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As many of you may know, I am the infamous writer and director of the controversial film “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon”, a half-million dollar, five years in the making, documentary which exposes the United States’ long ago fraud of claiming to put men on the moon on the very first attempt with antiquated 1960’s technology, even though the feat cannot be repeated today, by any nation on Earth, with five decades more advancements in space technology.  In fact, all of NASA’s computers combined back in 1969 had only 1/millionth of the computing power of a modern day cell phone, yet today, with half a century more advancements in computers and rockets, the farthest that NASA can send astronauts from the earth is only 1/1000th the distance as they claimed to have done fifty years ago, the very first time they tried, with five decades older equipment, which was never tested on the lunar surface.

The fact is, if it were so easy to go to the moon with 1960’s technology fifty years ago, on the very first attempt, then there would be manned bases there by now and there would have been a man on Mars twenty-five years ago. The fact that there are still not moon bases to this day, with half a century more advancements in rocketry and computers, is proof itself that traveling to the moon still cannot be done, today, much less in the 1960’s with 1/millionth the computing power in all of NASA than is found in a modern day cell phone. Claiming that they went 1000 times farther, on the very first attempt, with five decades older technology, than the farthest astronaut can travel today, with half a century more advancements in rockets and computers, simply defies logic. This is like saying Charles Lindbergh flew across the Atlantic in 1927, yet the feat could not be repeated by any nation on earth, including the one who made the original claim, fifty years later, even though, in reality, fifty years later, millions of airplanes, one hundred times larger and one million times more advanced, were flying over the Atlantic.  This notion is completely illogical regarding the perpetual advancement of technology, yet this is what we are supposed to believe, through misplaced and manipulated patriotism, regarding the alleged “moon landings” of the 1960’s, a feat which is only estimated to be “duplicated” seventy years later . . . at the earliest.  Has there ever been a time in all of recorded history in which such a technological advancement was made yet could not be repeated for seventy years?

This alone should show you the Truth.

As many self-proclaimed “intellectuals” fancy themselves as somehow “participating” in the grand allure of the “event”, just as spectators of a television sporting event proclaim “We won the game”, even though they were not on the team, not in the stadium, and had nothing whatsoever to do with its success. In the same way, some people will not let go of the “glory” of the intentional government deception of the “moon landings”, despite overwhelming, and steadfastly increasing, blatant evidence to the contrary; that their “team” cheated in order to win! To tell them so, is like telling a religious terrorist that their “prophet” was, in reality, a false one. Even though it is true, they are ready to kill you for saying so.

Why is it so difficult for them to see the Truth?

Very simple . . .


“The Pride of your heart has deceived you.”

-Obadiah 1:3-

Pride is simply the un-willingness to be wrong, just as humility is the willingness to be wrong. The great thing about being wrong, which is what I had to finally admit about the “moon landings”, is that I am learning something new, and I am no longer walking through life in error. The bad thing about being right all the time, is that I cannot learn anything new, and I am living my life in a self-deceived state, which is the very worst form of deception.

When someone else deceives me, if I try hard enough, I can eventually figure it out, after all, I know that other people cannot be trusted all of the time. Yet when I am self-deceived, it is nearly impossible for me to overcome this, because the person I am relying on for “facts” is myself . . . and of course I can trust myself . . . even when I am wrong.

When someone considers themself smart, this is the first step towards their ignorance. They boast about their years of experience and degrees, and thereby pour concrete around their finite knowledge, unknowingly calling their stone mound of limited facts, the entire universe of Truth. If you try to tell them they are wrong, they will defend their post to their emotional and intellectual death at all cost, all the while attempting to defile you with their venomous words for pointing out their error, even though you are right and merely trying to help them.

It constantly amazes me that all that I am saying is that a small group of criminals within the government planned and successfully executed a falsification of data to make themselves look good, as has been proven numerous times before on repeated occasions of the likes of Nobel laureates having to give back their awards for plagiarism and deceit. Is this not simply just a difference of opinion, like I believe in God and you do not? Why then, if it is simply a matter of a small difference of opinion, one person believes they landed on the moon in the 1960’s and I do not, that people who support the alleged landings continually speak so violently, hatefully, and vulgarly to merely defend something that should be just a simple fact?

A wise person once said . . .

“The likelihood of one individual being right, increases in direct proportion to the intensity with which others are trying to prove him wrong.”

If the moon landings are so obviously authentic, then they should speak for themselves. Why then are there hundreds of websites and films completely dedicated to reassuring the taxpayer that their money for the “moon landings” was not maliciously stolen from them? I believe, because it was. If the moon landings were real, and it is so “obvious” as many defenders falsely claim, then simple plain facts do not need their outside help to constantly defend and remind the public of their authenticity! The fact that the “moon missions” do need the repeated and exhaustive onslaught of reinforcement from hundreds of websites and films, as the facts grow annually which prove their intentional deception, is proof itself that they were not genuine to begin with.

I have received so many emails with the similar words, “I am not a violent person, yet I loved seeing you get punched by astronaut Buzz Aldrin, and I hope it happens again.” That is like saying, “I am faithful to my spouse, yet I regularly lust after others.”  These are violent people in self-denial of their love for violence. When someone reacts with violence, or salivates at the sight of it, simply because I say that their government lied to them on at least one occasion, then just like radical religious sects which kill people for criticizing their prophet, this is irrefutable proof that this “moon landing” event has become a god to them (and a false one at that) whose prophet I have insulted. When it comes to false religion, just as it is with the false moon landings, it is this very fanaticism that prevents people from seeing the Truth.
The more fanatical people become because I point out that their “moon landing” gods are frauds, the more this very fanatical behavior demonstrates their error on this subject to begin with. I have received uncounted death threats, just for saying to people that their government lied to them on at least one occasion. I even received a death threat with the words, “I wish I could watch you, your wife, and your children, burn alive before my eyes!”  Has anyone on the “Truther” side of this argument ever threatened the slightest violence against those who believe that the moon landings are real? I can firmly answer “no, not ever”. This violently radical defense of something that is supposed to be so “obvious” is proof itself that what is being defended is a lie.

Not too long ago, I started a program on my Youtube channel called Conspiracy Corner News, a sort of informal verbal summation of my latest articles on my Conspiracy Corner column on The Sleuth Journal. I experimented for six moths by leaving the comments section beneath the videos open, against my better judgment. Unfortunately, mankind has not matured to respectfully disagreeing with one another. I was finding myself spending a dozen hours a week or so sifting out the vulgar language, immature name-calling, and threats of violence against myself and others who think likewise.

Is it really wise for me to provide the manure with which people intend to throw at me? I do not think so. That is like an assassin saying to me, “Mr. Sibrel, I would like to shoot you, yet I have no bullets. Will you please give me some for my gun?”, and then me saying, “Sure! Here they are!”, and thus providing the very means for my own murder.

Time Magazine would not allow an open page for the KKK to rant vulgar comments in their own, painstakingly constructed publication, and neither should I. Additionally, it is very time consuming to constantly have to monitor and edit out ill-mannered, obnoxious, vulgar, and violent comments from total strangers. Life is too short, and there is too much to do, to waste anymore time cleaning up the literary vomit of those whose only intention is to deliberately throw-up on me.

Therefore, the comments section on my Youtube channel (not theirs) will now be closed. Any subscribers lost will simply be those, who have plainly told me, that they are only following my channel to defend their false idol NASA in the comments section. As “Truthers” (quite a complimentary name, by the way . . . I suppose this makes the opposition who coined this term against us self-proclaimed “Liars”), we need to spend our time very wisely. When Jesus said, “Do not throw your pearls to swine” (Matthew 7:6), I think He was saying that, there are some people who have deliberately chosen to never open their minds to the reality which will destroy their false religion, and when you come upon such a person, do not waste your precious time on them when there are so many others with open minds eagerly waiting for the Truth as your finite time to help others ticks away.

Do you think that money is the most valuable thing you have?


It is time.

You can always make more money . . .

You can never make more time.

Once time is lost, you can never get it back.

As such, those of us in the “Truther” community, especially those who count themselves as Christians, need to vividly realize, that we will die soon and unpredictably. We cannot fall prey to permanently close-minded people who are leeches, satanic or otherwise, on our most precious resource . . .

Our time.

Hundreds, turning into thousands of hours will be lost if we continue debating with un-open people and cleaning up their verbal vandalism on our websites and Youtube channels. I, for one, am going to stop wasting my finite time doing so. These hundreds and thousands of hours can be used instead for seeking and saving open-minded souls, writing informative books, and making inspirational films. At twelve hours per week, this is fifty hours per month, and six hundred hours per year gained . . . per person!  A new army of time against the evil forces of this world who wish to steal from us our most precious resource . . . Time!

Thank you, Heavenly Father, for the precious gift of an extra six hundred hours every year, per person, to put to spiritually constructive use!


In this week’s episode of Conspiracy Corner News, I will discuss this very topic.

Click on the Youtube Window Below to Watch.

Brother Bart-


Thank you for your kind and generous support!

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