Fake News Network, a.k.a CNN, Concerned about Trump´s “Heart Disease” (VIDEO)

Fake News Network, a.k.a CNN, Concerned about Trump´s “Heart Disease” (VIDEO) | cnn | Mainstream Media Multimedia Trump US News

(The Real Agenda News) Never in the history of television news, at least since I´ve been on this planet, has an alleged news network shown so much concern with a president´s health as shown by the Fake News Network (CNN).

It is redundant to say that CNN is at war with Donald Trump and that both CNN and its twin sister MSNBC, among other corporate disinformation houses, are throwing everything they got on the US President.

Trump seems to be on stage three of Mahatma Ghandi´s quote ” First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win”.

When he announced his bid for the presidency, Donald Trump was both ignored and laughed at by most mainstream media.

After his numbers went up and he started showing Republican candidates the door, mainstream media outlets began attacking him, and that is the stage where things are at up until today.

All of a sudden, CNN and other Liberal disinformation networks are extremely concerned with the President´s health, more specifically, his heart.

It is strange to say the least, since they were not concerned at all with Hillary Clinton´s health during the campaign, despite her continuous coughing and collapses in public events.

With Clinton, it was all a conspiracy theory when people questioned her fitness to be president, but now, even after Trump´s physical and cognitive tests results were made public, mainstream media are looking at any little detail they can explore to raise concern about the President´s health.

Check out this video from the Fake News Network:

CNN and other disinformation networks have lost star power, credibility and more importantly, they´ve lost hundreds of thousands of viewers.

Many of those stars have been caught lying to the public or involved in sexual scandals, which resulted in them being put in the freezer for a while or simply being fired altogether.

After losing all star power as well as almost all credibility, the fake news industry has resorted to mercilessly attacking pretty much anyone who disagrees with the business as usual agenda, and Trump is at the center of it.

As cited before, CNN´s great concern is not only strange but also suspicious.

Mainstream media are known for participating in the mass brainwashing of entire populations and with Trump, it seems they are warning about an imminent case of sudden death via heart disease.

As reported by Kit Daniels, it seems that CNN and other disinformation networks are preparing the public for a declaration that the President is unfit to lead, due to whatever they want to make up.

“Why is the network making an armchair diagnosis that Trump suffers from “heart disease,” despite his recent physical indicating excellent health?,” asks Daniels. This extreme concern with Trump´s well-being was not seen with Hillary Clinton or any other candidate before.

Another CNN talking head, Brian Stelter, did not like Dr. Ronny Jackson’s presentation of Trump´s health, even though it is based on actual tests performed on the US President.

It is important to say that neither does Stelter have a medical degree nor medical training to have the necessary credibility to analyze anyone´s state of health. It is also relevant to say that Dr. Jackson also performed Barack Obama´s medical tests, although, Obama’s cognitive function was not explicitly questioned or tested as it was done with Trump.

CNN and the rest of the Liberal mainstream media have largely become opinion-based disinformation operations whose only goal is to distract rather than to inform.

Most of CNN´s shows resemble comedy or entertainment skids out of Saturday Night Live. Worse, CNN and all other disinformation networks choose to spend 24 hours of airtime talking about unproven “news” rather than doing their duty: fact-checking and informing the public with as little of a bias as possible.


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