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Chiropractors are on the front lines of alternative medicine, with over 75,000 strong. But they face serious challenges from the conventional medical establishment many of which we at Greenmedinfo.com believe we have solved. 

Chiropractic & GreenMedInfo: A Match Made In Biomedical Heaven

Chiropractors are by far the largest group of alternative health practitioners in the U.S. today, with over 75,000 strong. Clearly their popularity demonstrates they are doing something right by their patients. But despite their burgeoning popularity, they are faced with serious challenges that we at Greenmedinfo.com believe we can help mitigate, if not entirely overcome. The reality is that, often, chiropractors are the only healthcare professionals in their local communities with courage to challenge the status quo and advocate for drug-free, natural alternatives.  This innate courageousness does, however, come with a set of specific liabilities and challenges.

Why Is Chiropractic Care So Different?

First, chiropractic philosophy is rooted in the belief that the body is inherently intelligent, and when interference is removed – spinal blockages (subluxations), toxins, etc., — self-healing will naturally occur. Conventional medicine, on the other hand, is rooted in the allopathic model of the disease where suppressing symptoms with chemical drugs is the primary intervention. It considers the body a machine destined to break down, focusing on suppressing symptoms to ‘manage’ the disease palliatively; often ignorant or unconcerned with identifying and resolving root causes — which incidentally, is why pill-pushing Big Pharma and their trillion dollar coffers simply loves it!

Conventional medicine’s ‘standard of care’ depends on validation through randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trials. This is a hugely capital intensive standard, requiring billions of dollars per drug to attain FDA approval. This obviously leaves out the vast majority of traditional approaches– from nutritional, herbal, and mind-body based —  that have been used by cultures around the world since the beginning of human history, and which will never be profitable enough to receive the capital required to legitimize them vis-à-vis the FDA, since they do not lend themselves to patents and therefore market exclusivity. Can you imagine someone investing a billion dollars in proving an herb that grows in your backyard is therapeutic for a disease?

And so, your everyday chiropractor on the front lines — outnumbered by conventional docs 10 to 1 —  is often falsely accused of not practicing ‘evidence-based’ medicine, and putting their patients in harms way by not supporting the drug- and surgery-based model of the dominant medical system.

GreenMedInfo’s Research To the Rescue!

That’s where GreenMedInfo.com’s database comes in. Containing almost 25,000 study abstracts culled from the National Library of Medicine’s MEDLINE, covering over 3,000 ailments and/or disease symptoms, and 1680 different natural substances, it is teeming with evidence supporting natural interventions. We also have dedicated sections to alternative modalities, including yoga, meditation, prayer, etc., and a problem substances database that proves the harms associated with food additives, everyday chemicals, drugs, and medical interventions and diagnostic technologies that are often unnecessary or cause more harm than good. We also hit hard conventional medicine’s ‘holy cow’ — vaccines. Proving, with the research itself, that the unintended adverse effects far outweigh their purported ‘life saving’ benefits.

A quite typical problem that emerges within the chiropractic community is the realization that conventional pharmaceuticals are causing great harm to their patients. Many chiropractic patients are on over a dozen drugs at once, with their care dispersed among so many specialists, that no single one of them knows what deleterious drug interactions will befall their patient!

And yet, if a chiropractor points out these dangers to their patients, and tells them to consider going off of them, they could be accused of harming their patients since the drugs are FDA-approved and while inappropriately marketed as relatively side effect free and highly effective, are still considered from the legal-regulatory standpoint to be unimpeachable.

Statin Drugs: The Poster child of What Is Wrong with Conventional Medicine

Let’s take the cholesterol lowering drugs – statins – as an example.

Since chiropractic is very focused on musculoskeletal and neurological systems, statins could rightly be considered the most dangerous drug class their patients face today.  Even the FDA recently required statin drug manufacturers to include warnings on statin drugs pointing out they cause memory problems (dementia) and may induce type 2 diabetes. But this is just the tip of the iceberg!

The Greenmedinfo.com database contains published research on over 300 adverse health effects these drugs have been linked to, with the primary mechanisms of toxicity focusing on their muscle and nerve damaging properties, i.e. myotoxicity and neurotoxicity.  How ironic is that? The very drugs promoted to save the heart actually target this organ preferentially. The heart muscle is a highly enervated muscle – i.e., it is muscle densely packed with nerves. Beyond the cardiotoxic properties of statins, muscle soreness, weakness and damage are well established – and common – side effects of taking these chemical drugs. Here’s a freebie: Statin Drug Adverse Effects PDF – download it and share it far and wide! Also, stay on top of all the related research on our site in one place here: Health Guide: Statins.

And so, an astute chiropractor will often do a case history and discover that statins were a key step in the inauguration of their patients fall from well-being. But what can they do? Are they going to run up against their patient’s cardiologist and tell them to go off of them? How can a chiropractor make such a claim without peer-reviewed and published data to support them? Greenmedinfo.com exists to provides the solution. In fact, we have over 500 problem substances indexed thus far, many of them commonly prescribed drugs.

Take a look at our Statin Drug Side Effects page to see the immensity of the problem. As of today, we have 333 different diseases and/or adverse health effects linked to this drug class. Each and every one of these signals comes from vetted, peer-reviewed and published literature from the National Library of Medicine – the top of the food chain when it comes to medical credibility.

A professional member can login and organize the data alphabetically by disease type, by date, by study type (human, animal, in vitro), and can select just the studies that are of most interest and value to them. For instance, as a Pro Member, the 15 studies on Statins and Pancreatitis can be pulled up to the top by clicking the “Focus Articles” link next to Pancreatitis. That way, instead of getting lost in the about 500 abstracts and 333 diseases found on the page, the user can zoom into any particular area of interest that is of most value to him or her. But it gets even better…

Once you have selected your page – e.g. Statins and Pancreatitis – we give you two powerful options.  You can either ‘Create a Focused PDF‘ of the studies you have drawn up, which you can than download and send to whoever you like. Note: these studies link back to their original location on the National Library of Medicine’s database and not Greenmedinfo.com. We decided to do this to give the evidence greater gravitas in the eyes of those who might receive it and be more skeptically minded. Or, you can ‘Create a Focused Page,’ which as a Pro Member enables you to create a public page on our site that can be linked to in an email, an article, or a social media post, showing everyone the specific research you want to share, without any access restrictions, such as having to login to our site.

Also, keep in mind, our professional suite of features is not limited to these functions, but includes 10 other powerful tools.

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