China’s Chilling Warning

China’s Chilling Warning | US-China-tension-2 | US News War Propaganda

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi minced no words, warning war could erupt “at any moment” on the Korean peninsula.

Whoever provokes it “must assume the historic responsibility and pay the corresponding price, he stressed, explaining dangerously escalating tensions during a press conference with his French counterpart, Jean-marc Ayrault.

“Once war (begins), the result will be nothing but loss all around, and no one will be a winner,” Wang stressed.

Satellite imagery suggests Pyongyang could conduct its sixth underground nuclear test any time. A belligerent US response might follow, risking nuclear war on the Korean peninsula.

Korean studies expert Li Dunqiu said Wang aimed his warning at Pyongyang and Washington.

“All three parties, North Korea, South Korea and the US, have direct responsibility – the US in particular for its recent military drills and aircraft carrier deployment” off Pyongyang’s coastline.

Li believes its government can’t ignore China’s concerns. It depends heavily on its economic and political support.

Renmin University Center for American Studies director Shi Yinhong believes Beijing has limited ability to resolve the crisis.

Imposing harsh measures on Pyongyang won’t halt its nuclear program it calls essential as a deterrent against possible US aggression.

China’s President Xi Jinping wants things resolved diplomatically. Trump administration neocons seem bent on belligerence, endangering the entire region and beyond.

Diplomatic US outreach to Pyongyang perhaps is the only way to avoid another Korean peninsula war – either now or later.

Yet Trump and his administration military advisors seem bent on belligerence, a reckless agenda in multiple theaters.

The risk of devastating nuclear war doesn’t deter its rage to assert its will over all other nations.


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