities and permanent brain or bodily injury are frequently omitted from CDC documents because of political pressure put on them from the 40 Billion Dollar a Year Vaccine Industry!  If vaccines are so safe, why did the vaccine industry successfully lobby congress in 1986 to receive immunity from prosecution for vaccine injuries!!! Isn’t this contradictory if vaccines are really safe?

Does anyone realize that the CDC and the FDA accept oversight of studies that “prove” the safety of drugs and food by the manufactures themselves of the drugs and foods they are trying to sell? Who was it that thought putting the fox in charge of the henhouse was a good idea??? Who let this happen in the first place and why??? When did protecting our children morph into protecting the program to protect our childrenTo question the “system” is a sign of intelligence, not stupidity.

To blindly trust industry and government that used to say in our lifetime that Coca Cola was VERY GOOD for the developing brains of babies, is really naive. For Alex to say that people who think differently than he about mercury laden vaccines are somehow of “inferior” intelligence, one should consider the fact that, in a recent survey of those in California who refused the measles vaccine in order to protect their children from mercury poisoning, nearly all of them were from affluent, very well educated, families! Virtually none of them were from the “stupid class” of people Alex claims to feel so superior to that he would jail them for disagreeing with him. In fact, these “people of the masses”, are the very ones who support vaccines!  Alex is actually targeting people of high intelligence who know the truth, just as a general targets an enemy’s stronghold, thinking that discrediting his fellow “intellectuals” who know the truth, is the best way to silence those driving the opposition, to whom many others in the general population look to for guidance.

If Alex is so smart to begin with, why does he smoke when it is known to cause cancer and why does he drink flammable liquids that kill the brain, or are these the very things that diminished his reasoning in the first place?

When the “news” reports that the “majority” of people contracting the measles at Disneyland were not vaccinated, what are the EXACT numbers anyway? 51% to 49% ? You see, they never say, even though “journalists” are supposed to report the facts, right? The fact is, SEVERAL of the people who got measles at Disneyland were vaccinated (as you can read in a reference at the end of this article), and a former Merck (vaccine company) employee recently confessed that it was the measles vaccine itself (because it contains the virus) which caused the outbreak in the first place!!!

Now a word from our sponsor, then the article will conclude.  Please check it out by clicking on it to send me some revenue, free of charge to you!  Thank You!

A few weeks ago, a nurse whom I interviewed at a prestigious hospital, told me confidentially that 100% of the flu cases she was treating were from people who RECEIVED the flu vaccine! How much plainer of a con game can this be? Even the CDC reported in 1984, during the last mild “outbreak” of measles, that of the school students who contracted measles, 100% had received a measles vaccine, indicating that the measles virus in the vaccine is what gave them the measles in the first place!!! Interesting isn’t it, that the vaccine that is supposed to protect you from the disease actually causes the disease! (Not to long ago a friend of mine told me that whatever a politician says, know that the exact opposite is true!)

According to our own Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in the past 10 years in the United States, ZERO deaths have resulted from the measles, yet 108 deaths have occurred because of fatal reactions to the measles vaccine!!! Why on earth is this not reported by the media?!?! Obviously, someone is profiteering, either with money or control or both, from pushing, through fear mongering, mandatory vaccines. (40 Billion Dollar a Year Industry, remember?) That is why the 99% corporate controlled media is not reporting these facts, because they would adversely effect the vaccine sales and control initiatives at their own affiliated companies! You can now see, if you have not previously, that “news” is really nothing more than government and corporate propaganda disguised as “news”.

Even the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has admitted that those receiving vaccines are the ones who are actually putting others at risk. The reason is that an otherwise healthy person is injected with THE VIRUS that the vaccine is supposed to protect them against, and that they can then transmit this virus to others! It says so right on the box containing the vaccine . . . which the public, of course, is never shown!!!

The flu vaccine box, which contains the mercury laden vaccine, also says this, word for word, right on it:


Is that “scientific” enough for you Alex, or do you pray before you take each shot?

Why in the world, then, would I deliberately inject myself, or especially my children, with the poison mercury to have little to no chance of preventing future coughing and sneezing that would heal itself anyway?!?!

Want to know the possible side effects of vaccines? (Are you sure you want to know???) They too are written right on the box by the “scientists” that Alex worships:


Is there ANY part of my body these toxins WON’T kill ???

Alex said, “No person has the right to threaten the safety of others”, yet he is hypocritically doing the very thing he just spoke against by FORCING the above DANGERS (“threatening the safety of others”) on someone else without their permission!

He said that “people should be arrested for endangering others”, then I guess if the above horrific DANGERS are in vaccines, as written by “scientists” like him RIGHT ON THE BOX, if Alex has any morality or honesty left in him, he should immediately turn himself in for incarceration for advocating the FORCING of mercury, a known poison, into others, ENDANGERING them to receive the above risks to their lives against their will. (I’ll ask the judge to set a reasonable bond for him, seeing how he was so conscientious to turn himself in.)

Why does part of the population have to get vaccines against their free will to protect the other part of the population, who have already received a vaccine, if vaccines really work to protect the group who received them from the disease they fear getting from the unvaccinated group?  If they and their children have already taken their vaccines, and vaccines really work, why would they care if others took theirs or not?  They would already be protected from the disease by having their own vaccination, right?

If vaccines really worked, and were not part of another agenda, let’s say to put who knows what into the population’s bodies, for who knows what future reason, then if the complaining parties were the ONLY ones on the ENTIRE PLANET who were vaccinated against all of us “sick” people, then they would STILL be protected from the illness, even if everyone else on the entire earth was unvaccinated except them, because they had already received their own vaccines against the disease, right?!

Why is it then, that “they” need the rest of us to be vaccinated with poisons to “protect” them if they already have their vaccines which protect them from the disease they fear getting from the rest of us???

It was only recently proven by the Kenya Catholic Doctors Association, a pro-vaccine group, that millions of Kenyan girls were purposely injected with a sterilization drug hidden in a “tetanus vaccine” to secretly control the population. Why is this not a lead story in network news, instead of how much air is in a football?!?! (See this reference at end of this article) Bill Gates (the famous vaccine pusher and population reducer proponent) was even caught on camera saying “We are going to REDUCE the population with VACCINES !” Think about it! If vaccines are supposed to prolong life (allegedly causing vast numbers of people to live that would have otherwise died without the supposed benefit of the vaccine), how on earth then could vaccines result in population reduction instead of population expansion??? (See and hear Gates say this himself through the link in the references at the end of this article)

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that only Africans are on his Hit List.


What is the REAL reason for wanting to “vaccinate” EVERYONE???


Does a dog or a cow have a CHOICE to NOT be vaccinated? No, it does not. Why? Because it is an animal and a piece of property. When we start treating PEOPLE like animals and property, our society is going BACKWARDS, not forwards.

For Alex Berezow to suggest that people should go to jail for not having vaccinations against one’s freedom of choice, he is treating people like animals and property. To let someone, such as Alex, who advocates treating people like animals and property, to be on the “Board of Contributors” of USA Today, is like having a Klansman on the board of the NAACP. I highly recommend that he be removed immediately to save the dying reputation of USA Today before he kills it beyond resuscitation.

 -Brother Bart-




Alarming Vaccine Ingredients

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The Largest Medical Conspiracy Ever

Psychotropic drugs, which are legally sold and recommended by health practitioners are responsible for more deaths than illegal street drugs. (

Psychotropic drugs, which are legally sold and recommended by health practitioners are responsible for more deaths than illegal street drugs. (

Today, 100 million people around the world are on psychiatric drugs. How did we come to this?

The largest medical conspiracy is not the one that causes physical disease to hundreds, thousands or millions of people, but the one that is set in motion to control the minds of people.

For a long time, the psychotropic industry not only makes billions of dollars a year through the sale of pharmaceutical products used by psychiatrists and psychologists to “treat” their patients, but also, knowingly and purposely deplete the minds of those who use such products.

The way in which Psychiatry as a pseudo-science became relevant in modern society is one story in itself.

Large medical organizations, academia and powerful foundations are responsible for the adoption of “curing” techniques that originated back in the early 20th century which sought to treat patients with archaic, torturous procedures that were nothing more than live human experiments whose effectiveness were based on nothing but hunches.

With the advancement of science, psychiatrists saw an opportunity to achieve the goal they had not been able to achieve despite multiple trials with their insane physical treatments.

In 1967, psychiatrists met in the island of Puerto Rico to conspire and create what they thought was the best way to make people mental servants of the medical-scientific-pharmaceutical industry.

Their plan was to create, provide and even mandate people to take a whole new range of psychotropic products that they’d recommend as the only solution for a list of nonexistent mental diseases that people would be made to believe they actually had.

During their meeting, these so-called medical experts and men of science, such as Heinz Lehmann, Joseph Zubin, Nathan Kline, Charles Savage and others, expressed their desire to control people’s minds. They produced a document or report called “Psychotropic Drugs in the Year 2000″ where they outline their plan for the future.

The purpose of these psychiatrists was clear, as it was expressed by Wayne O. Evans. “We see a developing potential for nearly a total control of human emotional status, mental functioning, and will to act.”

What Evans described was the medical establishment’s complete plan to bring people under control with the use of pharmaceutical products that would be pushed through trusted scientists, medical journals and ultimately with the help of medical doctors who were to a great extent indoctrinated into believing the drugging someone for life was the best way to cure their mental and physical illnesses.

Psychotropic drugs used to treat problems like dementia, stress, depression and other supposed mental conditions aren’t safe at all. In fact, they are responsible for a wide range of side effects including violence, desire to commit suicides and homicide in addition to making patients addicted.

In the best case scenario, psychotropic drugs have managed to kill more people; not help them, than cure them of their physical ailments. Their side effects are almost never studied before they are put out and the addiction they cause is simply referred to as dependence.

Psychotropic drugs, which are legally sold and recommended by health practitioners are responsible for more deaths than illegal street drugs. According to research, over half of the people who commit suicide in the United States are patients or users of psychotropic drugs prescribed to them.

A short list of these drugs include: Zoloft, Paxil, Prozac, Wellbutrin, Effexor, Seroquil and Ultram, among others.

Multiple reports in the media have pointed to abuse of psychotropic drugs by soldiers who are sent to the battle field even though they are mentally unprepared to face the reality brought to them when in combat situations.

Psychotropic drugs are even given to soldiers as a way to mentally flush their brains and eliminate any fear, phobia or intolerance to the crude reality of a combat zone, so they can be deployed 3, 4 or more times.

Psychotropic drugs are responsible for military suicides, and warnings about the consequences of their use and abuse have been issued by psychiatrists themselves, the ones not committed to use prescription drugs to cure anything and everything.

They’ve said that “the risk from side effects is too great.” The calls to stop using prescription drugs to make soldiers tolerant to the stress of the battlefield have become louder and louder. “There’s no way on earth that these boys and girls are getting monitored on the field,” said Dr. Peter Breggin, a New York-based psychiatrist. “The drugs simply shouldn’t be given to soldiers.”

But the use and abuse of psychotropic drugs doesn’t only happen in the army. It also occurs in mental institutions, which in most cases are places filled with people who were forced by their doctors to be imprisoned in such places “for their own good”, and who are then submitted to long and painful medical treatments that include the intake of prescription drugs for the rest of their lives.

Many of these patients are children who are deemed by their doctors as troubled, which qualifies them to become lab rats in a mental institution where they are loaded with psychotropic drugs — that are often in their experimental phase — in order to calm down or in theory eliminate the origin of the trouble pointed by the medical expert.

Children as young as 7 suffering from neglect, abuse or who simply were not raised by two parents, are prescribed antipsychotic drugs for the rest of their lives, and are taught that only the continuous use of pharmaceutical drugs will take them out of their supposed mental illness.

Drugs like Lexapro and Vyvanse are responsible for children suicide. Others are prescribed Symbyax, a drug that supposedly works as an anti-depressant, even though its label clearly states that it may lead to suicide.

Today, 100 million people around the world are on psychiatric drugs. How did we come to this? Their doctors convinced them that they were mentally sick. They talked them into believing that every mental or emotional experience was an example of a mental or emotional disease. They told them that stress, anxiety, depression and every other reaction to their lives experiences were treatable diseases and that they had the solutions and the cures for them.

Although more and more psychiatrists confess that their profession lacks the science they often claim to have, that their analysis and treatment of patients is a trial and error process, when they are in front of their patients, many of these professionals do not hesitate to recommend drugs that will only worsen any mental or physical medical problem.

We don’t have any blood tests, or any other medical tests that are definitive for any mental disorder,” said a psychiatrist from New Jersey, outside and medical convention venue.

This statement was similar to what another psychiatrist from Mexico City said: “If you come to my office and tell me you are depressed, there is no medical test or blood test…” And the testimonies about the medical uncertainties of psychiatry and their so-called medical cures continue: “There aren’t currently any available tests to verify your diagnosis,” said a psychiatrist from Greece.

Even when psychiatrist and drug makers know that their products have dangerous side effects and that the scientific base for the manufacturing of these products is faulty to say the least, they have no problem whatsoever to wake up every morning to go to their offices and recommend the pharmaceuticals to their unsuspecting patients.

Many of these patients often become part of the list of at least 3000 people a month who directly die because of the use of psychotropic drugs recommended by their doctors. Many people were shocked on September 11, 2001, when around 3000 people were murdered during the terrorist attacks in New York and Pensilvannia.

Most people fail to realize that as bad as 9/11 was, the kind of crime committed that day is actually replicated monthly or perhaps more often by doctors prescribing pharmaceutical drugs to their patients.

According to publicly available data, 70% of the psychotropic drugs used by people with supposed mental disease are prescribed by their trusted medical doctors.

“They use what I call statistical contortionism. They manipulate the numbers to make them look fantastic and hide the bad numbers,” says Shane Ellison, an organic chemist who used to work for as a drug researcher for pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly.

According to the film Making a Killing: The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging, the number of psychotropic drugs has grown exponentially since 1966.

Back then there were a total of 44 different products. Today, the number reaches 176 different pharmaceutical drugs available for doctors to sell to their patients. It is through this direct relationship between doctors and patients together with clever marketing directed to medical professionals — in seminars and conferences — that the pharmaceutical industry managed to do exactly what elite psychiatrists had planned 40 years ago.

The top five pharmaceutical drugs sold around the world bring in about $18 billion dollars for Big Pharma every year. This is about the same amount obtained when we add up the GDP of half of the nations of the world. As a whole, the psychiatric industry, says the film, makes a grand total of $330 billion dollars a year of the health and well-being of millions of people around the world.

This article is just a quick summary about how the pharmaceutical industry’s unholy alliance with the medical industry helped drive the goals planned for many decades ago. We recommend you watch the film Psychiatry: An Industry of Death, in order to obtain a strong background about the origins, workings and goals that the pseudoscience of Psychiatry has for all of us.

For a more contemporaneous view on what is the Psychiatry Industry doing right now and how the unholy alliance works, please watch the film Making a Killing: The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging. Furthermore, pass the information contained in this article and the films cited above to as many people as possible.

Luis R. Miranda is an award-winning journalist and the founder and editor-in-chief at The Real Agenda. His career spans over 18 years and almost every form of news media. His articles include subjects such as environmentalism, Agenda 21, climate change, geopolitics, globalisation, health, vaccines, food safety, corporate control of governments, immigration and banking cartels, among others. Luis has worked as a news reporter, on-air personality for Live and Live-to-tape news programs. He has also worked as a script writer, producer and co-producer on broadcast news. Read more about Luis.


Obamacare Mega-Oops: Nearly One Million Incorrect Tax Forms Sent Out


By: Lily Dane | The Daily Sheeple -

Sometimes one can’t help but wonder if this whole Obamacare fiasco is ever going to end. It’s like a recurring bad dream…an infinite nightmare that keeps returning, with new plot twists and horrible surprises every evening.

The latest blunder (to put it mildly) involves tax forms.

From the AP:

In a new setback for the health care law and the people it’s supposed to help, the government said Friday it made a tax-reporting error that’s fouling up the filings of nearly a million Americans.

After a successful sign-up season, the latest goof could signal new problems with the complex links between President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul and the nation’s income tax system.

Officials said the government sent the wrong tax information to about 800,000 customers, and they’re asking those affected to delay filing their 2014 returns. The issue involves a new government form called a 1095-A, which is like a W-2 form for health care for people who got subsidized private coverage under Obama’s law.

People can find out whether they’re affected by logging in to their accounts at, where they should find a message indicating whether they were affected or not. They also can check by phoning the federal customer service center at 800-318-2596.

Separately, California announced earlier that it had sent out inaccurate tax forms affecting about 100,000 households. The state is not part of the federal market but runs its own insurance exchange.

But, but wait…how could this HAPPEN?

The AP article goes on to explain… said in a blog post that the federal mistake happened when information on this year’s premiums was substituted for what should been 2014 numbers. The website had a technology meltdown when it was launched back in 2013, but seemed to have overcome its problems this enrollment season.

This, after Obama bragged about having a successful enrollment season:

“It gives you some sense of how hungry people were out there for affordable, accessible health insurance,” Obama said of the current enrollment year.

“The Affordable Care Act is working. It’s working a little better than we anticipated. It’s certainly, I think, working a lot better than what many of the critics had talked about early on,” Obama said.

Working BETTER than they anticipated? I’d hate to see what their idea of a failure would be.

Maybe someone should remind Obama that when people are forced to buy a product or service via threat of extortion taxation, a funny thing happens…many people DO buy that product or service.

Of course, the White House spin doctor spokesman is trying to downplay the problem:

“It’s a small percentage of overall tax filers,” said spokesman Josh Earnest. “You’re talking about less than 1 percent of people who file taxes.”

If you are one of the unfortunate souls who will be impacted by this, you’ll find out soon:

At the Health and Human Services department, Andy Slavitt, who oversees health insurance programs, said consumers affected by the problem will be notified starting immediately via phone calls and emails. They represent about 1 of every 5 customers who got subsidies in 2014.

An estimated 50,000 people who have already filed their taxes will receive special instructions from the Treasury Department, he said. All corrected forms should be available by early March.

Slavitt said the error involved a “benchmark” premium that is used to help determine the subsidies that individuals receive. It’s unclear whether the impact would favor the government or individual policyholders. Slavitt said it’s a mix.

If you think impacted people can contact the government for help, you’d be mistaken, as Charles Hughes of Cato points out:

Enrollees who already filed will not find much help at for now, which only reads: “Additional information will be provided shortly.”

Hughes goes on to add…

Overall, nearly one million exchange enrollees could see delays in getting their income tax refunds, or find that their size of the refund has changed due to corrections in the tax form. Many of these people depend on this tax refund, and unanticipated problems could have significant adverse consequences.

Filing taxes is already a cumbersome and aggravating process. Obamacare has made it even more arduous as people have to attest to having health insurance coverage and how much they receive in exchange subsidies. Even worse, it nearly one in five customers was sent the wrong forms, and these people will have to delay filing their taxes, or even resubmit them.

The Obama administration would foul up a two-car funeral, so is it any surprise they continue to screw up a policy as convoluted as Obamacare?

Lily Dane is a staff writer for The Daily Sheeple. Her goal is to help people to “Wake the Flock Up!”


Widespread Drug-Resistant Malaria Cases Now Threatening India


Our dependence upon drugs to control the spread of deadly diseases is becoming a double edged sword. On one hand, it keeps the communities healthier, but on the other side, it will only work for so long. We have seen this with many drugs, and each has the same result: over time, the drug is not as consistent in treatment and resistance begins to occur. We are now seeing it with artemisinin, a drug normally given as part of combination therapy for malaria.

Drug-Resistance Inevitable

According to an article from the BBC, the effectiveness of artemisinin is weakening as resistance grows in Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, and Myanmar (Burma), including a region that’s just 15 miles from India. In fact, experts said the development was “alarming” and an “enormous threat”. Why is this resistance occurring? It’s simply evolution. We can only control the disease for so long. Eventually, it will learn to adapt. Such is the case for artemisinin.

The BBC notes that this when this type of crisis has happened before , it spread into other regions of the world:

Chloroquine probably saved hundreds of millions of lives, but resistance was discovered in 1957 around the border between Cambodia and Thailand. Resistance spread around the world and reached Africa 17 years later.

There is no evidence of artemisinin resistance in Africa yet, although there is concern that history is about to repeat itself with deadly consequences.

Malaria Facts

Malaria is caused by parasites that are transmitted to people through the bites of infected mosquitoes. About 3.2 billion people – almost half of the world’s population – are at risk of malaria. Malaria killed 627,000 worldwide in 2012, mostly children younger than five years old. In fact, it is estimated that every minute a child dies of malaria. According to the CDC, treatment of malaria depends on many factors including disease severity, the species of malaria parasite causing the infection and the part of the world in which the infection was acquired. The latter 2 characteristics help determine the probability that the organism is resistant to certain antimalarial drugs. Additional factors such as age, weight, and pregnancy status may limit the available options for malaria treatment.

How This Could Affect You

Just because this drug-resistant malaria is on the other side of the world, does not mean it can’t affect you. The CDC discusses how malaria can quickly be transmitted into the United States.

Mosquito-Borne Malaria

Outbreaks of locally transmitted cases of malaria in the United States have been small and relatively isolated, but the potential risk for the disease to re-emerge is present due to the abundance of competent vectors, especially in the southern states. At the request of the states, CDC assists in these investigations of locally transmitted mosquito-borne malaria.

“Airport” Malaria

“Airport” malaria refers to malaria caused by infected mosquitoes that are transported rapidly by aircraft from a malaria-endemic country to a non-endemic country. If the local conditions allow their survival, they can bite local residents who can thus acquire malaria without having traveled abroad

Congenital Malaria

In congenital malaria, infected mothers transmit parasites to their child during pregnancy before or during delivery. Therefore, though congenital transmission is rare, health-care providers should be alert to the diagnosis of malaria in ill neonates and young infants, particularly those with fever.

During evaluation, health-care providers should obtain a complete and accurate travel and residency history on the patient and close relatives. Patients should be asked about transfusion of blood products.

The absence of recent foreign travel or a long interval between immigration of the mother and the birth of the infant being examined should not discourage clinicians from obtaining blood films on the patient to rule out a potentially life-threatening but treatable infection.

Transfusion-Transmitted Malaria

Transfusion-transmitted malaria is rare in the United States, but it is a potential severe complication in blood recipients. On average, only one case of transfusion-transmitted malaria occurs in the United States every 2 years.

Because no approved tests are available in the United States to screen donated blood for malaria, prevention of transfusion-transmitted malaria requires careful questioning of prospective donors.

Tess Pennington is the editor for After joining the Dallas chapter of the American Red Cross in 1999, Tess worked as an Armed Forces Emergency Services Center specialist and is well versed in emergency and disaster management and response. Tess is the author of The Prepper’s Cookbook: 300 Recipes to Turn Your Emergency Food into Nutritious, Delicious, Life-Saving Meals. When a catastrophic collapse cripples society, grocery store shelves will empty within days. But by following Tess’s tips for stocking, organizing, and maintaining a proper emergency food supply, your family will have plenty to eat for weeks, months, or even years.


Deadly Superbug Outbreak At UCLA, Some 200 Exposed

Exterior view of the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center (AFP Photo / Mark Ralston)

Exterior view of the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center (AFP Photo / Mark Ralston)

At least two people have died and a further seven exposed to a deadly strain of drug-resistant superbug bacteria at a hospital on the UCLA campus. Authorities are notifying 179 more people that have potentially been exposed.

The enterobacteriaceae (CRE) can be fatal in as many as half of all cases if the bacteria reach the bloodstream.

The university discovered the outbreak last month, while running tests on a patient. It will now test the other 179 people it believes to be infected. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention are currently assisting the LA County Department of Public Health in investigating further effects.

Doctors at the Ronald Reagan Medical Center, where the outbreak occurred, believe the moment of infection happened “during complex endoscopic procedures that took place between October 2014 and January 2015,” according to CBS.

“These outbreaks at UCLA and other hospitals could collectively be the most significant instance of disease transmission ever linked to a contaminated reusable medical instrument,” believes Larence Muscarella, a safety consultant at Ronald Reagan.

michelle kang tweet

Although the scopes were sterilized in accordance with standard procedure, their very construction carries with it a risk of bacterial buildup. It turns out the scope could have transmitted the infection during a procedure “to diagnose and treat pancreaticobiliary diseases,” at least that is the working theory at this time.

Over 500,000 people annually have scopes inserted into their bodies to treat infections and diseases occurring in the digestive system. The clinic is receiving high praise for spotting the infection early and enabling treatment. But there is ongoing debate about proper disinfection of the scopes, with some saying that conventional techniques aren’t suited to the scopes’ design.


Three-dimensional (3D) computer-generated image of a group of carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae bacteria. (image by the Centers for Disease Control)

Three-dimensional (3D) computer-generated image of a group of carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae bacteria. (image by the Centers for Disease Control)

These are not standard scopes either: these and other endoscopes involved in previous outbreaks have “an elevator channel” that is used to get the tool into tight spots. It can be used with various attachments. It is there that bacteria build up.

“The two scopes involved with the infection were immediately removed and UCLA is now utilizing a decontamination process that goes above and beyond the manufacturer and national standards,” university spokesman Dale Tate told the LA Times.

Authorities in the state and beyond believe an industry-wide response needs to take place, as this is not the first outbreak of such kind. Since 2012, more than 150 patients in the states of Pennsylvania and Illinois, and the city of Seattle had fallen victim to outbreaks that could well be the result of a lax system for ensuring patient safety during procedures.

A total of 32 patients were infected with contaminated endoscopes at Virginia Mason Medical Center in Seattle between 2012 and 2014, the hospital has acknowledged last month. The infection was a similar strain to the CRE found at UCLA.

The superbug itself is difficult to treat, and there is risk that “This bacteria is emerging in the US and it’s associated with a high mortality rate,” Dr. Alex Kallen with the CDC told the LA Times. “We don’t want this circulating anywhere in the community.”

sputnik tweet

But a number of bodies advocating patient safety say that authorities aren’t fast enough in responding to the need to change things like cleaning guidelines and so on.

“Hospitals and manufacturers often take months to assess what to do, with the infected patients being the last to know,” a further problem seen by Muscarella.

The FDA is also on board with efforts to curb the rate of infection from contaminated instruments. It said in a statement it was “actively engaged with the manufacturers of duodenoscopes used in the US and with other government agencies such as the CDC to develop solutions to minimize patient risk associated with these issues… The FDA believes the continued availability of these devices is in the best interest of the public health,” it also said.

The manufacturer and supplier of the endoscopes to UCLA, Olympus Medical Systems Group, has joined the discussion.

Source: RT


Birth Trauma And The Dark Side Of Modern Medicine (VIDEO)


On this week’s Real Politik we speak with Jeanice Barcelo on modern medicine’s theft and brutalization of the human birthing process. Barcelo is a transformational teacher in the movement to expose the violence of hospital birth and to return birthing to the home. She is also the author of the 2014 book, Birth Trauma and the Dark Side of Modern Medicine: Exposing Systematic Violence During Hospital Childbirth and the Hijacking of Human Love, a work that examines the horrors of technologically-managed pregnancy and childbirth, and how we as a society have come to accept this as a substitute for what was once a truly divine and spiritual event.

Barcelo has spent the last 15 years uncovering the long-term and inter-generational impact of primal trauma on the human body-mind-spirit system. She views the ever-escalating amount of violence being inflicted on babies and pregnant mothers as part of a social agenda. Barcelo has lectured extensively on this and has created an important curriculum to help end the lineage on abuse, violence and trauma, and restore humanity’s capacity to love. More information on Jeanice Barcelo and her work is available at

Interview Highlights

Barcelo began to investigate the industrialization of the birth process as a result of her own life and personal experiences of birth trauma and how that has impacted personal relations with loved ones. “[There was] extreme pain and anguish that I felt about what happened to my children, and also the ongoing pain of never really properly bonding with my mother. There’s been a lineage of disturbed love in my family line–a breakdown in human love.

When I sought healing for my birth trauma I began to discover that the roots of this breakdown in love are actually a result of what happens to us when we’re in the womb and while we’re being born. What is happening and being done to us through the medical system is really causing severe brain damage and an alteration in our ability to love, and to be loved. It’s enormously important for us to understand what’s happening so that we can break the bonds that are holding us to this system [that is] having us pass on the trauma to our children.


Barcelo argues that in the early twentieth century the paradigm of Western medicine was transformed, largely to the detriment of those it purports to serve. “What people need to understand,” Barcelo begins, “is that for millennia the medicine that our race used was created by the creator. And so the use of plants, the use of what we find in nature to heal any ailments is absolutely and infinitely more powerful than anything the medical people can conjure up. They’re using toxic chemicals to make what they call medicine.”

The people behind the medical system are those like the Rockefellers and the Rothchilds and the Carnegies and the Morgans. These are people that have an agenda that is not beneficial to all of humanity. It’s an agenda to create a race of slaves that will be in service to think of themselves as ‘elite.’ The medical was hijacked in the early 1900s by these people. They sort of finagled their way in by offering money to the medical schools, so that medical schools could pay for new equipment, research, and that sort of thing. And then they insisted on being on the boards of these medical schools. Before too long they had taken over the medical schools, and they have devised a system of what’s called prenatal care and technologically-managed childbirth that is nothing less than trauma-based mind control. Every single thing that they’re inflicting on babies while they’re in the womb, and on pregnant mothers and babies during hospital birth, is specifically to undermine the development of the human brain, to alter the development of the nervous system, and to break down the bonds of human love.

Barcelo notes that modern medicine’s intervention in parenthood, the birthing process, and child development begins while the baby is in the womb with, for example, repeated ultrasounds that impeded fetal development and impair fertility of male children, and continues with artificial inducement labor and the infant’s immediate entry to the world.  “When you interfere with the ability of the mother and child and father and child to make a strong connection in love during the first hour after birth, you are setting the stage for extreme violence later in life,” Barcelo contends. “There are certain windows of neurological opportunity that happen during the birth process and in the first hour after birth. If they are missed, for whatever reason, brain damage ensues. The further removed this child is from being able to bond, the more dangerous that child can become. The child can also be totally removed from reality through things such as autism–the whole capacity to be able to function in the way the creator intended us to function is completely cut off though the breaking of the bonds and the disruption of the nervous system and the brain.”

Among the most traumatic, unnecessary, and mind-altering aspects of the birth process experienced by mothers and infants in modern hospitals is circumcision. “This is happening regularly in American hospitals, and it’s happening to babies every single day,” Barcelo points out.

We’ve got more than a million babies a year being strapped to circumstraint boards and having the most sensitive parts of their penis cut off. The operation takes anywhere from ten minutes to up to thirty minutes when [doctors] are demonstrating how to do it to the medical students. That baby is screaming sounds that you’ll never hear from any person ever as it’s being tortured. And the doctors are saying the baby’s not feeling any pain while the baby’s screaming!

Something is deeply psychologically wrong with these doctors who are willing to do this repeatedly. They’re probably all circumcised themselves, and just carrying on trauma by inflicting it on other innocent children. They’re not all there. There’s something else going on. Their humanity is not present during a circumcision. Anybody that can hurt a child in that way is not in their right mind.

Barcelo argues that both circumcision and swaddling are procedures advocated by modern medicine that have long-lasting consequences in the psyches of individuals. Circumcision “causes permanent brain damage. The same with swaddling. If you take the blood of a swaddled infant the cortisol levels are off the charts. That infant is not sleeping. That infant is in parasympathetic shock. It’s the same exact thing that happens to an infant that’s being circumcised. If they can’t flee and they can’t fight, they freeze. They go in to a form of paralysis in order to survive the torture or the threat to their lives. Parasympathetic shock is the goal of trauma-based mind control–to cause parasympathetic shock. To get these children to dissociate, meaning to get the soul to leave the body, so that altered personality can be called forth. That altered personality will be much more willing to be in service to the dark side.”

Professor James F. Tracy is an Associate Professor of Media Studies at Florida Atlantic University. James Tracy’s work on media history, politics and culture has appeared in a wide variety of academic journals, edited volumes, and alternative news and opinion outlets. James is editor of Union for Democratic Communication’s Journal Democratic Communiqué and a contributor to Project Censored’s forthcoming publication Censored 2013: The Top Censored Stories and Media Analysis of 2011-2012. Additional writings and information are accessible at