Cop Enraged As Citizen Attempts To Defy Independence Day DUI Checkpoint (VIDEO)

Cop Enraged As Citizen Attempts To Defy Independence Day DUI Checkpoint (VIDEO) | cop-460x211 | Civil Disobedience Civil Rights Know Your Rights Multimedia Special Interests Tyranny & Police State US News

A young man in Murfreesboro, Tenn. attempted to uphold his constitutional rights to enraged officers this Independence Day, at a DUI checkpoint.

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As the man in the video pulls up, officers immediately demand he roll down his window further, to which the man refuses, a right he is entitled to.

The officer then demands to know the man’s age, to which the driver also refuses. The officer then lies to the driver, telling him that he is required to give his age despite there being no law stating you must give an officer your date of birth if not being legally detained.

The officer then orders the driver to pull over to a secondary area for further investigation despite no concrete probable cause or reasonable suspicion.

“Am I being detained?” the driver asks.

The officer becomes enraged almost instantly, refusing to answer the man’s question, knowing full well he has to legally let the man go.

After the driver’s car is surrounded by officers, who are now attempting to intimidate the driver into complying, the driver decides to pull up to the secondary checkpoint.

The officer then orders the driver out of the car, continuing the illegal detainment.

“Are you an attorney or something? You know what the law is?” the officer asks.

The officer, knowing he can’t search the car without the driver’s permission, demands access to the vehicle, which the driver refuses.

Officers then unleash the K9 Unit, now searching for drugs at the DUI checkpoint despite no questions regarding alcohol ever being brought up to the driver.

At 3:56 in the video, the officer appears to make the dog give a “false positive,” making it seem as if the dog found drugs despite the fact that there were none in the vehicle.

As officers enter the man’s car illegally, they notice the man’s video camera on the seat and instantly become silent. The officer searching the vehicle then grabs the man’s camera and turns it the opposite direction, so the officers’ actions can not be seen.

Despite the officer’s admission that the driver is well within his rights, he continues to ignore them at every possible moment.

“He’s perfectly innocent and he knows his rights. He knows what the constitution says,” the officer says as he searches the man’s vehicle illegally.

While most everyone agrees on the importance of keeping drunk drivers off the streets, it cannot be done while defying and ignoring the Constitution.

As social media and the internet continues to educate citizens on their rights at government checkpoints, officers are now beginning to engage a growing and informed public.

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