Congress Moves to Stop Obama’s Coup Attempt Against Trump (VIDEO)

Congress Moves to Stop Obama’s Coup Attempt Against Trump (VIDEO) | obama1 | Multimedia Obama Exposed Politics Trump US Congress

By: The Voice of Reason |

Back in June, Ted Nugent took to Facebook to go on an epic rant about Obama. In that rant he said the following:

“He’s been groomed to fool the dumbing-down victims, the self-inflicted, dumbing-down victims of America…”

“Nobody in their right mind, and I do mean correct-educated, conscientious, logical, self-evident-truth-grasping mind, will believe this punk. This guy does want an unarmed public. This guy does want to economically ruin America…”

“This guy hates America, he hates the Constitution and he hates the Bill of Rights. I believe, as so many Americans are learning more and more every day, that the president of the United States hates freedom. He’s the enemy of America.”

Nugent hardly stopped there. He went  on to say that President Obama and Hillary Clinton “should both be tried for treason & hung…” In light of all the damage the two have already done to this country, not to mention the level of damage they’re likely cause in the very near future, I for one would LOVE to see an investigation for treason opened…

For the time ever, it at least “appears” as if Congress is on to Obama’s antics, and I pray they don’t let him get away with much.  Obama “intent” to undermine the presidency of Donald Trump became abundantly clear from the moment Obama returned to Washington, and then chose to set up camp about two miles from the Trump White House.

Allegedly, Obma’s new D.C. compound is where Team Obama has been coordinating many of the the activities of their 30,000 loyal Sycophants that follow him around like clapping seals. One could even make the argument that Obama is far more dangerous as the Commander-in-Chief of his current army, than he ever was of the military, because the Army he heads now isn’t bound by any governmental rules or policies.

Once Obama assembled his his former national security team, and had them implement a telecommunication center to begin coordinating opposition to Trump’s presidency, that was when Obama really drew his line in the sand and went beyond being his typical @sshold self, into a sedition one. No former president has ever been so disrespectful his successor, the office of the Presidency, or the nation as a whole. Of course by now the country has come to expect Obama to show no class, and to act like a lowlife, but once he began taking what seem on the surface to be affirmative steps toward establishing what could be a coup, not he’s crossed over into a whole new realm.

Sadly enough, the same people that were apologists for Obama while he was in office, will most likely continue to justify his unlawful and unorthodox behavior during his post-presidency, all  while attempting to blame government dysfunction on President Trump of course. The following video conveys the numerous occasions that warranted a criminal investigation into the Treason of Barack Obama. While it is a good sign that the White House may be giving signs it plans to step up to Obama’s bullying, with the media on Team Obama, no efforts on the part of the White House may ever truly be enough to bring Obama to justice.

TheTrumpMedia Reports:

At long last, someone is asking about the one question that requires an instant response! May we get a truthful one, outlining a legal reason behind all the surveillance wrongdoings? (via Angry Patriot Movement)

Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), stated, “I expect for the FBI to tell me what is going on, and they better have a good answer,” via Washington Post.

Rep Nunes likewise said he was bothered by the leaking of the Flynn videos. He explained a complex process exists for the surveillance and recording of communications of United States citizens and the “unmasking” of this kind of conversations for intelligence agency usage.

Committee members assume the most important question raised by resigned General Michael Flynn’s retirement as national security advisor centers around why the eavesdropping on his phone calls by the NSA or FBI was even released– and then passed to the news media!

“The real story here is why are there so many illegal leaks coming out of Washington? Will these leaks be happening as I deal on N.Korea etc?” twittered President Donald Trump.

Nunes was definitely correct when specifying the “big problem” with the whole problem, in which the media are attempting to turn into a scandal, is that a private U.S. citizen, that Flynn was at the time, should certainly never have had his phone calls observed and recorded by the federal government.

The California Republican called out the Democrats as impostors on the Flynn problem. All the liberals shouted over privacy concerns when Hillary Clinton’s emails were demanded by the FBI, but they are completely quiet now although Clinton was under investigation and Flynn was not!

President Trump appears upset. Throughout a press conference earlier on today, he called Flynn a “wonderful man” who didn’t need to have his career demolished by leaks. Rep Trey Gowdy likewise took note the illegality of revealing classified information.

Liberal television experts remained to run spectacular headlines regarding the entire Michael Flynn concern, even declaring conspiracy among the Trump administration and Russia. They do this with zero evidence, which many eventually and begrudgingly admit in their fake news articles.

If you didn’t in fact read the whole stories or only got your news from mainstream media , you would think the decorated veteran had actually promised to relieve Obama’s enforced sanctions on Russia after Trump took the vow of office. That was not the scenario regarding the actual evidence shows.

When Flynn talked with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, he relayed his gratitude for the country not overreacting to the poke in the eye from the holdover president. When asked by Kislyak especially about lifting the sanctions in future, Flynn only said Donald Trump would very soon take office and would be examining the circumstance.

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