Confirmed: No Proved Russia Link to Skripal Incident


Confirmed: No Proved Russia Link to Skripal Incident | No-Proved-Russia-Link-to-Skripal-Incident | Special Interests World News
[image: Sergei Skripal (left) and his daughter Yulia]
It was clear from day one when news first broke about an alleged poisoning one month ago.

What possible reason could Russia have had to harm a former spy turned double agent nearly eight years after he was released from prison as part of a spy swap with America?

If Russian authorities wanted him eliminated, they could have easily killed or otherwise harmed him while in their custody.

Releasing him from prison showed he was unimportant, free to emigrate anywhere he wished. He chose Britain.

Clearly, Russia had nothing to do with whatever happened to him and his daughter Yulia. Likely complicit with Washington, Britain had opportunity and motive to be behind the March 4 incident.

Both countries had lots to gain, including further demonizing Russia to justify NATO’s existence at a time one of its key member states could leave the alliance – Turkey over disputes with the West, mainly Washington.

Another key reason is enabling the US and UK to push harder for other NATO states to increase their military spending – a phony Russian menace the rationale, a boon for their weapons makers if alliance members fall for the scam.

On Tuesday, Britain’s Porton Down Defense Science and Technology Laboratory CEO Gary Aitkenhead admitted its scientists were unable to prove a Russia connection to the Skripal incident, saying:

“We were able to identify (the toxic substance in question) as novichok, to identify that it was military-grade nerve agent.”

“We have not identified the precise source” – meaning no evidence linking it to Russia.

Aitkenhead added “(i)t is our job to provide the scientific evidence of what this particular nerve agent is. We identified that it is from this particular (Novickok) family, and that it is a military grade, but it is not our job to say where it was manufactured.”

No known antidote to the deadly agent exists, he explained. Anyone exposed would be dead in minutes.

Clearly, the Skripals and others allegedly affected weren’t exposed to a deadly military-grade agent of any kind. What’s obvious was ignored by Western officials and media.

UK PM Theresa May, foreign minister Boris Johnson and other Tories lied, disgracefully blaming Russia for what it had nothing to do with.

Aitkenhead’s remarks exposed their false accusations – disgracefully claiming “no doubt” of Russian involvement.

Porton Down scientists analyzed toxic samples UK authorities gave them – clearly not whatever may have harmed the Skripals and others.

For the past month, Britain failed to provide any evidence of Russian involvement in the incident because there is none.

Aitkenhead’s remarks confirmed that Porton Down’s forensic work was unable to determine the source of the toxin analyzed.

On April 4, at the behest of Russia, a special closed door Organization for the Prevention of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) Executive Council session will be held to discuss the Skripal incident.

Moscow demands access to results of its probe into the affair. According to Russia’s envoy to the organization Alexander Shulgin, its “(t)echnical experts will be able to produce only one result – that on the chemical composition of the agent used in Salisbury, with no indication of the country of origin and identification of the guilty party.”

The alleged Novichok toxin isn’t unique to a single nation. It can be produced by technically expert scientists almost anywhere – clearly in Britain, America, and likely all other Western countries.

The truth about the Skripal affair will come out ahead, proving no Russian involvement – beyond a reasonable doubt, absolving the Kremlin, exposing falsified claims.

Yet considerable damage was done to East/West relations not easily repaired.

More importantly, further hostile actions against Russia are likely ahead, maybe more serious than others so far – a hugely dangerous slippery slope heading for possible East/West confrontation.

Unthinkable nuclear war could become reality ahead by accident or design – mounting falsified accusations against Russia heading things in this direction.

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