Church of England Votes to Hold Special Transgender Services

Church of England Votes to Hold Special Transgender Services | transgender-flag | Faith Sleuth Journal Special Interests World News
IDENTITY POLITICS: The official Transgender Flag [image: LGBT Nation]

(21st Century Wire) This week, the Church of England officially recognised transgender people as members of their flock. 

The Anglican Church will offer special religious services for transgender people.

Many delegates at the Church’s General Synod meeting in York opposed the move, but Church leaders claims more debate on the issue “will help to inform that church, and many other churches, of the challenges children with gender dysphoria face.”

Due to continual lobbying from political and activist organisations over the last decade, UK schools have been made to incorporate ‘transgender awareness’ even at the primary school level, and as a result, the country is seeing a sharp rise in gender switching by children. The Guardian conforms this trend:

“Citing data from the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust, he said that in 2010, 97 children in the UK were referred to gender identity clinics, but by 2016 the number had risen to 1,400.”

Proposing the motion, Chris Newlands, from Blackburn, Lancashire, told the synod a story about a ‘gender reassignment’:

… where the son of two members of an evangelical church, who he called Nathan. At the age of five, after medical advice, Nathan became Natalie, and returned to school “much happier … and with very little fuss from staff, pupils and parents.”

He added that: “Across the world, trans people have been subjected to appalling violence against them. In the UK, transphobic hate crime has risen by 170% in the last year.”

In 2012 in the US, the Episcopal Church (the U.S.-based wing of the Anglican Communion) voted to allow the ordination of transgender people.


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