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Prince Charlie And The Climate Factory

prince charles and al gore
To really understand the true context of this climate change charade one must factor in the massive worldwide geoengineering program. Unbeknownst to many, prior to the escalation of the war on Syria, millions of Syrians farmers were driven to poverty and forced into city centers for work via engineered drought.
It’s all part of clearing the land of what the controllers consider the nuisance humanity. It’s happening in many parts of the world, including the infamous California drought. Agenda 21, further augmented by Agenda 2030, lays this plan out clearly, herding people into densely populated areas for easier monitoring and control, amongst other sinister intentions. The unusable land will once again be watered by geoengineers once it’s in the guardianship of the state and/or huge corporations as they have done before in Australia and other countries.
Engineered torrential floods, freezes and storms are all part of their arsenal, but the drought factor needs highlighting as it’s hitting the world’s food supply as well as demographics very hard. For an in-depth look at this weapon of choice see Engineering The Climate To Control Populations. Be sure to click on the links to the various examples to see the enormous range of this ongoing drought program.
So here’s the pathetic, twisted mainstream narrative so many are buying into, conveniently broadcast just preceding the farcical UN Climate Summit:

Climate change has ‘huge impact’ on Syrian conflict – Prince Charles


Failure to properly address climate change issues has played a role in the rise of terrorism and instability in Syria, Prince Charles has said in an interview.

Speaking to Sky News in an interview to air Monday, the heir to the British throne claimed climate change “has a huge impact on what is happening.”

“There’s very good evidence indeed that one of the major reasons for this horror in Syria, funnily enough, was a drought that lasted for about five or six years, which meant that huge numbers of people in the end had to leave the land,” he said.

Prince Charles told the broadcaster: “We’re seeing a classic case of not dealing with the problem…it sounds awful to say, but some of us were saying 20 something years ago that if we didn’t tackle these issues, you would see ever greater conflict over scarce resources and ever greater difficulties over drought, and the accumulating effect of climate change, which means that people have to move.”

Prince Charles’ comments echo the findings of a report published in March in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, which highlighted the effect of a 2007-2010 drought on the conflict in Syria.

Asked if Britain can afford to address climate change in a time of budget cuts and austerity, the 67-year-old prince said: “The trouble is if we don’t, this is the awful thing, if we don’t it’s going to get so much worse, then life will become very, very complicated indeed, and what we’re experiencing now will be as nothing to the problems.”

The interview, which was recorded prior to the deadly Paris massacre, comes ahead of a major UN climate change summit in Paris next week, where more than 100 heads of state will try to secure an agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Charles is expected to deliver a keynote speech at the conference.   MORE>>

 Of course he’ll be speaking there, as will the usual high profile talking heads. “Luckily” no protests will be had due to the Par-ISIS stage production.

They really do try to think of everything. Too bad their world will crumble around their ears.

Stay free.

Love, Zen

By Zen Gardner at

Former U.S. Marine: “We Are ISIS”

Former U.S. Marine and veteran of the Gulf War, Kenneth O'Keefe, is an activist and has his own TV program. (Photo credit:

Former U.S. Marine and veteran of the Gulf War, Kenneth O’Keefe, is an activist and has his own TV program. (Photo credit:

Kenneth O’Keefe, a former U.S. Marine, has been making headlines for his straightforward speech about the West’s involvement in the war on terror, especially when it comes to the war against ISIS.

What has shocked the most people, who watch O’Keefe’s interviews on news outlets, is not necessarily his straightforwardness but the 180-degree paradigm shift that his statements reveal.

According to O’Keefe, who has appeared on news channels such as RT, PressTV and is often quoted on and, the name ISIS, which the mainstream media say is the Islamic State, is in reality more like the Israeli Secret Intelligence Services.

O’keefe says that is outrageous to think that ISIS has turned into what it is today all by itself, just as it is absurd to believe that Al-Qaeda became a household name because of its own merits.

“There was no Al-Qaeda in Iraq prior to the U.S. invading that country in 2013,” says O’Keefe. Seemingly, ISIS is also a creation of the West.

The so-called Islamic State is now being supported by Saudi Arabia and Qatar, both American proxy governments in the Middle East region.

“I hope [the Paris attacks] are a wake-up call for all of us to realize that we are ISIS,” explained O’Keefe on PressTV. Western governments are in bed with Saudi Arabia, who is the primary funder of ISIS along with Qatar and other Gulf states.”

O’Keefe says that the United States and his allies in the region are not only providing political and military assistance to Saudi Arabia while it slaughters innocent people in Yemen but also providing the cover for ISIS in Syria and other parts of the world.

“I believe that is beyond any doubt for any sensible person to realize that not only is the United States providing the financial cover, political cover and military cover to these terrorists through our proxies, but we are also, in a purely technical sense, providing training to these people along with Turkey.”

According to O’keefe, Turkey has also been serving as a vessel for ISIS militants to get into Syria.

Earlier this year, video footage surfaced where Turkish forces were providing transport means to ISIS terrorists to get into Syria. The same has been happening in Jordan, another American ally that has also been providing cover for ISIS forces.

“As long as we are all fighting each other, as long as we are not trusting each other, as long as we are simply being played as pawns, then they can maintain this tyrannical system of never ending war,” warned O’Keefe.

This former U.S. Marine was discharged from his position during the Gulf War for speaking against the abuses being committed by the American government and the American military.

O’Keefe also attempted to renounce his American citizenship for the same reason he decided to speak up in the early 1990s.

“What is happening in Paris is us. We are responsible for our corrupt government and for all of these policies.”

O’Keefe added that even if the terrorists are working directly for ISIS, Mossad, Al-Qaeda and other terror organizations, and even if they carried out the attacks in an organic way, the kind of mayhem that the attack cause is exactly what western governments want, because it favors the enactment of the same policies that resulted from the 9/11 attacks, the 7/7 attacks and the ones recently adopted by the French government.

O’Keefe is currently a double citizen of Ireland and Palestine.

Luis R. Miranda is an award-winning journalist and the founder and editor-in-chief at The Real Agenda. His career spans over 18 years and almost every form of news media. His articles include subjects such as environmentalism, Agenda 21, climate change, geopolitics, globalisation, health, vaccines, food safety, corporate control of governments, immigration and banking cartels, among others. Luis has worked as a news reporter, on-air personality for Live and Live-to-tape news programs. He has also worked as a script writer, producer and co-producer on broadcast news. Read more about Luis.

Turkey: The Country ISIS Uses As A Home Base And Where It Has Sold 800 Millions Dollars Of Oil


If we truly do want to get rid of ISIS, why aren’t we doing anything about the Islamic governments that are funding them, aiding them and facilitating the sale of their oil?  As you will see below, ISIS fighters hop back and forth over the Turkish border with impunity, there are “direct dealings between Turkish officials and ranking ISIS members”, and more than $800,000,000 worth of ISIS oil has been sold in Turkey.  If these things are true, action must be taken.  According to a recent Rasmussen Reports survey, 92 percent of Americans consider Islamic terrorism to be a serious threat to the United States, and a Washington Post-ABC News survey found that 83 percent of registered voters believe that a terror attack that causes a large amount of casualties inside the United States is likely in the near future.  The American people clearly want ISIS to be dealt with, so why isn’t the Obama administration doing anything to go after the state sponsors of such terror?

At this point, most Americans have absolutely no idea what is taking place in Iraq and Syria, and the mainstream media is certainly not being straight with us.  That is why I want to share with you some key excerpts from an amazing article that was written by award-winning journalist and best-selling author Dr. Nafeez Ahmed.  According to his bio, he has “written for the Independent on Sunday, The Independent, The Scotsman, Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, Huffington Post, New Statesman, Prospect Magazine, Le Monde Diplomatique, among many others.”  His recent article entitled “NATO is harbouring the Islamic State” is a must read.  In particular, what he has to say about the relationship between the Turkish government and ISIS is extremely eye opening…

A senior Western official familiar with a large cache of intelligence obtained this summer from a major raid on an ISIS safehouse told the Guardian that “direct dealings between Turkish officials and ranking ISIS members was now ‘undeniable.’”

The same official confirmed that Turkey, a longstanding member of NATO, is not just supporting ISIS, but also other jihadist groups, including Ahrar al-Sham and Jabhat al-Nusra, al-Qaeda’s affiliate in Syria. “The distinctions they draw [with other opposition groups] are thin indeed,” said the official. “There is no doubt at all that they militarily cooperate with both.”

But it isn’t just that Turkey and ISIS have “direct dealings” with each other.  In his article, Ahmed goes on to explain that ISIS uses Turkish territory as a home base from which to conduct attacks, and ISIS trucks are able to travel back and forth across the border and throughout Turkey quite freely

The former ISIS fighter told Newsweek that Turkey was allowing ISIS trucks from Raqqa to cross the “border, through Turkey and then back across the border to attack Syrian Kurds in the city of Serekaniye in northern Syria in February.” ISIS militants would freely travel “through Turkey in a convoy of trucks,” and stop “at safehouses along the way.”

The former ISIS communication technician also admitted that he would routinely “connect ISIS field captains and commanders from Syria with people in Turkey on innumerable occasions,” adding that “the people they talked to were Turkish officials… ISIS commanders told us to fear nothing at all because there was full cooperation with the Turks.”

Unless the U.S. military and our intelligence agencies are completely blind, deaf and dumb, the Obama administration surely must know all of this already.

So why are they allowing it to happen?

In addition, in his article Ahmed also documented the fact that ISIS has been able to sell more than 800 million dollars worth of oil in Turkey…

Turkey has also played a key role in facilitating the life-blood of ISIS’ expansion: black market oil sales. Senior political and intelligence sources in Turkey and Iraq confirm that Turkish authorities have actively facilitated ISIS oil sales through the country.

Last summer, Mehmet Ali Ediboglu, an MP from the main opposition, the Republican People’s Party, estimated the quantity of ISIS oil sales in Turkey at about $800 million — that was over a year ago.

If ISIS had no place to sell their oil, they would be a far less formidable enemy.

And anyone that believes that the Obama administration does not know exactly where all of that oil is being sold is either completely clueless or is almost unbelievably naive.

Once we understand the role that the U.S. government played in the rise of ISIS, things begin to make more sense.  I encourage everyone to check out the excellent video by Ben Swann that I have posted below

And I think that everything that I have shared above helps to explain why Barack Obama has been so soft on ISIS.  In fact, an article posted on the Washington Free Beacon that just came out says that Obama has been blocking 75 percent of all airstrikes against ISIS targets…

U.S. military pilots who have returned from the fight against the Islamic State in Iraq are confirming that they were blocked from dropping 75 percent of their ordnance on terror targets because they could not get clearance to launch a strike, according to a leading member of Congress.

Needless to say, this is more than just a little bit alarming, and many of our military leaders are absolutely disgusted by Obama’s approach.  The following comes from Newsmax

According to the House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Ed Royce, R-Calif., the policy is coming under attack by military leaders who believe it has enabled ISIS to gain strength within the region.

You went 12 full months while ISIS was on the march without the U.S. using that air power and now as the pilots come back to talk to us they say three-quarters of our ordnance we can’t drop, we can’t get clearance even when we have a clear target in front of us,” Royce said.

“I don’t understand this strategy at all because this is what has allowed ISIS the advantage and ability to recruit.”

While Jack Keane, a retired four-star U.S. general, agreed with Royce’s evaluation of the policy, he noted that it’s not only severely “constricting the U.S.,” but he believes it has “been an absurdity from the beginning.”

Could it be possible that Obama never intended to win the war against ISIS?

Could it be possible that Obama simply wanted to try to “contain” them and use them as a tool to help overthrow the Assad regime in Syria?

Could it be possible that he is purposely turning a blind eye to the assistance that the Turks, the Saudis and other Arab governments in the region are giving to ISIS?

If the answer to any of those questions is “yes”, then the entire war against ISIS is a complete and total fraud, and Obama should be immediately impeached.

Things are not as they seem, and the American people are not being told the truth.

Please share this article with as many people as you can on Facebook, Twitter and through email.  Our government has actively betrayed us, and now Islamic terror is more of a threat to our way of life than ever before.

Michael T. Snyder is a graduate of the McIntire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia and has a law degree and an LLM from the University of Florida Law School. He is an attorney that has worked for some of the largest and most prominent law firms in Washington D.C. and who now spends his time researching and writing and trying to wake the American people up. You can follow his work on The Economic Collapse blog, End of the American Dream and The Truth Wins. His new novel entitled “The Beginning Of The End” is now available on

Paris Attacks: “Impromptu” Bataclan Footage Product Of Professionals


Today the iPhone and similar personal electronic devices allow everyday people to take high-quality video and photos in an instant. Yet two key videos that have emerged from the November 13, 2015 Paris terror events were shot by established professionals–one of whom travelled from Russia on the morning of November 13 to be quartered in unusually close proximity to the rear exit of the Bataclan Theatre, where he or his his neighbor, a professional journalist, captured footage of shooting victims and survivors being dragged from the building and hanging from the facility’s upstairs windows.


Russian photographer Victor Boyko is a well-connected and established professional photographer, as his portfolio suggests. His clients include some of the world’s foremost entertainment and pop culture luminaries, including film director David Lynch, fashion designer Ralph Lauren, rock musician Lenny Kravitz, and singer/model/actress Paris Hilton. In other words, he .

victor boyko


Mr. Boyko arrived at Charles De Gaulle airport in the early morning hours of February 13, as this Facebook post reveals.


That morning Boyko proceeded to a rented flat ideally positioned at the rear of the Bataclan Theatre, as noted in this Facebook post taken at mid-day on November 14. Perhaps coincidentally Daniel Psenny, a journalist working for Le Monde, was in the room next door where he claimed to film horrified Bataclan concert goers exiting the facility.


Here is a rough translation of excerpts from the text accompanying the above photograph posted by Boyko on Facebook:

I went home and went through hell.

As I left the Republique plaza it became obvious that something wasn’t right. Too many sirens, and for some reason there was a bunch of firemen. I then understood that the firemen were simply reacting to something else. There were lots of police at the restaurant on the corner of the Boulevard Voltaire and they literally pushed people inside the cafe and the waiter shut door and locked it. In the street on the other side of the avenue.

[Boyko then discusses visiting a tavern owned by “Niko,” who invited him in to have a drink despite the circumstances.] Here we heard  about people having been shot, both about bataklane and about small Cambodian restaurant at 20 rue Alibert. In October I rented an apartment on 10 rue Alibert and ordered take out food from there.

Shortly thereafter the pedestrians ran to the other side of avenue together with the policemen with the panels. Niko winked to me and reached from the pocket of coat the bottle of beer. After 15 minutes all hell broke loose. Ten or more people appeared on stretchers and others were being carried by hand and loaded into ambulances. President Hollande arrived and the woman-mayor of Paris … The police stopped with automatic weapons, roughly searching those present. A group of survivors from the Bataclan sat in the fence, many of them lacked clothing and shook in the cold.

I arrived back early this morning, the door of my flat opposite the rear entrance of the Bataclan [my back door out of the Bataclan], where they ran away. I opened the door and there was blood all over the place. The lever to the elevator was covered in blood…

Here Boyko refers to Le Monde‘s Psenny, but oddly fails to point out that Psenny is also a journalist at Le Monde, who remarkably produces the same photos and videos attributed to Boyko (below) from almost the same vantage point outside the Bataclan.

I went up in the elevator to my floor, and there is no neighbor. The door was wide open… he saw people running out of the club from the window and went to help injured. He fell under the some of those exiting the theatre and they shot him through hand. He’s now in hospital and had to have surgery. Even today, the street is covered in blood.

Psenny is also noted in the end credits of a short video produced by the New York Times that includes voice overs of Bataclan Theatre shooting survivors.

daniel psenny

In fact, the New York Times credits this video footage to Psenny and Boyko, with similar reports suggesting that Psenny captured the video from his apartment. Yet the video was clearly taken very close to if not from the identical vantage point that Boyko maintains are his quarters. (There are only two unedited shots in the Times video–one inside the Bataclan as the terrorists begin shooting and one of the rear entrance scene–comprising the footage.)

Did Boyko in fact take the video and allow Psenny and Le Monde to appropriate it? After all, this is what professional photographers are commissioned to do. If so, he doesn’t say as much. One may safely conclude that Boyko could not have been Psenny’s guest because he refers to Psenny as his neighbor in the above account. Indeed, their positioning at the scene is highly unusual, yet clearly acknowledged in the end credits to the New York Times short above.

Again, here are frames from the photos attributed to Psenny:

le monde 2

And here are the photos from Boyko’s Instagram page:


Along the lines of Boyko’s Facebook post, Psenny relates to the UK Telegraph. a somewhat sensational account of rescuing an American who cryptically goes by the name of “Matthew” from the Bataclan shooting scene. “Monsieur Psenny,” the Telegraph notes, “who had been in his apartment filming panic stricken concert goers rushing from the scene–including a pregnant woman hanging form [sic] an upstairs window–managed to drag [Matthew] to safety but was himself shot by one of the gunmen.”

Here is Psenny recovering from the injury and recounting his ordeal.

le monde

Indeed, this was “Matthew’s” second “narrow escape from a terrorist strike,” according to the Telegraph account. “He was at the foot of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 heading to a work meeting when a United Airlines plan struck one of the towers.”

Further, the sole video to emerge out of an audience of 1,500 that coincidentally captured the initial stages of the terrorist attack was shot by professional graphic designer and illustrator “Seb Snow,” according to the New York Times (above).

seb snow

In conclusion, almost everyone today–including Parisians–are equipped with cell phones that have substantial video and photographic capacities. Why then are the only videos taken of one of the most significant terrorist events in recent history produced by professionals who are strategically positioned at the crime scene in advance?

Professor James F. Tracy is an Associate Professor of Media Studies at Florida Atlantic University. James Tracy’s work on media history, politics and culture has appeared in a wide variety of academic journals, edited volumes, and alternative news and opinion outlets. James is editor of Union for Democratic Communication’s Journal Democratic Communiqué and a contributor to Project Censored’s forthcoming publication Censored 2013: The Top Censored Stories and Media Analysis of 2011-2012. Additional writings and information are accessible at

France: A Nation Of Sheep Embraces The Police State


“A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves”, said once Edward R. Murrow. Today, France resembles that nation.

(The Real Agenda) While the French Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, labors strenuously to instigate fear among the French people, his president, François Hollande, goes out of his way to beg for more power for the State.

The fearmongering achieved its goal. The French National Assembly reached an agreement, almost unanimously, to extend the state of emergency until February 26 and expand police powers.

Six votes against and 551 in favor reflected the absence of debate in a society that has lost freedoms and whose people reject radical Islam, but accept radical government.

The feeling of insecurity drives extraordinary measures and that is why both Hollande and Valls have been playing the fear card all along since last Friday’s bomb attacks.

“It was an emergency procedure,” say those who are in favor of government radicalism.

The main opposition party, the Republicans of Nicolas Sarkozy, did not make too much of an opposition to the growing Police State. They actually wanted to go even further with more restrictive measures but accepted the socialist proposal.

“We will vote in favor. We need to move fast,” said the conservative MP Eric Ciotti.

Some of the support for the law came with a little suspicion from the Environmentalist party, whose members said “We will be vigilant”.

“These must be exceptional, transitional measures. We will vote in favor although there will be three votes against our group,” said the environmentalist François de Rugy.

One of those three environmental opposition members was Noël Mamère, one of the very few critical voices in the session on Thursday, where he said the speed with which they have taken security measures are part of a “drift” in French politics with too many laws promoted through “emotion” that are quickly approved before being properly vetted.

The other three votes against the new measures came from the left Socialist group of deputies who were also critical of the economic policy of Prime Minister Manuel Valls.

The massive vote in favor, which today is likely to be sanctioned by the Senate, allows the government to extend the state of emergency for three months; until 26 February 2016.

The most important measure of the new legislation is called assignment of residence. It seeks to legalize the confinement of a terror suspect in a house in a neighborhood.

Confined suspects may be held incommunicado.

During the debate, however, the government itself introduced important coercive measures: if the suspect has a previous conviction for terrorism he may be fitted with an electronic bracelet.

An alarm will alert the police if the subject leaves the geographical perimeter that has been imposed by the Interior Minister.

At the request of the government, MPs approved the possibility of copying computer data in the course of an investigation without a judicial warrant and to dissolve groups advocating terrorism, which applies particularly to managing radical mosques.

The Assembly has added a small legislative change which will immediately block websites that promote terrorism. However, it is unknown what the criteria will be to designate a website as a promoter of terrorism or what content will be deemed as an instigator of terrorism.

A country of Sheep

France is today another France; more fearful and more willing to surrender its freedoms.

“We face an enemy willing to use any failure of the state,” warned the centrist deputy Jean-Christophe Lagarde.

Before the full winding, Valls was able to report the death of Abdelhamid Abaaoud and congratulate the police.

The climate was right to approve new legislation overwhelmingly.

In parallel to the parliamentary debate, the Directorate General of the National Police decided to authorize police officers to carry weapons even while off duty.

President Francois Hollande wants even the municipal police to be armed when on duty.

Until now the national police could only carry weapons within the constituency in which they work.

“We want to be able to carry during their daily trips from home to work,” explained Christophe Dumont, the Syndicated Picture of Homeland Security.

With the new guidelines, officers are allowed to carry their weapons anywhere in the country even if they are off work or on holiday.

The director of the DGSI will meet with unions to set new measures, perhaps permanent ones regarding this new condition.

Moreover, the prefecture expanded until Sunday the ban on organizing demonstrations.

The Government has also decided to indefinitely deprive the Climate Summit that begins in Paris on 30 November of its lighter side and to void all associated activities.

The great march planned by the city center on Sunday 29th has also been canceled.

The Unlimited Power of the Fear Card

Citing no conclusive evidence, the French Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, warned yesterday about the possibility that the country becomes a victim of a chemical or bacteriological attack.

“We can not exclude anything. I say this with precaution, but we are at risk of chemical and biological attacks,” Valls said at the start of a parliamentary debate which approved the new anti-terrorism measures.

Valls disturbing words are not a novelty.

The Government shuffled this possibility ahead of the Climate Summit and on Saturday, a day after attacks, the Health Department published a decree to authorize the purchase of a massive amount of pharmaceutical drugs that work as an antidote to some poisoning, especially against sarin gas.

In just one week, after the Paris attacks, France has imposed strong limitations to freedom of speech, freedom of movement and has exponentially strengthened the power of the State.

Government officials have also demonstrated their disdain for the rule of law and by their actions have stated that they do not trust the French people to take care of their own security. Meanwhile, the French people have accepted the new limitations imposed by their leaders.

The new French nation governed by neocolonialist wolves has risen.

Luis R. Miranda is an award-winning journalist and the founder and editor-in-chief at The Real Agenda. His career spans over 18 years and almost every form of news media. His articles include subjects such as environmentalism, Agenda 21, climate change, geopolitics, globalisation, health, vaccines, food safety, corporate control of governments, immigration and banking cartels, among others. Luis has worked as a news reporter, on-air personality for Live and Live-to-tape news programs. He has also worked as a script writer, producer and co-producer on broadcast news. Read more about Luis.

Michael Rivero: Paris, Fukushima And Crimes Against Humanity (VIDEO)


The situation in Paris is not all that different from other events that we have been dealing with for much longer. The same people telling lies and deceiving the masses with propaganda to push whatever agenda the elite deem necessary.

I sat down with Michael Rivero from What Really Happened to discuss some of the more serious situations that are currently unfolding. One situation happened on Friday 13 in Paris and the other has been an ongoing global nightmare that, today, gets very little attention and very little coverage.

The situation in Fukushima with a nuclear reactor that is, figuratively, missing should have people screaming from roof tops all around the world, but it doesn’t. It is now illegal to say anything negative about Fukushima or TEPCO in Japan. We have mass die offs of fishes, cesium-137 showing up in Florida citrus and measurable amounts of radiation up and down the West Coast of the U.S. This is to say nothing of the millions of gallons of radioactive waste water being poured into the Pacific Ocean on a daily basis for four and half years! It doesn’t get much more serious than radioactive waste being dumped into the ocean 24 hours a day for four and half years. If you are still eating any seafood, especially shellfish, coming out of the Pacific Ocean, good luck. How about some Salmon coming from the Great Northwest – no thanks.

Fukushima has been off the radar, but it has not been fixed, it is not contained and it is as Michael describes “the real China syndrome, it just happens to be in Japan“.

We also dive into what has happened recently in Paris. Michael paints a picture with the details of history that have led up to this event taking place. It is a tragedy that should have never happened. I have been asking, since this situation first happened, where are the people that collect your phone calls, emails and all of our digital footprint. Were they all sleeping? Did the domestic spy satellites in both the U.S. and Europe just happen to stop working at the same time? Why have we, innocent citizens, had our digital lives scooped up by the governments under the premise it is to keep us “safe” from the terrorist?

Listen in to what Michael has to share.

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Rory Hall, Editor-in-Chief, The Daily Coin, has studied the precious metals market, economic and monetary policies as well as geopolitical events since 1987. I have written well over 700 articles and produced more than 200 videos. Beginning in 2014 The Daily Coin became my latest incarnation. Prior to launching my own website and YouTube channel I began working with Sean at in 2012 and still contribute, daily, to his website.  The YouTube Channel, The Daily Coin, was launched in February 2014 and website was launched April 2014. My original articles have been published by such notable websites as Zerohedge, SHTFPlan, Sprott Money, GoldSilver and The Sleuth Journal just to name a few. I have interviewed some of the top professionals, in their field, from around the world, including Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Dr. Marc Faber, Eric Sprott, Gerald Celente and Peter Schiff, to name but a few. The Daily Coin is enjoying global growth for both original works and delivering some of the best economic, precious metals, geopolitical and preparedness news from around the world.

Major Intelligence Officials Convened To Discuss “Shared Mission” In Syria 16 Days Before Paris Terror Attacks (VIDEO)

cia meeting before paris terror attacks

On October 27, 2015, sixteen days before the November 13, 2015 Paris attacks, Central Intelligence Agency Director John Brennan, former UK MI6 Chief John Sawers, Director of the French Directorate for External Security Bernard Bajolet, and former Israeli National Security Advisor Yaacov Amidror met in Washington DC to discuss how to get rid of democratically-elected Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, particularly in light of recent Russian involvement in destroying “ISIS”–the US proxy army.

The four officials discussed the problem and strategized on a panel (video above) “The Shared 21st Century International Mission,” moderated by Washington Post foreign policy columnist David Ignatius and co-hosted by the CIA and the George Washington University.

In addition to the fact that emergency drills were taking place in Paris on November 13, the unusual elements of the events themselves and the overall geopolitical trajectory leading up to the Paris attacks, this is yet another disturbing revelation previously posted on Scoopfeed one week ago.

As Scott Creighton comments:

Funny isn’t it how all the talk right now is about the “shared mission” we face in the wake of the Paris attacks just two weeks after their “shared mission” conference.

Makes you wonder doesn’t it?

Professor James F. Tracy is an Associate Professor of Media Studies at Florida Atlantic University. James Tracy’s work on media history, politics and culture has appeared in a wide variety of academic journals, edited volumes, and alternative news and opinion outlets. James is editor of Union for Democratic Communication’s Journal Democratic Communiqué and a contributor to Project Censored’s forthcoming publication Censored 2013: The Top Censored Stories and Media Analysis of 2011-2012. Additional writings and information are accessible at

ISIS Is Neither Islamic Nor A State


If you are in doubt about how the mainstream media brainwashes people, please ask yourself why everyone is calling the group identified with the black colored flag the “Islamic State”. Are they really Islamic? Are they really a State?

The answer to the previous two questions is a big NO.

Why is everyone calling the terrorist group, that alleges to be killing in the name of Islam, the Islamic State?

Why is the media saying that this group is a State?

ISIS does not possess any territory of its own, therefore it is not a nation or a State, and it certainly does not speak or act on behalf of people  who follows Islam.

Despite the facts cited above, we hear every single news outlet repeating the name ISIS, or the Islamic State. In truth, however, a more precise name for this organization would be Al-Qaeda or Al-Nusra.

As Hillary Clinton confessed in a TV interview, the terrorist group now running for dear life in Syria is nothing else than an overpowered version of the Mujahideen fighters that the Americans propped up in Afghanistan several decades ago.

They have been joined by mercenaries, thugs and the occasional Army special ops people from several countries in the Middle East region. This terrorist group has been aided by many western nations, both directly or indirectly. The US has provided them with weapons and cash. Turkey has given them training and transport and Saudi Arabia has done the same.

Perhaps a name such as the Saudi-American-Turkish Army would be more appropriate for the group that calls itself the Islamic State.

As I mentioned before, the media plays a very important role in creating consensus and determining reality and that is why everyone is calling the terrorist group names like ISIS, ISIL or the Islamic State. Had the media called it Al-Qaeda, everyone would still be calling that.

People ask whether the West can defeat ISIS, but do not realize that the group’s western backers are already winning the battle for them. Those who support ISIS, which is not totally under the control of the Americans or the Saudis, are already winning the language war. They have told people what they should call a group. If the media can brainwash people about a name, imagine what else they can do with perception and consciousness.

Some people believe that the neocolonialists who are behind terror organizations want to bring about ‘order out of chaos’. I say that it is more like disorder out of chaos and that disorder begins with language. It is in the mess of words that the world reflects its disorder.

The lack of understanding creates social insecurity and that insecurity results in poor use of language. The poor language gets even more aggravated by the growing chorus for so-called politically correct language, which seeks to censor free speech and political dissent.

Are we really at war or do people believe we are because the media reports on François Hollande says so? Is it a struggle against Muslims? Or it is against a new kind of fascism with religious roots? Is Islam the great totalitarian threat of the XXI century?

Are you sure you have the right information to be able to answer the questions posed above?

If there is war, it is also a war of words, hence it is appropriate, first of all, to clarify what ISIS really is.

The Islamic State (ISIS) is neither Islamic nor a State. The reason why the group adopted that name is because it helps to easily manipulate people’s perception of reality and focuses the public’s attention on the scapegoats: Islam and its followers.

The fact that most people are ignorant about the true nature of ISIS helps the neocolonialists direct people’s attention to someone to blame for the consequences of their terrorist actions against civilians.

The name ISIS is part of the propaganda that is used by the media to intimidate the ignorant masses. The puppets who appeared on the internet saying that they are a state that has seized power in several cities in Iraq and Syria has a territory where there may be some six million people and over which they exercised a monopoly of violence.

ISIS says they are Islamic because they follow Sharia Law in its most literal meaning, something shared, incidentally, with a number of recognized states like Saudi Arabia.

This purported Islamic State allegedly wants to implement a global caliphate, the highest authority of the political and spiritual realms. Currently, about 1.6 billion Muslims around the planet follow Muhammad and his immediate successors in the seventh century AD.

No future may seem brighter to Islamic militants -the group behind the terror scares- than becoming martyrs of jihad or war in an effort to impose the literal writings of the Koran under the auspices of ‘faith’ and under threat of violence.

Al Qaeda, that had no land, no managed populations and did not have a caliph, has been overcome, even in appeal among young fanatics who have joined the terrorist organization.

Bin Laden’s Al-Qaeda was also a western-backed group that for some time coordinated actions for Islamist fighters to attack the ‘enemy’:  Western imperialism; while ISIS is actively dealing with that enemy by attacking abroad in places such as Paris with the complicity of its western sponsors.

The third phase of the war of words, after politically correct language and the real origins of ISIS, is the propaganda talking point that mainstream media parrots on a daily basis: Those who oppose the appearance and growth of a Police State are accomplices of ISIS because, according to the propaganda, those who want to keep their constitutional rights intact are surrendering before starting the fight of civilizations.

It is in that last point -the fight of civilizations- that the imperialist elite want the world to move towards. Divide and conquer. Order out of chaos. One last fight that will result in total control on their hands while people kill each other because of their inability to understand reality.

Luis R. Miranda is an award-winning journalist and the founder and editor-in-chief at The Real Agenda. His career spans over 18 years and almost every form of news media. His articles include subjects such as environmentalism, Agenda 21, climate change, geopolitics, globalisation, health, vaccines, food safety, corporate control of governments, immigration and banking cartels, among others. Luis has worked as a news reporter, on-air personality for Live and Live-to-tape news programs. He has also worked as a script writer, producer and co-producer on broadcast news. Read more about Luis.

Russia Targets ISIS Oil Tanker Vehicles

Russia Targets ISIS Oil Tanker VehiclesRussia Targets ISIS Oil Tanker Vehicles

Russia’s escalated campaign against ISIS and other takfiri terrorists includes striking their fighters, facilities, command centers, bunkers, weapons and munitions sites – and now vehicles these groups use to transport stolen Syrian oil to Iraq and Turkey for black market sales, never bombed by US warplanes.

According to Russian General Staff spokesman Colonel General Andrey Kartapolov, “(i)n recent years, Islamic State and other extremist groups have organized the operations of the so-called ‘pipeline on wheels’ on the territories they control.”

Russian warplanes already destroyed over 500 tanker vehicles used to transport oil for clandestine sales. It’s their main funding source along with what Washington and its rogue allies supply.

Russia now attacking their delivery system greatly impedes their oil exporting capability, Kartapolov explained. Still, their forces even on the defensive are far from being neutralized and eliminated as a major threat.

After UK defeats in Singapore and forced retreat from Dunkirk early in WW II, Churchill finally got a victory over Rommel at El Alamein. He won what he called “The Battle of Egypt” – promising only “blood, tears, toil and sweat ahead.”

Later in his November 10, 1942 address, he said “this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”

Whether his well-remembered remark applies for embattled Syria today remains to be seen. Hopefully with committed Russian involvement, the corner is being turned at last. Yet with US support for ISIS and other terrorist groups, the battle of Syria has miles to go.

Putin called on Western and Middle East nations to work cooperatively against the scourge of terrorism – to locate and punish “criminals” involved.

He invoked Russia’s right of self-defense in accordance with Article 51 of the UN Charter – in the wake of the October 31 Russian Metrojet downing in Egyptian airspace, determined to be terrorism caused by an explosive device planted on board.

On Wednesday, Russian UN envoy Vitaly Churkin submitted a revised Security Council resolution, calling for cooperation among Western and Middle East nations in fighting terrorism along with Moscow – mainly ISIS.

The draft “includes both coordination and joint work to locate and bring to justice those responsible for terror acts,” he said. It “clearly articulates a concept of self-defense and Article 51,” he stressed.

Washington and rogue allies rejected a previous Russian draft resolution, opposing cooperation with Assad in fighting terrorism.

“We have tried to revise our draft so that our French co-workers’ sentiments would be taken into consideration, but we thought it was unreasonable to wait for a new draft,” Churkin explained.

Expect no cooperation from Washington and rogue allies in combating the scourge of terrorism. Despite Putin saying French President Francois Hollande agreed to coordinate operational strategy with Russia, he remains closely allied with Obama in insisting Assad must go.

He’s shown no willingness to combat ISIS in Syria. He’s allied with America’s scheme to destroy the country and replace its popular government with a Western-controlled puppet regime – what Russia and Syrians strongly oppose.

The well-orchestrated fear-mongering campaign following last Friday’s Paris false flag indicates escalated conflicts ahead, not efforts to resolve them in Syria or elsewhere.

A Final Comment

Tass reported Russia’s escalated war on terrorism in Syria “delivered a second massive strike” Wednesday on ISIS positions “in the Syrian provinces of Raqqa, Deir-ez-Zor, Aleppo and Idlib…”

According to its Armed Forces General Staff spokesman, Col. Gen. Andrey Kartapolov, “Russia’s Aerospace Forces delivered a second massive strike at armed formations of terrorists in Syria at 05:00 am Moscow Time.”

Tu-22M3 long-range bomber aircraft were involved for the second day. Cruise missile were fired from Russian territory. Around 100 sorties flown struck 190 ISIS targets, destroying them.

“The delivery of air strikes continues in line with the approved plan. To ensure security of flights, the time of strikes and aircraft transit corridors are beforehand reported to representatives of the international coalition,” Kartapolov explained.

Putin ordered escalated war on terrorism. Expect no letup until its objectives are accomplished.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at [email protected]. His new book is titled “How Wall Street Fleeces America: Privatized Banking, Government Collusion and Class War”. Visit his blog site at

War In Paris

paris police state

The City of Light (La Ville Luniere) went dark repressively. A separate article discussed draconian measures imposed, explaining police state actions. The fading remnants of “liberte, egalite, (and) fraternite” disappeared in plain sight.

One of the world’s great tourist destinations no longer is safe to visit – not because of possible terrorist attacks, because police state authority replaced constitutional protections.

Expect more incidents like pre-dawn Wednesday morning. Heavily armed soldiers and police stormed Saint-Denis, a northern Paris suburb, hunting for alleged Friday attackers police chief Michael Cadot said were all killed.

Heavy gunfire and explosions followed. Five summary arrests were made. Claims about an alleged female suicide bomber blowing herself up are unverified.

A resident told Le Monde “I was awakened by explosions that lasted about 15-20 minutes. From our window, we could see lights (looking) like gunfire…Then helicopters landed on the roofs.”

Police spokesman Jean-Alphonse Richard claimed authorities raided an apartment allegedly used as a base by Friday’s attackers, looking for accomplices, including Abdelhamid Abaaoud, called the mastermind of what happened – true or false.

Previous articles called Friday’s incident carefully planned and orchestrated state-sponsored terrorism, Washington, France and perhaps Israel likely complicit in what happened – a classic false flag like 9/11 for intended horrors to follow, already evident in police state measures instituted and/or being considered.

France declared war on Syria, joining with US air strikes on infrastructure and government targets, not ISIS as claimed.

Dozens of other community raids were launched nationwide, numerous arrests made. Another Saint-Denis resident reported security forces “shooting from the rooftops. (We were) told to lie on the floor and not go to the windows.”

The toll from Wednesday’s incident is unclear. French TV channel iTele cited an unnamed police source saying three terrorists were killed. Maybe they were innocent victims in harm’s way.

Are Parisians and tourists now at risk of being gunned down by soldiers or police if they’re in the wrong place at the wrong time?

On Wednesday, Saint-Denis became a war zone. Area schools and universities closed. Public transport shut down.

On Monday, Belgian authorities stormed Molenbeek, a Brussels suburb, a mainly Muslim community irresponsibly called a jihadist hotspot. Streets were cordoned off, at least one arrest made, following seven others last weekend. Five were released.

Belgium’s justice minister Koen Geens claims his country has “a foreign fighters problem,” saying enhanced measures are needed to combat it.

Will other communities across Europe and America experience similar police state actions?

9/11 changed everything. Expect greater than ever draconian horrors to follow Friday’s Paris incident – across Europe and America, including enhanced state-sponsored repression and escalated imperial wars.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at [email protected]. His new book is titled “How Wall Street Fleeces America: Privatized Banking, Government Collusion and Class War”. Visit his blog site at

Police State Europe

police state europe

Churchill once said: “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” More recently, former Obama White House chief of staff/current Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel said earlier: “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”

Post-9/11, America enacted the repressive USA Patriot Act, eviscerating Bill of Rights protections, the Homeland Security Act establishing a national Gestapo, along with various other police state laws and presidential diktats – destroying fundamental freedoms.

After January’s Charlie Hebdo/kosher market attacks, French lawmakers enacted legislation authorizing mass surveillance powers, similar to sweeping NSA spying on US citizens – permitting warrantless mass phone tapping and online communications monitoring.

After French President Francois Hollande called last Friday’s Paris attacks “an act of war,” a state of emergency was declared, suspending constitutional rule – followed by lawmakers enacting France’s version of America’s Patriot Act.

Both measures were written well in advance, put on the shelf, ready to be introduced and enacted into law once a convenient crisis occurred permitting it.

According to French political analyst Gilbert Mercier, “(t)he French government’s reaction was both panicked and swift, and it immediately embraced repressive authoritarian measures similar to those that had been set up by the Bush administration in the aftermath of 9/11/2001.”

“Just like 9/11 in the United States, it seems that the way France’s bloody Friday will be exploited matters more than the tragedy itself.”

“There is no better justification to crack down on civil liberty, freedom and other principles that define the essence of democracy than the good old permanent global war on terror” – especially in the wake of a significant incident like last Friday, arousing worldwide angst.

France is now a full-blown police state – absent constitutional protections. Heavily armed soldiers patrol publicly. Authorities afforded themselves sweeping powers to make “preemptive arrests without probable cause, of any individual deemed…to be suspect or dangerous,” Mercier explained – putting government critics at risk, leaving them vulnerable to arrest, prosecution and imprisonment for anything called endangering national security.

Edward Snowden exposed the infrastructure of US police state powers, exceeding the worst of earlier totalitarian regimes. Big Brother watches everyone.

War on Islam continues at home and abroad. Thousands of political prisoners languish in America’s global gulag, operating at home and abroad, the public largely mindless of what’s happening.

Fear-mongering propaganda convinces people to believe sacrificing their fundamental freedoms protects their security.

On Monday, Hollande addressed parliament, calling for sweeping imposition of police state authority. He wants constitutional law changed, permitting permanent martial law under a state of emergency – ending the fading remnants of “liberte, egalite, (and) fraternite” if enacted.

Hollande claimed he wants terrorism combatted “compatible with the rule of law,” while asking parliamentarians to subvert it in the name of national security.

In early November, Britain’s home secretary Theresa May introduced a new Investigatory Powers Bill – permitting enhanced surveillance powers. Prime Minister David Cameron wants accelerated efforts to enact it into law. Its draconian provisions include:

• requiring web and phone companies to maintain records of web sites visited by all online UK users for at least 12 months;

• authorizing for the first time bulk collection of personal communications, affecting everyone;

• permitting police and other security services to hack into and/or bug phones and computers; and

• requiring phone and Internet companies to cooperate with state authorities, among other enhanced draconian security provisions.

Cameron announced adding 1,900 new GCHQ (Britain’s NSA equivalent) spies – saying, “I am determined to prioritize the resources we need to combat the terrorist threat.”

Critics call the new measure a “breathtaking attack on Internet security.” The London-based Open Rights Group advocates for online openness – “a society built on laws, free from disproportionate, unaccountable surveillance and censorship.”

It urged careful “scrutini(y) and debate” before rushing to enact the Investigatory Powers Bill, assuring nothing in it compromises fundamental online freedoms.

Independent terrorism legislation reviewer Lord Carlile called for “expedited” enactment. Legal expert David Allen Green tweeted: “Not a single person calling for more legal powers for security powers can explain how those powers would actually prevent atrocities.”

“France *already* had the state surveillance powers which the UK security lobby are now urging. The Paris atrocities still happened.”

Expect enhanced security measures instituted in other European countries, including likely repressive legislation. Italy tightened security at key sites and along its borders, especially with France.

Rome visitors now see heavily armed soldiers patrolling in front of the Colosseum, inside St. Peter’s Square and at other sites. Expect open borders now to close.

Belgium and Hungary imposed spot vehicle checks. Local authorities in some European countries vowed to impose their own draconian measures if national governments failed to act.

In Germany, Bavarian finance minister Markus Soeder said “(t)he days of unchecked immigration” are over, “illegal entry can’t continue. Paris change(d) everything.”

US intelligence officials believe Paris attackers used encrypted communications – urged far-reaching reexamination of government policy on data collection and surveillance.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch MConnell (R. KY) wants America’s security laws reviewed and enhanced to “reflect the modern threat.” CIA director John Brennan called Paris attacks “a wake-up call.”

Expect enhanced draconian legislation and other measures to follow – in America and across Europe. Orwell’s full-blown nightmare approaches.

Benjamin Franklin once said sacrificing freedom for greater security assures losing both. It’s happening in plain sight.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at [email protected]. His new book is titled “How Wall Street Fleeces America: Privatized Banking, Government Collusion and Class War”. Visit his blog site at

Everything This President Is Doing Is Benefiting ISIS! (VIDEO)


“The system of ‘terror’ was essential to Stalinism. … Terror was the creation to mold politically the control that they wanted.” – Condoleezza Rice, “Joseph Stalin: Red Terror”

I see that the state-controlled narrative is changing a bit due to the fact that the “Useful idiots,” who have been playing the stooge for this administration, are now coming to the realization that the game that they seemed to be playing is not a game at all. It appears that the lawless in America, who have been cheering on this administration through tolerance and apathy, are now beginning to see the severity of this criminal administration and they now know that they had better get on the right side of Heaven, or the game will soon be over (Deuteronomy 30:19). Politicians are now calling “ISIS a creation of Obama,” and that this president, through his actions, is benefiting ISIS.

After the Paris attacks, what did America hear from this treasonous President Barack Hussein Obama (His Muslim name)? (Luke 3:19)  America heard a dictator, who was angry and agitated with those who were comparing ISIS to the Muslims. Well, Barack, like it or not, the created “terror” group ISIS (a global political battering ram to create chaos and upend nations only to consolidate power for the United Nations) is Muslim; and ISIS members are Muslim . Furthermore, Former British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook is on record stating,

“The truth is there is no Islamic army or terrorist group called Al-Qaeda. And any informed intelligence officer knows this. But, there is propaganda campaign to make the public believe in the presence of an identified entity representing the “devil” only in order to drive TV watchers to accept a unified international leadership for a war against terrorism. The country behind this is The US…”

Barack Hussein Obama, as well as Hilary Clinton and several other world representatives, are defending the Muslims after the Paris attacks while the victims are condemning the attacks. German Chancellor Angela Merkel went so far as to call for “tolerance of Muslim migrants” following Paris attacks.

These are those who are responsible for advocating these advancing armies to plunder their respective countries which they are entering. Mark Dayton, the worst sitting senator in the history of America and now the incumbent governor to the shame of all Minnesotans told the people he represents to find another state if they do not want Muslim refugees in Minnesota. In the background, these Muslims, if they are not in Germany plundering churches, schools and raping women, then they are praising the Paris jihadists as martyrs during a moment of silence at Turkish and Greece soccer game.

Just look to Europe and tell me what these supposed refugees are all about (Deuteronomy 28:36, 49-50).

It might do the American people a service if they look to the sins of Europe to realize that you do not prosper by advocating that which God condemns (Proverbs 14:34).

While in Turkey Barack Hussein Obama is bravely mocking and scoffing at American patriots that are standing their ground on the home front by refusing to take in the globalists’ advancing armies. Through Barack Hussein Obama’s deceptive ways (John 10:10), while the focus was on Jihad in Paris, he released more Islamic jihadis from Guantanamo Bay to the United Arab Emirates.  The report came from the Department of Defense, the same DoD in which 5000 employees were exposed during an ICE investigation for downloading child pornography. Do not forget about Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson (along with other Muslim Brotherhood operatives), who said that he was there for the “plight of the Muslims.” And how can you forget about the head of the Central Intelligence Agency, John Brenner, who was meeting with the French Intelligence before the Paris terror attacks?

John Brenner is a convert to Islam. Americans have been led to believe that they have to sit back and tolerate the crimes of this administration for one more year, including the unconstitutional targeting of American gun owners.

P.S. France is now attempting to regain their right to bear arms; a right they forfeited before their corrupt politicians, only to be made subjects and targets.  Why would a government disarm those who they are to represent in the face of terror? Who benefits from such tyranny?

Political author Gearoid O Colmain discussed the Paris attacks with RT International. He brought out several important points that must be considered.  Here’s what he laid out:

*The propaganda campaign in Paris.

*How it is aimed at causing people to be afraid of the Muslims.

*How the “War on Terror” is orchestrated from abroad and how NATO seeing things through.

*How the war is being waged against civilian populations which aims to divide and conquer all that would oppose a global tyrannical governance.

*How there is no war on terror.  There is a war that is using terror proxy groups against nation states that are resisting the United States.

*How there is no such thing as ISIS.  ISIS is a creation of the United States, known to us by official military sources and declassified documents.

*How terrorists are coming into countries disguised as refugees to destabilize those countries.

*How this is being used to create “civil war” and social unrest.

*How the media propaganda campaign is used to promote fear to paralyze the people.

*How there may be a new campaign against dissidents.

*How they are worried about the alternative media who question the state-controlled narratives. Attacking alternative media as “theorists” and a crackdown on those who report rational questioning of the established order.

*How coercive-engineered migration could have been easily prevented.

*How the Military Industrial Complex is profiting from all of this.

*How France and Germany are taking its orders from Washington

If the people do not realize that this is government complicity, then we will find ourselves in a military state under the judgment of God for sure.  Repent Accordingly!

Bradlee Dean is a syndicated columnist for WorldNet Daily, nationally syndicated talk-show host of the Sons of Liberty Radio, ordained preacher, and musician. Combined with his constitutional forefather style of writing, what makes him unique from every other columnist is that he includes a video for every commentary he posts, blending the new age of video with the traditional written commentary. Bradlee Dean is also known for his bold stand of truth in the public square reflected in his recent lawsuit against Rachel Maddow and MSNBC. He speaks on college and high school campuses with his ministry, You Can Run But You Cannot Hide International. Who is Bradlee Dean? Twitter @BradleeDean1 – Facebook :

Obama’s Chilling Announcement At G20 Following Paris Shooting (VIDEO)

President Barack Obama speaks at the G-20 meeting in Turkey.

President Barack Obama speaks at the G-20 meeting in Turkey.

Just as predicted President Obama has seized the opportunity to push his agenda at the G20 Summit in Turkey shortly after the shooting in Paris, France. At the Summit twenty global leaders gathered together to discuss a more comprehensive approach on addressing the conditions conducive to terrorism, and in light of the events that transpired, this is proving to be the perfect opportunity to push their agenda. Obama addressed the panel with an entire slate of issues but focused mainly on the Syrian Refugees and Islam. The things that he states are truly intriguing, to say the least, but I do believe they are critical words for us all to hear.

In addition to Obama’s words Pastor Franklin Graham has also came out with his own statement that is in stark position to those of Obama. Here is the breaking report…..



“In the hours after the horrific attacks some said “TERRORISM HAS NO RELIGION.” Do not be fooled. This attack was done in the name of Allah, the god of Islam.” Franklin Graham

The Islamic religion is the world’s fastest growing religion, and according to the most recent Pew report on Muslim demographics; there are approximately 1.6 billion Muslims worldwide. Which means 24% of the world’s population practice Islam (that’s about one out of every four people on this planet!!).

Now to be fair about 80% of them are not radicals and they don’t believe in killing Jews and Christians. They are considered a peaceful people. However, the other 20% of them are radical enough to strap a bomb on their body in order to kill anyone who opposes their belief.

That means about 300 million Muslims are willing to die in order to take you and me down. Now it is safe to say that a vast majority of Muslims are peaceful people, HOWEVER the question is, is Islam itself a peaceful religion? And will these ‘peaceful’ Muslims eventually swing the other way? Well now that is the question! But in order to find our answer lets first look at the meaning of Jihad.

One meaning is that the word Jihad signifies a battle between man versus himself. Basically it means standing against those carnal sinful desires. However the other definition is the belief of using violence in order to accomplish the will of Allah by punishing infidels in order to expand the kingdom of their god, Allah (that is what fundamentalist believe).

To further find our answer let’s look to the very book they use to grab their doctrine from, the Koran….

Sura 5:51, “O you who believe, do not take certain Jews and Christians as allies…GOD does not guide the transgressors.”

Sura 5:33, “{Jews & Christians} are the ones whom God has cursed, and he whom God excludes from His mercy, you shall never find one to help and save him.”

Sura 9:5, “Kill the infidels, [Christians & Jews] wherever you may come upon them and seize them and confine them, and lie in wait for them at every conceivable place.”

Sura 9:12, “Fight with the leaders of unbelief.”

Sura 47:4, “When you meet those who disbelieve (in war), smite them at their necks.”

According to the verses in their book, the Koran, Islamic fundamentalists believe in: fighting and killing infidels [or all who do not believe in Islam]. They are taught to hate Jews, Christians, or anyone who opposes Allah. They are taught that Jews and Christians are cursed and should not be taken as friends but rather should be murdered and smite at the necks.

Islam at its core teaches its believers to seek conversion at any cost. Whether that’s through persuasion, sword, peace, or force; it doesn’t matter as long as they are converted. Christianity, on the other hand, seeks conversion by persuasion, it’s their choice if they want to accept it. It is never forced on them.

Now that we have covered that, lets chew on this for a moment. Did you know that there is not a single 1 out of all 55 predominately Muslim Nations, that so not persecute Christians. Christians are persecuted in all 55 predominately Muslim nations. If Islam is so peaceful, then why is this the case? The reality of it is one day Jews and Christians will be persecuted for their faith.

Islam is not only a problem abroad but it has also invaded our country. Currently 1,764 Islamic centers exist in the US. and it is believed that 400-500 of them teach radical Islam—teaching that America in the enemy. Furthermore there are over 35 terrorist training camps in America, in which they preach violence against all who are not Islamic and promote Sharia Law.

For More Information See:

White House Transcript at G20-

ISIS threatens Washington-


List of US Cities-

Facebook Franklin Graham;

Lisa Haven is an independent Christian news analysis and one of the top contributors on She is also author of and runs her own youtube channel (Lisa Haven) with tens-of-thousands of views per day. Digging deep and finding truth is what she lives for. Her passion is to spread truth no matter where it lies. She covers everything from martial law, to FEMA camps, to end time bible prophecy, to government documents and much more! Before launching her journalism career, she wrote many bible studies and lead women ministries for a number of years. She will also complete her ministry degree at International School of Ministry this year.

Lunatics In Washington Want NATO Article 5 Invoked For Total War

NATO Article 4 calls for members to “consult together whenever, in the opinion of any of them, the territorial integrity, political independence, or security of any” is threatened.

Article 5 considers an armed attack (real or otherwise) against one or more members, an attack against all. Collective self-defense is called for – perhaps in the wake of the Paris incident all-out war on humanity, risking global escalation if confrontation is provoked with Russia or China.

Unleashing US-led NATO’s killing machine could become the war to end all wars, risking world peace and humanity’s survival.

Republican presidential aspirant Marco Rubio called for “invok(ing) (NATO’s) Article 5,” requiring all 28 Alliance nations to defend a member under (alleged) attack.

Will the almost certain Western and perhaps Israeli-instigated Friday Paris false flag launch possible WW III? Put nothing past America’s lunatic fringe complicit with fascists running Israel and other rogue partners.

On ABC’s Sunday morning program, Rubio lied, calling what happened in Paris “an act of war and an attack on one of our NATO allies, and we should invoke Article 5 of the NATO agreement, and bring everyone together to put together a coalition to confront this challenge.”

His rant followed French President Francois Hollande calling the incident “an act of war,” automatically blaming ISIS despite no evidence proving it.

Fellow presidential aspirant Jeb Bush on CNN Sunday urged “conven(ing) the North Atlantic Council to discuss” invoking Article 5, adding:

“If that’s what the French want, then, our longest and strongest and most loyal ally over our entire history, we should certainly consider it.”

The only previous time Article 5 was invoked was after the 9/11 attacks. Bush irresponsibly called the Paris incident “a threat to western civilization, and we should consider it that way.”

Obama’s deputy national security advisor Ben Rhodes called what happened “an act of war,” a clear indication of what’s coming. NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said member states are ready to assist France.

“We stand strong and united in the fight against terrorism,” he blustered, a near declaration of all-out war.

Former NATO commander, retired Admiral James Stavridis, wrote a Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) controlled Foreign Policy op-ed, calling the Paris attacks “an act of war…waged by a terrorist army, a jihadist army, by Daesh, against France…”

“The Islamic State is an apocalyptic organization overdue for eradication,” he ranted – ignoring his full knowledge of it being a US creation, used as proxy foot soldiers.

Netanyahu took full advantage of the Paris incident, saying “(t)he time has come for countries to condemn terrorism against us to the same degree that they condemn terrorism everywhere else in the world.”

“The terrorists who attack us have the same murderous intent as those in Paris” – ignoring his all-out terror war on Palestine and possible complicity with almost certain state-sponsored terrorism against Parisian civilians.

Fascist Israeli defense minister Moshe Ya’alon blustered: “This must be a time of reckoning,” suggesting the worst to come against Palestinian civilians, defenseless against Israel’s rampaging killing machine.

New New York Times editors headlined “What Will Come After Paris,” saying Friday Paris attacks “along with twin bombings in Beirut on the day before and the downing of a Russian jetliner over the Sinai Peninsula on Oct. 31, show a new phase in the Islamic State’s war against the West, a readiness to strike far beyond areas it controls in Iraq, Syria, and increasingly, Libya.”

“The challenge for threatened countries is huge,” Times editors barely stopping short of urging greater US-led war on humanity than already – never explaining ISIS is a US creation, used to wage war on Syria, Iraq and other targeted countries, heading for Russia if not stopped.

“France must take measures to protect its citizens, as must the United States” and other countries, Times editors blustered, ignoring what’s most important to explain to readers.

US-led horrors post-9/11 are well documented. Will escalated war on humanity follow Paris last Friday? Is the unthinkable possible: WW III?

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at [email protected]. His new book is titled “How Wall Street Fleeces America: Privatized Banking, Government Collusion and Class War”. Visit his blog site at

Are False-Flag Terror Attacks Coming To Brazil?

Brazilian police

(The Real Agenda) One of the strangest fetishes that the neocolonial elite has, is to tell the population what they intend to do. One needs to learn to read their messages to understand what their plan is, and after that, it is not difficult to realize what’s coming. So, the questions is, are false-flag attacks coming to Brazil?

Revelations about future actions aimed at destabilizing the planet can come from the elite’s mouthpieces or alternatively from the mainstream media.

The latest sign is about the elite’s plan is whether or not there is a possibility to have a false-flag event of significant magnitude in Latin America; more specifically in Brazil.

The country will host the Olympic games next year, and given the current state of affairs, it would not be insane to believe that the political elite in Brasilia would do anything to hold on to power.

Brazil is far from being involved in bombing poor countries or imposing sanctions on commercial partners, so there is really no reason for terrorist groups to carry out a false-flag attack.

The outcomes of a false-flag would be an immediate power grab by the Rousseff government and the suspension of the few liberties that are still standing.

It is not rare to find articles circulating in the presstitute media suggesting that a terror attack of the scale of Paris, France or New York could be expected in Rio de Janeiro before or during the Olympics in 2016.

The question is, why would ISIS, for example, bother carrying out a terror attack in Brazil when there are so many targets in America or Europe that would result in greater disruption?

So-called security experts believe that the possibility of terrorism in Brazil cannot be ruled out, but one needs to remember that they make a living from speculating about that very same possibility.

Before the terrorist tragedy in Paris was perpetrated by fundamentalists of the western-supported Islamic State, Brazil seemed to have no concerns about the possibility of suffering an attack during the Olympic Games in Rio.

How about now? Why has the scenario changed all of a sudden? Why would so-called security experts assert that the possibility that international terrorism can lay eyes on Brazil cannot be ruled out?

Former Brazilian Secretary of Homeland Security, José Vicente Filho, said that the possibility of a terrorist act at that time is “becoming more real”, as Brazil hosts people from around the world.

There are people who venture to say that the current political situation in Brazil may hinder the government’s ability to protect the population from a terror attack.

On that premise, people must remember that no government can protect its people from terror attacks. The United States could not do it, France could not do it and Turkey could not do it.

Could this so-called threat be just a sham to curb popular opposition to the Rousseff administration? Could it be an attempt to crack down on popular dissent and justify more military spending together that resulted in a Police State?

It is true that the Olympics organizers anticipated a strong anti-terrorism operative in collaboration with other countries and are intensifying the preparations after the attacks in Paris. However, as stated by André Wolszyn, one Brazilian expert in the field, “Brazil is nowhere near ready for counterterrorism.”

The reason why Brazil is not prepared is that the country does not need to. The country it is not out to bomb adversaries or to impose its political and commercial preferences on other nation-states. But even if a greater effort was made to “prepare”, the truth is that, as explained before, no country, not even the most developed ones which are used to suffering attacks, seem prepared to prevent them or deal with them.

if you believe the official narrative that is regurgitated by the mainstream presstitute media, the whole planet is now a potential target of Islamic terrorism. As I explained yesterday, the war on terror is nothing else that a war on civilian populations. It is an instrument of the neoimperialistic elite to justify bombing and murdering innocent people around the world.

The so-called security experts say that Brazil is more likely to suffer a terror attack than other countries because it has not approved anti-terror legislation that would certainly undermine the constitutional rights of the people. They also cite reasons such as being a territory with large borders which are hard to control.

The ‘illuminated’ security experts would have people believe that, although Brazil has had the same unsecured and vast borders for so many years, it is precisely now or in 2016, when the country is more vulnerable. They say the country is prone to allowing fundamentalists to infiltrate.

These mouthpieces of the Establishment forget that Brazil has become the home of many immigrants from many different countries, including Cuba, Colombia, Syria, Nigeria and others; all countries that suffer from drug trafficking, guerrilla wars and terrorism and that the arrival of those refugees has never resulted in one single terror attack.

Experts also cite the fact that Islamic fundamentalists attack the West because of their values. In an attempt to get the support of the younger generations, they say that terror attacks are a consequence western religious beliefs and juvenile fun, something that, according to experts contrasts with the culture of death and anti-pleasure creed of Islamic fanaticism. They forget to mention that many countries where Islam is the religion of the majority, people are free to have fun and to worship their own God without suffering any attacks.

Not surprisingly, the only antidote that the former military men, who call themselves experts, offer as a solution to avoid terror attacks, is a bigger, more powerful government. For them, it doesn’t matter that this is not a real solution. They ignore the causes of the terror and prescribe government-led radicalism.

As it is the case in North America and Europe, the ‘experts’ want people to lay low and surrender their freedoms, to be afraid and to exchange  their constitutional rights for the perception of security. “Wolves of terror know very well that no country is as vulnerable as the divided, with a weak state and a credibility crisis, and Brazil suffers a bit of those two situations today,” says Wolszyn.

This last assessment is also false since most European and North American nations that have been targeted by terror attacks have been mostly united before the attacks take place. So, being divided is not really an aspect that is determinant when a terror organization decides to carry out an attack.

The only feature that is shared by countries which suffered from terror is the fact that they committed acts of aggression against civilian populations in other continents. This is something that Brazil has not participated in and, therefore, it should be discarded as a reason to be attacked.

Luis R. Miranda is an award-winning journalist and the founder and editor-in-chief at The Real Agenda. His career spans over 18 years and almost every form of news media. His articles include subjects such as environmentalism, Agenda 21, climate change, geopolitics, globalisation, health, vaccines, food safety, corporate control of governments, immigration and banking cartels, among others. Luis has worked as a news reporter, on-air personality for Live and Live-to-tape news programs. He has also worked as a script writer, producer and co-producer on broadcast news. Read more about Luis.

Kenyan Doctors Find Anti-Fertility Agent In UN Tetanus Vaccine

kenya vaccines

By: TrueActivist |

The Kenya Catholic Doctors Association had six tetanus vaccinations from around Kenya tested, and 100% of them tested positive for the HCG antigen.

The Kenya Catholic Doctors Association is charging UNICEF and WHO with sterilizing millions of girls and women under cover of an anti-tetanus vaccination program sponsored by the Kenyan government.

While the government claims the tetanus vaccine is perfectly safe, the Kenya Catholic Doctors Association disagrees.

According to LifeSiteNews, a Catholic organization, the Association had six different samples of the vaccine from various locations around Kenya tested in an independent laboratory in South Africa.

What they found is disturbing: All six samples tested positive for the HCG antigen which is commonly used in anti-fertility vaccines. The HCG antigen was found in tetanus vaccines targeted to young girls and women of childbearing age.

Said Dr. Ngare, a spokesman for the Kenya Catholic Doctors Association:

“This proved right our worst fears; that this WHO campaign is not about eradicating neonatal tetanus but a well-coordinated forceful population control mass sterilization exercise using a proven fertility regulating vaccine. This evidence was presented to the Ministry of Health before the third round of immunization but was ignored.”

Dr. Ngare listed a number of concerns to do with the mass tetanus vaccination program in Kenya that caused Catholic doctors to become suspicious:

Dr. Ngare told LifeSiteNews that several things alerted doctors in the Church’s far-flung medical system of 54 hospitals, 83 health centres, and 17 medical and nursing schools to the possibility the anti-tetanus campaign was secretly an anti-fertility campaign.

Why, they ask does it involve an unprecedented five shots (or “jabs” as they are known, in Kenya) over more than two years and why is it applied only to women of childbearing years, and why is it being conducted without the usual fanfare of government publicity?

“Usually we give a series three shots over two to three years, we give it anyone who comes into the clinic with an open wound, men, women or children.” said Dr. Ngare.

But it is the five vaccination regime that is most alarming. “The only time tetanus vaccine has been given in five doses is when it is used as a carrier in fertility regulating vaccines laced with the pregnancy hormone, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) developed by WHO in 1992.” (Source.)

It is important to note that there is no financial incentive for the Kenyan government to participate in the vaccination programs, for UNICEF and WHO distribute the vaccines for free.

“When funds from the UN are not enough to purchase yearly allotments of vaccines, an organization started and funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, GAVI, provides extra funding for many of these vaccination programs in poor countries,” reports HealthImpactNews. 

When disasters happen in poorer countries, UNICEF one of the first relief organizations to begin mass vaccination programs.

Interestingly, there was no tetanus outbreak in Kenya – yet. The only perceived “threat” of tetanus was due to local flood conditions.

Like flu shot vaccines, there is a lot of debate on the necessity and safety of vaccinations. The findings by the Kenyan doctors, however, is certainly worth considering.

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France Declares War On Syria


It was predictable. What was just a matter of when came around 48 hours after what almost certainly was a Western-orchestrated false flag Paris attack, perhaps complicit with Israel – to create a pretext for escalated Middle East war and let Netanyahu terrorize the entire Palestinian population freely.

Syria is ground zero. More on the attack below. Paul Craig Roberts received an unverified report about “a massive cyber attack on French systems 48 hours prior to and during the Paris attacks.”

It “took down the French mobile data network and blinded police surveillance.” It was “a sophisticated attack…beyond the capability of” garden variety terrorists.

If the report is accurate, state-sponsored mischief was responsible. Draw your own conclusions. Did the attack have US and/or Israeli fingerprints on it? Was France complicit in murdering its own citizens?

Let’s not mince words. Multiple Friday Paris attacks were a well-planned, carefully executed military operation – a false flag unless independently proved otherwise.

The Middle East Eye (MEE) cited French police sources saying “Syrian passports found near the bodies of two of the suspected Paris attackers were fakes…likely made in Turkey.”

“Fake Syrian passports have become a valuable commodity in recent months and are freely traded on the black market, as they can help ease the path for non-Syrians to get protection as refugees in Europe,” MEE reported.

An Egyptian passport found near one of the attack sites belonged to Wael Abdel Razzaq, a victim of what happened. Incoming Polish foreign minister Konrad Szymanski said his country will halt accepting new refugees to assure “complete control of its borders.” Expect other European countries to institute similar policies.

In its late Sunday night online edition, The New York Times lied, saying French warplanes “str(uck) ISIS targets in Syria in retaliation for attacks.”

France, as expected, declared war on Syria, striking likely infrastructure and other government targets around Raqqa in northern Syria, east of Aleppo.

Damascus is in the southwest, near Lebanon’s border. Will areas around the capital be attacked next? It’s clear from the French operation that targets struck  were chosen well before the Paris attacks.

Military operations don’t commence overnight. Careful planning for weeks or months precedes them. Hollande’s bluster rang hollow, vowing “war without pity…to be unforgiving with the barbarians.”

Up to now, France has been active with Washington bombing Iraqi infrastructure targets – not ISIS. It’s attacked very few Syrian sites, the strategy apparently now changed.

Instead of helping to resolve Syria’s conflict, escalation looks likely, leaving peace elusive, precisely what Washington wants as part of its plan to replace Assad’s government with a US-installed puppet regime.

Everything going on related to Syria has Israeli fingerprints on it. Days earlier, its warplanes bombed Syrian targets, its latest in a series of airstrikes on its territory – acts of war ignored by the world community.

Will Israel now get more aggressive? Expect Washington to step up its bombing campaign – exclusively striking Syrian infrastructure and government targets, not ISIS as claimed – polar opposite Russia’s real war on terrorism.

A French Defense Ministry statement said 12 aircraft, including 10 warplanes, conducted Sunday’s attack with US forces. The Times reported targets struck included medical “clinics, a museum and other buildings in an urban area…” – civilian sites, not military ones.

It also lied claiming ISIS targets were struck. At least most people in areas struck were civilians, not terrorists.

The Times contributed to the fiction about France and America waging war on the Islamic State. In 14 months of bombing Syrian targets, US warplanes struck zero ISIS sites – infrastructure and government ones only.

The number of casualties isn’t known, likely a good number of civilians killed and injured. Ignore reports of names and nationalities of alleged Friday night attackers – as well as blaming what happened on the heavy refuge flow to Europe.

Desperate men, women and children fleeing Syria and other war-torn countries don’t enter Europe carrying automatic weapons and explosives.

Terrorists responsible for Friday’s Paris attacks obtained these weapons from unnamed internal sources. America and Israel are notorious for pulling off these type black operations. Odds favor their involvement in what happened, likely complicit with France against its own citizens – the same way Washington murdered Twin Tower victims on 9/11, blaming bin Laden and Al Qaeda for its high crime.

Reports indicate French authorities on a Muslim witch-hunt, conducting so-called anti-terror raids in Paris and other French cities, much like what happened in America post-9/11.

Muslims continue being targeted for their faith, ethnicity, and at times prominence and charity. They’re political war on terrorism scapegoats, as unsafe in France as America.

RT International reported nearly 1,000 guests and staff evacuated from Moscow’s “iconic Cosmos hotel (in response to a) phone call with an alleged bomb threat…(S)pecialists with trained dogs are inspecting the building.”

On Sunday, Iraq’s Foreign Minister Ibrahim Al-Jaafari said his government had information about planned terrorist attacks in France, America and Iran. Appropriate authorities were notified before Friday’s Paris incident.

Kremlin official Yury Ushakov said Putin and Obama discussed Syria and Ukraine on the sidelines of the G-20 summit. He noted differences in the approach and objectives of both leaders.

White House deputy national security advisor Ben Rhodes said in the “coming days and weeks,” US and French forces will “intensity (their) strikes” – allegedly against ISIS, in fact, against Syrian targets.

Congressional and Pentagon hawks want escalated war on Syria. Is a post-9/11 scenario about to unfold? Will an undated Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) be enacted, giving Obama carte blanche to wage unrestricted war?

Greater than ever US war on humanity appears likely, the near-certain Paris false flag used as a pretext for escalated imperial lawlessness. Will global war follow?

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at [email protected]. His new book is titled “How Wall Street Fleeces America: Privatized Banking, Government Collusion and Class War”. Visit his blog site at