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Thomas Jefferson is an American hero, right?

He was a two term President representing all Americans, right?

In fact to this point, the political party to which he was a member at that time was notably called the “Democratic-Republican Party”,     as it truly represented everyone in America.

He was the author of the very first constitutional law governing the newly formed “United States of America”:

The Declaration of Independence.

All of this being true, his words on the subject of how our federal government should operate and behave should be unequalled         in validity and urgency, right?

This is what he had to say about our government . . .

Is anyone out there listening???????


When the government fears the citizens there is freedom.

When the citizens fear the government there is a dictatorship.

The federal government is our servant, not our master.

Governments are instituted by the consent of the governed.

When any government becomes destructive to its own citizens,

it is their right and duty to abolish it and establish a new one.

Thomas Jefferson


Just as there are many opinions about how to practice “Christianity” (what is right and wrong in the Creator’s sight), the deciding vote in that realm (if you believe in such things) should be the Bible, right? After all, without the Bible how could there be Christianity in the first place?  It is the very foundation, start and sustenance of Christianity. If I claim to be a “believer” and want to know whether it is right or wrong to do this or that, I can simply look it up in the Bible and see it right there in black and white.  To claim that I am a Christian while disagreeing with what the Bible says is completely contradictory, because I wouldn’t have my belief in the first place without the existence of the Bible.

As such as an example, if Christianity is true, which is more valid, what the Pope says is right or wrong, or what the Bible says is right or wrong?  In the same way, if I am truly American, how can I allow any legislation or person to be put above the Constitution, Bill of Rights, or Declaration of Independence, which is the “bible” of our civilization and country?  Just as the judge of Christianity is the Bible and not elected religious leaders (“The Word of God will be thy judge”), the supreme commander of the United States of America is the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence, not the courts, not the congress, and certainly not elected officials, which come and go annually anyway.

This “bible” (the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence) is what each president, senator, member of congress, governor, mayor, local council member, and every member of the military, as well as every police officer, swears allegiance to with their right hand raised.  They do not swear allegiance to any individual, or any court, or any legislation (whether it be self-declared a “law”, “order”, “statute”, or “ordinance”) passed by congress, or the senate, or the president, or any state, or any county, or any city, especially when it contradicts the Constitution to which they swear allegiance.  This is a very simple fact . . . yet it is being highly ignored.

Did the delusion to the contrary of this fact happen on a given day that I missed or was it insidiously gradual?

Since when did citizen’s natural born Rights become “privileges???

Why has there been a mad rush recently to pass innumerous legislation and executive orders which arrogantly declare unconstitutional laws as legal, in a vain attempt to cover themselves in the event of a future challenge?

Have we become like that frog in the cooking pot that would have immediately protested if it were thrown into hot water, so the sly chef instead gradually lulled it to sleep by slowly increasing the temperature to its own demise???

I have written many articles about controversial things, yet I was not afraid to write any of them except this one.  Why?  Because I fear the government . . . just as Jefferson warned!


We may bash the Soviet Union for some good reasons, yet when the “united” socialist republics of Poland, Yugoslavia and East Germany decided in November of 1989 that they had enough of Moscow’s tyrannical dominance in their personal lives and tore down the Berlin Wall, deciding to leave the “union”, did Moscow’s national army come in and prevent them from doing so ??? . . . No!  So which of the two nations (theirs or ours) really respects independence and freedom ???  (It seems to me the last time something like this was tried in America, the federal government took measures that led to as many Americans dying as in all other American wars combined!)

Since when do the police come pounding on the doors of people peaceably living on their private property in rural America and demand that they buy utilities which they have no need of from bureaucratic corporations in compliance with “International Law???

(Since a few years ago!!!)

Since when have the police killed more Americas “resisting arrest” than “the enemy” did in more than a decade of war in Iraq???

(Since last year!!!)

The first law of our country, even more foundational than the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, says . . .

When any government becomes destructive to its own citizens,

it is their right and DUTY to abolish it and establish a new one.

Yet, the “supreme” court of non-elected “officials” ruled that it is illegal for a state to leave the union, despite the fact that the Declaration of Independence gives the people that very right, the very right that founded our country and their court to begin with!!!

That would be like the court ruling that a disgruntled spouse, even in the case of infidelity, must live with their spouse forever; that divorce is not a right of an individual in a marriage.  Does that make sense?

Scotland recently voted on independence.  Great Brittan (England) said that it would honor the voice of the people of Scotland and let their spouse leave them if they so choose.  Can the same be said of America that at one time had to kill to leave England???

If Texas or Tennessee or Montana, by the majority vote of their people, chose to be its own country, would Washington D.C. let them?  Would they send in the army to stop it?  (They did the last time.)  Doesn’t a spouse have the right to a divorce for any reason they chose as fitting?  Why not a state???  Isn’t it against freedom and independence to force a union against the wishes of one of the parties???

What I propose is a new country by the name of . . .

The Independent States of America

Each state already has its own “National Guard”.  If there is an international conflict that is truly fitting enough for the expenditure of American lives and money, let the legislature of each state vote whether or not to send their forces for that proposed purpose.  Let each state, through the well management of their government and instituted individual freedoms, compete for the citizen’s residence. For example, if you want to have two spouses, move to Utah.  If you want to carry a sidearm, move to Texas.  If you want to smoke pot, move to Oregon.

Just as the original founding of America inspired freedom from tyranny in France that soon followed, let Scotland now inspire us to stop having a few people in Washington D.C. tell the many people in America how to live their private lives.  That’s kind of the opposite of a “democracy” (majority rule), isn’t it?

It’s about time for . . .

What goes around, comes around” . . .

. . . to come around again!!!


When the government fears the citizens there is freedom.

When the citizens fear the government there is a dictatorship.

The federal government is our servant, not our master.

Governments are instituted by the consent of the governed.

When any government becomes destructive to its own citizens,

it is their right and duty to abolish it and establish a new one.

Thomas Jefferson


Brother Bart-



25% of Americans Want Their State to Secede from the Federal Government

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